16 Dreams About Oceans – Meaning & Interpretation

Oceans… the soaring gigantic water bodies cover three-quarter of the earth’s surface. The vibrant blues and turquoise spread across the horizon; the roaring waves are hitting the shores of the seas are surely striking yet at the same time induces fear considering its vastness and deepness. Dreaming of oceans in the same sense can be both positive and negative as well.

Oceans are unstable, fluid and in flux changing every second. For their inconsistency, they are often associated with human emotions.

To dream about oceans reflects your inner emotive state. It may represent tranquil emotions, or at the same time, they can be raging like an angry ocean.

The interpretation and meaning vary across cultures and religious beliefs allowing a lot of diversity to be attached with such dreams.

What Does Seeing Ocean Represent In A Dream?

To successfully interpret the dream, knowing the state of the ocean is essential. The calmness of the sea or the brewing storm in water that you are seeing in your dreams affects its interpretation.

Dreaming of oceans reflects your emotional balance, your current feelings, your apprehensions along with feelings of empowerment.

Symbol Of Prosperity

To dream about oceans in the state of rest is reflective of prosperity and wealth entering your life. Dreaming of oceans for a businessman is a positive signal suggesting that they are going to close a successful business deal.

For young people, this dream reflects that they are going to find a job and their financial hurdles will come to an end.

Medium To Vent Our Emotions

Sometimes it’s convenient to hide your emotions rather than being expressive about it especially men, who seldom show any emotional response or tend to keep it buried in their hearts.

Dreaming of the ocean, in this case, becomes a venting medium where the sharp rise and fall of waves reflect the intensity of the emotions experienced.

Reflective Of Stability In Life

If the ocean that you dream of was calm and quiet, it reflects that you have entered a very stable and harmonious period of life. You are at peace, both physically and emotionally.

Things have taken a turn for the better, and all of your worries have been resolved. Such dreams reflect that any future planning during this period will be fruitful.

Symbol Of Emotional Imbalance

Sometimes, dreaming of ocean indicates that you have been disconnected with your emotions lately. You would instead prefer to skip acknowledging the feelings or emotions that might upset you.

Alternatively, you have created an imaginary bubble where you tend to hide, for most of the time. This dream is a reminder that you need to be more grounded and connected with reality.

You need to understand that hiding is not going to benefit you and feelings don’t make you weak instead help you transition to your better self.

Symbolic Of Your Inability To Choose

The fluidity of the ocean in your dream may reflect your inability to decide or come to a solid conclusion.

Seeing yourself submerged in the ocean and trying to find what resides in the deep waters but at the same time failing, suggest that you are willing to look for answers, but at the same times you give up easily.

You have the potential to solve the problems in your life, but your lack of resolve becomes your biggest hurdle.

Lacking Sense Of Direction In Your Life

Dreaming of oceans where you have found yourself submerged in the water and free-floating reflects that you have lost the sense of direction in your life.

The emotional trauma that you experience in life has taken a toll on your mental state, and you have given up in life, allowing yourself totally at the mercy of time.

This dream is a wake-up call that your life isn’t over yet and one incident should not decide the whole course of your life.

You must not give up, for as long as you are alive. Take control and row yourself towards a set destination instead of drifting here and there.

Symbolic Of Fears And Anxieties

To dream of finding yourself submerged in an ocean but unable to swim reflects your inner anxieties and fear. You may be undergoing a problematic phase of your life with problems surrounding you all sides. You are unable to resolve the issues at hand.

It may also reflect your anxiety related to a particular event that is about to take place, and you are worried about the possible failures and your hard work going to waste. You need to have faith in your abilities and stop worrying unnecessarily.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About Oceans

Dreaming Of A Turbid Ocean

To dream of an ocean that is unclear and turbid is a bad omen. It suggests that some danger or hardship is making its way in your life.

The dirty water is symbolic is negative energy surrounding your existence and being caught in the middle of it indicates that you might struggle a lot to get yourself out of the troubling situation. You need to be careful in your decisions to avoid getting caught in trouble.

Dreaming Of A Clear Ocean

Dreaming of a clear ocean carries positive connotations. If the ocean in your dream was quiet and bright, it indicates that a happy period is soon going to enter in your life.

You will find yourself at peace, free from all worries and negative emotions. You will experience stability in your life with all your social and family relations strengthened.

Dreaming Of Collecting Sea Shells By An Ocean

To see yourself gathering shells from an ocean’s shore is an apprehensive symbol. It indicates that you are surrounded by two-faced and unloyal people.

You are too trustful of others, which might cause you to are a significant setback in life. Collecting of shells is symbolic of the fact that you soon might reveal a private secret to the person who is pretending to be your friend.

He or she might possibly use that secret against you. This dream is a warning signal that you need to avoid confiding in others with your secrets.

Keep your eyes open and analyze who is genuinely loyal and who is just pretending to be your friend.

Dreaming Of Walking Across An Ocean’s Shore

Finding yourself walking across an ocean’s shore with waves roaring in the background is a positive symbol. It represents new experiences and new possibilities coming into your life.

You will get a chance to come across unique and exciting situations that will help you grow more as a person as well as develop your analytical skills as well. You will find new interest and passions as a result of these new experiences. Be ready!

Dreaming Of Bathing In An Ocean

To bathe in an ocean in your dreams carry a negative connotation. It is a warning signal of hardships and problems entering your life which will be created by none other than you.

Your inconsiderate attitude and rude behavior with others might put you in situations where no one will be willing to help you.

Such dreams are warning signs of having a catharsis of yourself and analyzing your behavior with others. You need to be more considerate and friendly towards others, as the famous saying goes, you reap what you sow.

Dreaming Of A Shallow Ocean

To dream of a shallow ocean might be a negative symbol suggesting that you will experience temporary happiness in your life that will leave you longing and wanting for more.

Happiness will come your way but will soon be followed by troubles and hardships. You might also experience lousy luck in your relationships with people abandoning you and deceiving you in the worst way possible. Be prepared!

Dreaming Of Drinking Ocean Water

To dream of drinking ocean water is an extremely negative sign. It is deliberately inviting trouble in your life. You may experience abuse or drinking problems as a result of indulging yourself in unhealthy activities.

You are aware of the negative aspect of your habits, but you choose to ignore them, which might soon become your downfall. This dream also suggests that the problems may also arise as a result of your aggressive behavior towards others.

Dreaming Of A Raging Ocean

To dream of a storm brewing in an ocean with enormous sea waves rising and falling accompanied by massive thunders is a bad omen. It suggests that you have become a target of your enemy who is plotting against you.

Your reputation is at stake, and you need to be careful of your surroundings and do not provide a chance to your haters to strike you down.

Dreaming Of Riding Along With Ocean Waves

To dream of riding peacefully along with ocean waves is a positive symbol suggesting that you are in an emotionally balanced state. Things have been going good in your life, with no worries or stress.

You are a fluid person, with the ability to mold yourself according to situations. You are decisive and clear-headed and know to make quick and thoughtful decisions without panicking.


To conclude, dreams about oceans carry both positive and negative connotation depending upon the state of the ocean in your dreams. It reflects your mental strengths, your emotional state and the external threats lingering in your life.

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