13 Dreams About Oranges – Meaning And Interpretation

Oranges with their bright color and tangy fragrance, are one of the most cherished fruits around the world. They carry positive vibes and happy feelings for most of the time, for their bright colors and juicy texture.

Around the world, they are seen as a symbol of positivity, freshness, and prosperity. To dream about oranges represents good health, prosperity in life and bearer of good news with past troubles leaving your life.

They are seen as the milestone after which all your worries disappear, and good things enter your life.

Around the world, oranges carry vast symbolism which is for most of the part positive however in some connotations, negative meanings are also associated with dreams about oranges depending upon the context.

Meanings Associated With Oranges In Dreams

Oranges are one of the healthiest fruits to exist. To dream of an orange thus, is a fruitful symbol indicating renewal, cleansing, and reformation in your life. Dreams about oranges carry symbols of possibility, opportunity, and prosperity with them.

Symbolic Of Letting Go Of Negativity Of The Past

Oranges are one of the world’s most potent anti-toxins, and their symbolism in a dream is also relevant to their natural properties.

Oranges in a dream appear as a symbol that you are ready to let go of your toxic past along with all the negative feelings that you have accumulated inside of you, relevant to the past events.

You have finally realized that holding onto past events isn’t going to do you any good and the only possible way to attain happiness in your present is to let go of the negative emotions of the past. You have learned to forgive and have finally started to move on, in your life.

Symbolic Of Fulfillment Of Your Desires

To dream about oranges is a positive omen suggesting the fulfillment of your desires and dreams. Just like oranges provide you with the nourishment, you are nourishing your desires through hard work and consistent effort.

Oranges in dream suggest that your efforts and regular hard work will not go to waste at all, and you will be able to keep a steady pace towards your destination. You need to not let your determination falter and be not scared of any hurdles coming your way. Be strong.

Symbolic Of Vitality

For the refreshing vibes they carry, Oranges are seen as symbolic of vitality and liveliness. They possess cheerful aura, providing you with the needed positivity in your life. Dreams about oranges suggest that you are a hopeful person who sees the positive in life.

On the contrary, it may represent your willingness to look for hope and positivity in your life to help you cope with troubling times of your life.

Symbolic Of Open-mindedness

Oranges in a dream refer that you are an openminded person willing to explore new avenues and try new things.

You are not limited by tradition, or traditional values instead want to experience life with every aspect that it has to offer.

Your flexible nature and lack of your radical behavior have proven extremely fruitful to you as you have a broader circle of friends, making you experience a different culture and multiple mindsets.

You are cherished by people around you and usually are the one whom people want to confide in because of your unjudging nature.

Symbolic Of Your Declining Health

As mentioned earlier, oranges are symbolic of health and well-being. To dream about oranges might be an indicator of your declining health.

Such a dream indicates that you are not eating healthy or adequately, as a result of which your health is slowly declining.

Either you are too busy in your work to pay attention to you, or you might be deliberately neglecting yourself, either of which is not a healthy attitude.

You need to understand that without a healthy body, your mind cannot function properly. You need to be fit to be active and productive.

The dream is a warning signal that you should start eating healthy otherwise you may destroy your health beyond repair.

Symbolic Of New Experiences

Peeling of orange is followed by a strong stimulus that activates multiple sensory organs. Similarly, to dream of orange is symbolic of new experiences in life.

Dreams about oranges suggest that you will have a chance to get out of your monotonous and boring routine and will be able to indulge in events that will satisfy your adventurous nature.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About Oranges

Dreaming Of Eating Oranges

To dream of eating an orange is as seen as both positive as well as an ominous symbol. In a positive connotation, eating oranges in a dream suggest new beginnings and new ideas entering your mind.

On the contrary, when seen in a negative connotation it indicates that a close friend or a relative will experience grave illness.

It will all come as a surprise, and you will find yourself trapped in the situation unable to handle it. For people in business, the dream is the bearer of negative energy with financial problems coming their way.

You should take this dream as a warning symbol and prepare yourself for the future accordingly.

Dreaming Of An Orange Peel

To dream of an orange peel is a signal that you should pay close attention to the people you love.

You might have been busy lately, rarely finding any time to spend with your loved ones and there is a possibility that you might be unaware of personal struggles that a person closer to you is facing.

They need your support in such a critical time of your life. You need to invest some time with your friends and family and find out if someone in need of your care.

It is also an indicator of external threat. You should keep a close eye on your surroundings to avoid getting into trouble.

Dreaming Of Smelling Oranges

To smell an orange in your dream is a positive omen. It represents that you are going to experience positive changes in your life.

Things are about to take a turn, but you will not be revolted by new changes coming your way; instead, you will embrace those changes with open arms.

It also suggests that your outlook towards life and your ideas might take a shift in a coming future and you might find yourself exploring new horizons that will pique your interest.

Dreaming Of Buying Oranges

Dream of buying oranges is seen as a positive omen. Such dreams suggest that you might be asked for some advice shortly.

This may lead you to feel burdensome, but you need to trust your instincts and have faith in your ability to guide someone.

This dream may also suggest that you will receive a fortune or some good news from where your least expected. It might also indicate the fulfillment of some desire, that you have been dreaming for a long time.

Dreaming Of Treating Someone To Oranges

If you have dreamt of buying oranges for someone as a treat, it suggests that you might get into an argument with that person.

There is a possibility of some disagreement or conflict of opinion as a result of which both of you will experience trouble in your relationship.

You might become distant or totally fall apart, as a result of that one misunderstanding. This dream is a warning signal that you should be careful in handling that person and try to avoid any unnecessary arguments with that person in the coming future, to avoid any trouble.

Dreaming Of Peelings An Orange

To dream of peeling an orange is a positive omen. It suggests prosperity and abundance enter in your life.

Such dreams indicate that you are content and satisfied with where you are in your life. You have succeeded in achieving your goals and dream through your hard work.

You feel gratified with what life has to offer and have a positive outlook towards life. This dream suggests that you have moved on from the hurtful past and are looking forward to a more hopeful future.

Dreaming of peeling an orange also indicates that you might experience positive development in your romantic relationships.

Dreaming Of An Orange Tree

Oranges are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. To dream of a whole orange tree heavy with fruits hanging off of its branches indicates that you will experience success and plenty of wealth and happiness in your life.

Good news will soon arrive, making things do a 180-degree shift, for the better and satisfying life.


To conclude, dream about oranges is the bearer of fortune, wealth and abundance of success and happiness in your life.

Some negative connotation is also associated with dreams about oranges where they bear the news of illness or some unexpected conflict arising between close friends.

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