21 Dreams About Owls – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about owls can pertain to secrecy, insights, and magical elements. It may be related to femininity and other mysteries of the dark. Once the owl manifested in your dream, this may imply that you are being influenced by these elements.

Since the owl is filled with mystery, it will take time before the true meaning and interpretation of your dream will be revealed to you.

Why You Dream About Owls

There are different reasons why people will dream about owls. In this article we will discuss why people are encountering owls in their dreams.

Supernatural Warnings

In the past, owl has always been regarded as a symbol of an impending death. The sound of the owl’s hoot will pertain to something ominous.

The early American tribes believe that the bony ridges on their eye would be a ghost’s fingernails. They can also deliver supernatural warnings since they are thought to be the companion of the God of Death.

Focus on Life

Dreaming of owls may be an indication that you need to be more focused with your life. Try to observe the daily life of the owls and you will notice that they will mostly be stretching, sleeping, and combing their feathers.

In terms of spiritual meaning, this can be a hint that you are finding it hard to complete your goal due to your lack of focus.

Secret Message

The owls are usually associated with our subconscious mind. It can be a sign that a hidden secret will soon be revealed.

If you think about the lifestyle and the behavior of the owl, you will notice how it is always attracted to the darkness.

Their eyes can have an incredible visibility on the dark. This can mean that you will soon see things that you haven’t seen before.


The owl is the bird of Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom. She is the bringer of justice and truth. Encountering owl in your sleep can be a symbolism of a more profound wisdom.


Sometimes, owls can also signify quarrels and that the effort you will execute will not deliver any outstanding result.

To prevent this from happening, do not pay too much attention to your enemies and to people that don’t matter. This will help you eliminate any possible conflict that may arise


This may also be a symbol of deception and it can be someone that is close to you. Try to listen to your inner senses that will help in revealing the involved personality.

Slow Down

While the owl is a bird of prey and it is known for its amazing speed, owl can send a warning that the person will need to slow down. It is the perfect time to detach yourself from the noise in your life.

Start a New Life

The presence of owl in your dream can also mean that it is time for you to leave the past behind and start new page in your life.

Common Dreams About Owls

Depending on the specifics included in your dreams about owls, the meaning can vary. Be sure to pay attention to even the slightest details to accurately interpret the message that your dream is trying to convey.

Dreams of White Owls

In some places dreaming about white owl may lead to disappointments and death. At the same time, white owl can also pertain to integrity and purity.

There is also a possibility that you will be involved in a serious relationship with someone that you really adore. It is highly likely that both parties will commit with the relationship.

Dreams about Attack of the Owls

If you dreamed about the owl that is preying on you or attacking you, this may carry a negative meaning. Your competitors or rivals in the work, business, or school will probably cause problems that may trouble you.

Dreams about Attempting to Kill an Owl

In case you dreamed about trying to murder the poor and helpless creature, this may simply mean that you are attempting to solve your problem in your walking life.

You are trying to escape your current difficult situation. However, your efforts will be all in vain and your actions can aggravate your situation.

Dreams of Owls Fighting

Those who are dreaming about two owls fighting each other can signify that there is some conflict happening on your system of belief.

The meaning that it carries can change if one of the owls in the dream was killed. This can indicate that a huge transformation in your attitude and opinion will happen soon.

Dreams like this can also symbolize that you are great in deducing problems. Listening to your inner mind will help you resolve your issues.

Dreams of Killing the Owl

For individuals who dreamed about killing the owl, this may not be a positive sign. Usually, the message that it is trying to deliver is that someone close to you is not saying good things behind you.

This may soon end up with a conflict. Your superiors may also have the wrong impression about you. They may think that you are someone who can easily be manipulated.

Do not act carelessly. Simply continue doing your job and allow them to gradually see you in a different light. You are known for being independent. Never allow anyone to use their authority and make you do things that you are not supposed to do.

Dreams of Almost Killing the Owl While Driving

There are people who will dream about almost hitting the owl while they are driving. If you avoided the owl in the dream, it is probably telling you that you will be able to evade a bad confrontation in the future.

Someone might attempt to provoke you, but they will not be successful. Once this is over, people will think highly of you.

Dreams of Someone Else Killing the Owl

In case someone else is killing the owl in your dream, this can be a warning that you will have to keep yourself safe and protected.

This can be our subconscious mind reminding us to be mindful of our health and our personal relationship. It can possibly refer to your delusions and unrealistic ideas.

You need to be more careful when associating yourself to new people. Someone close to you may deceive you. It can be your colleague, friend, or a member of the family.

Dreams of Dead Owl

If you encounter a dead owl in your dream, this can be a sign that you are taking good care of your health. You are probably going through a regular check-up on your health care provider.

You will also not hesitate to ask your doctor in case you notice the first sign of illness. This can also indicate that you can see the positive side on all things.

Dreams of Owl Preying Tiny Animals

A dream about the owl preying on small animal can be a warning about your weakness. This can be a symbolism of your phobia and fear that is limiting the opportunities in your life.

It will not be easy to eliminate these fears. Do not allow your fears to control your life. In case the owl is preying on a mouse, this may mean that you are losing confidence on someone you trust.

In the past, you probably shared an information to this person, and you are not sure if he can keep that information to himself. They may reveal your secret to people that can cause you harm.

Dreams of Flying Like an Owl

Dreaming that you are flying as the owl can be an indication of your high wisdom. Your wisdom has the power to evade ignorance and confusion and go directly to the truth of the matters. This will grant you the capacity to make crucial decisions.

Dreams of Holding the Owl

In case you dream about holding owl with your bare hands, this can be a warning sign of an impending accident. This accident may lead to a severe injury.

You should try to remain careful over the next few days until your inner consciousness will tell you that you are already out of danger.

Dreams of an Owl Staring

Dreaming of an owl staring at you is perhaps the most common dreams related with the owl. This is a sign of an inner wisdom.

You are someone that is intelligent and clever, and you are considered as an asset to your company or by the people around you.

Your intelligence should be used in achieving your goal. On the off chance that you are the one staring at the owl in your dream, this can represent someone who is not treating you fairly. You are likely suffering from a verbal abuse that will put you in an uncomfortable situation.

Dreams of Speaking Owl

There are also times that we will dream of owls that are speaking to us. This can pertain to your difficulty of hiding secrets.

It is possible that you will be revealing someone’s secret to a key person that will cause trouble. A screaming owl also holds the same meaning.


Dreams about owls can also indicate that the creature is your spirit animal and it is trying to convey important messages to you. You should never ignore the message of your sprit animal since this can be something crucial.

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