12 Dreams About Pigs – Meaning & Interpretation

Pigs are mammals that are very intelligent and prolific in nature. Pigs are associated with so many things either spiritually, physically, or intellectually and they can be a sign of great fertility and success.

These small and intelligent creatures can have different meanings which could either be positive or negative.

Having dreams about pigs can indicate one’s personality and this could portray stubbornness, filthiness, gluttony, overindulgence, selfishness and lots more.

When a pig is present in your dream this could be a sign that someone in surrounding possesses these type of traits and you need to take things lightly when dealing with such people.

On the good side, seeing pigs in your dream could be a sign that you are having a wrong idea about people or something.

In this article, we will take you through the various reasons why you could have this kind of dreams and we will help with the interpretation of the common dreams about a pig.

If you have had a dream related to this then you should read further to know more. 

What Are The Reasons For Seeing Pigs In Your Dream

Pigs are not stupid as most people think, they are indeed very smart and intelligent. Although they appear dirty, they are animals with great importance in relation to health and human survival.

Dreaming about pigs could be as a result of a change, certain traits you possess, fortune, success, bad luck, disappointment, and others.

Seeing this creature in your dream can be related to the things you do and the experiences you have with them. The paragraphs that follow will capitalize more on the various reasons why you could dream about pigs.

If you have seen a pig in your dream and you are yet to understand why you have been having this kind of dream then you have to read this further and understand the cause of your own dream.

Personal Traits

Pigs possess some characters that make them irritating and disgusting when in a particular environment. These animals can stay in first for as long as possible and this is a reason why they are not appreciated to be raised in certain environments.

Having a dream related to pigs can portray ones filthy and unclean nature and this can be a stain in the life of an individual and it is important that you put these things under control.

These could be a sign that you have been doing certain things that are not good for your health and personality and if you do not shun these attitude it can have a bad impact on your life.

You could have a dream about pigs (dirty) if you are someone who does not care about being tidy and can do anything as he/she pleases. You should learn to put your attitude and behavior in check so that you can have a headway in life.


When you have a dream about pigs, this can be a sign that you will be successful at these things you do. You might have been having issues related to work or your personal life and you have been looking for a way to get to the end of it.

Dreaming about the pig is a sign that no matter the troubles you may have and the challenges that come your way you will definitely be successful at the end.

If you are married and you have been having quite a hard time in your marriage or everything has been proving difficult for a very long time, there is a great sign that you will be successful in the long-run and everything will be done.

Fertility and Sexual Desire

Pigs are very prolific and they have the ability to give birth to as many piglets as possible. If you have a dream related to pigs, this can be a sign of your sexual capability and ability to make something happen.

You might be at work and there is a project to be handled by you and certain people, having this kind of dream can be a sign that you will be able to get these things done with no stress at all.

This can also be related to your relationship, it can indicate the level of satisfaction that you derive when you are with your spouse or your lover.

You should know that having a dream related to pigs can mean that you will be blessed with the fruit of the womb and you will have as many kids as to your satisfaction.

Do not be worried about marriage as everything about your future has been perfected and all you need do is stay on the right path.


Having a dream related to pigs can be a sign of a big difference that you will have soon. This can be a sign that you will move from grass to grace and things are going to become better for you in all aspects of your life.

This can be a sign that you are going to experience something different in your financial life and you will be able to live happily with a smile in your face.

It can also be a result of a possible benefit that is going to come your way and once you are able to take the chance you will become a better man and things will change for good.

Change is the only constant thing in life and when it comes it is important to embrace it and move forward with your life.

You should embrace life and the changes that are associated with this kind of change so that you can have a blissful and better tomorrow.

What Are The Common Dreams You Could Have About Pigs

Pigs are not animals that are hard to notice, from their smell to the place they inhabit, pigs tend to be unique in that manner.

Although pigs do not really appear much in dreams, there are dreams about this mammal that are very common so you need to understand each of them.

Interpreting dreams usually requires great understanding of the things present in the dream so when you have this type of dream it is important that you put into consideration the pig itself, it’s behavior, and nature.

In the following paragraphs that will follow, we will discuss more various dreams and their interpretations.

Dream about pigs in your house

This type of dream connotes good health. This can be a sign that you are someone who is currently experiencing a very good period in relation to your lifestyle.

If you are not feeling very good and healthy, this can be a sign that you will recover soon enough so you have nothing to worry about.

Dream about dirty pigs

Dreams in which you see an untidy and dirty pig can be a sign of something bad. This could be a sign that you have not been treated very well by people around you or you feel disrespected in a relationship that you are in.

This could also be a sign that the unexpected is going to happen so you should not be very surprised about such an event.

Dream about a healthy pig

If you see a well-fed and good looking pig in your dream, this usually means something good. This can be a sign that you are going to experience a positive change in the nearest future and this could be a financial breakthrough or success.

Dream about feeding a pig

This dream usually relates to your saving ability and characteristics. It could also be related to your ability to take good care of your family and provide a great future for yourself.

You should be grateful for this ability because you will have the chance to invest in the life of people around you.

Dream about pigs with piglets

This type of dream usually relates to good things that are coming your way. This can be a sign of something new that you are going to experience as you start to engage yourself in life.

It could be a project that you are going to handle that you will be fortunate with it or a new business idea that can turn your life around.

Dream about observing a pig

This can mean that you have a great future ahead of you. When you dream about a pig from afar, this can be a sign that you have a better tomorrow so you should put your effort in all that you do so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Dream about several pigs

This type of dream can be a sign that you are going to experience certain difficulties in the nearest future.

This could be a result of your own attitude and you might be risking the inability to jeopardize your self-worth due to these actions and behaviors.

Dream about selling a pig

This dream is a good sign and it indicates the fact that you will be able to get something you have always wanted without stress or trouble at all.


Dreams about pig can appear tricky but they usually have their special meanings and interpretations so you need to pay attention when you have such a dream.

These type of dreams can be related to your sexual life, financial progress, personal characteristics, and lots more. Be patient when you have this type of dreams, they are very cool and informative.

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