12 Dreams About Pregnancy Test – Meaning & Interpretation

Women are blessed by God with the ability to procreate and keep the generation going. A bond between a mother and a child surpasses every other relationship there is on this planet.

Carrying your child in your womb for nine months, seeing them grow and continue their journey as an independent human being, is what completes a woman.

A child seals the bond between lovers and is yearned by almost every married couple around the world. Therefore, it is not uncommon for couples to dream about pregnancy tests in their dreams.

In literal connotations, as a female, dreams about pregnancy test reflects your desire to conceive.

Generally, seeing pregnancy test or undergoing pregnancy tests in a dream is representative of your anxieties, worries, and concerns which you experience in your daily life.

To interpret dreams about a pregnancy test, it is essential to note the context in which you had such a dream as well as the emotional response to the pregnancy test in the dream.

Keep in mind the way you behaved and how you perceived the pregnancy result to interpret it accordingly.

What Does A Pregnancy Test Represent In A Dream?

It is not necessary for dreams about a pregnancy test, to be always related to pregnancy or onset of pregnancy.

Ninety percent of such dreams have a direct connection with the emotions, which we go through in our everyday life.

Dreams about pregnancy stand symbolic for personal fears, troubles in a relationship, the birth of a new idea, etc.

Symbolic Of Being Pregnant

One of the obvious interpretation of this dream is an indication of pregnancy. Our body act as a natural indicator trying to tell us what goes inside, using various symbols that appear in our dream.

If you are a female who has been wanting to get pregnant for a while now, this dream carries positive connotations for you as you will soon be able to hear the good news which you have been yearning to hear for a long time now.

Dreaming of pregnancy test is a good symbol that you are soon going to conceive. Buying, testing, or trying to test yourself for pregnancy in the dream indicates that your desire to have a baby in your arms will soon be satisfied.

Symbolic Of Growth In Professional Life

Dreams about pregnancy test represent that you are going to experience exponential growth in your professional life.

You will get a chance to fruitfully use the opportunities provided to you and showcase your skills to the fullest.

Your passion for work and your talent to achieve the maximum in minimum time will be recognized and appreciated by others.

You will be promoted or might be given the golden opportunity to enter your dream career.

Keep a close eye on the opportunities and chances that you get in the coming future and make sure to make the best out of them. Good Luck!

Symbolic Of Growth In Personal Life

Pregnancy is a significant milestone for two people in a relationship. It signifies that their bond will strengthen further, and they will get a chance to see their old child grow into an adult while growing old together.

In a personal context, dreams about pregnancy suggest that your bond with your family will strengthen further.

Certain events or circumstances will put your family bond to test, which will provide you with the chance to communicate and interact with your loved ones frequent than before.

Facing challenges together and successfully coming out of them will allow you and your family to be more appreciative and caring for each other.

Symbolic Of Good Fortune

Dreaming of pregnancy test symbolizes good fortune and wealth. The dream symbolizes that hard times in your life are over now with positive events and happy circumstances, slowly making their way into your life.

You will find yourself leaving behind all the negativity and hard feelings accumulated as a result of the troubling period in your life.

You will realize that your pessimistic approach towards life is going to give you no benefit unless you open yourself up and be patient and welcoming to all circumstances of life.

Realize that everything is bound to happen on decided time and if there is dark now, light is never far away either.

Symbolic Of New Beginnings

Seeing the pregnancy result turn positive in a dream is symbolic of new beginnings and new events happening in your life.

You may find yourself moving to a new place, taking up a new job, or changing your career path that might induce positive changes in your life.

Seeing pregnancy test in a dream may also suggest that you need to move out of your place or aim for a change of atmosphere as things have become too suffocating for you to handle.

You need to get out of the trapping ambiance around you and look for places where you can breathe freely, away from the scrutinizing gaze of others.

Start new, build new relationships, and look for opportunities that can help you achieve tranquility and peace of mind.

Symbolic Of Personal Anxieties

Dreaming of a pregnancy test and getting anxious represents that there are certain situations which you fear coming true in your real life.

You may be worried about failing the project at hands or worried that your relationship with your loved ones might be disrupted by your enemies, looking for a way to bring you physical or emotional harm.

These fear and concerns of yours are manifested by your subconscious in the form of unwanted pregnancy in a dream.

The dream is suggesting that you need to keep a calm attitude towards situations that are worrying you and take proper measures to eliminate any lingering threat instead of fearing for the worst to happen.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About A Pregnancy Test

Dreaming Of A Positive Pregnancy Test And Being Happy About It

To take a pregnancy test in a dream and be happy about the positive result represents that you are in need to change certain factors of your lifestyle.

You might have indulged yourself in unhealthy habits that bring harm to your life, or you are forcefully continuing a path that is causing you immense emotional stress.

Dreams about positive pregnancy test indicate that you need to bring about a change in various spheres in your life to be able to achieve emotional satisfaction and actual happiness.

Dreaming Of A Positive Pregnancy Test And Being Horrified About It

For some people, unwanted pregnancy is a waking nightmare. Dreaming of taking a pregnancy test and dreading the positive result indicates that you fear other people’s judgment about you.

You are a sensitive person who genuinely cares about others opinion about you and is always worried about being wrongly judged by your loved ones.

You are always on your toes, dreading that any wrong step or action on your part can affect your reputation. You need to understand that worrying about what others think about you is going to bring nothing but anxiety.

You need to start living your life freely and the way you want instead of letting other people’s gaze affect the way you behave. You are given one life, enjoy it to the fullest. Be free!

A Young Woman Bringing In A Pregnancy Test

If you are a young woman who has dreamt of buying a pregnancy test, such dream indicates that you will fall a victim of fraud and betrayal.

You might be scammed in terms of money, or a close friend of yours will go behind your back siding with the enemy.

The dream is warning you to be careful of people around you and think before you choose to avoid giving others a chance to ruin your happiness.

A Virgin Girl Dreaming Of Taking A Pregnancy Test

If you are a virgin woman who has dreamt of taking a pregnancy test, it is an ominous symbol. This dream indicates that you might fall victim to other people slandering and degrading.

False and humiliating rumors will spread about you, leading to you being looked down upon or demeaned by others.

The dream is a warning signal that you need to be highly aware of your social circle and the people you confide in. Your enemies might be disguised as your friends, ready to strike you at your most vulnerable moment. Beware!

An Old Woman Dreaming Of Taking A Pregnancy Test

If you are an old woman who has dreamt of taking a pregnancy test is a positive omen. It indicates that successful events are coming up for your children and family.

You will witness them growing up as a successful individual progressing speedily in life. They will inherit your good luck and will successfully conquer all areas of life without facing any hindrance or unwanted hurdles in life.

Dreaming Of A Taking A Pregnancy Test With No Results

Dreaming of undergoing a pregnancy test but failed to receive any results symbolizes that you are feeling conflicted as to what choice to make in life.

You are standing at the edge of a double road, unable to decide which way to choose. You don’t have any proper guidance to help you make the right decision, making it harder for you to make the right choice.

You are highly aware that this choice will determine the course of life, making you more hesitant to come to a conclusion. You need to go with your gut feeling and trust your instinct and see where life takes you. Good Luck!


Dreams about pregnancy are seldom relevant to actual pregnancy and instead reflect more about our emotions, worries, and anxieties that we experience in real life.

They stand symbolic of our irrational fears, conflicts, and confusion, fortune, and happiness to the ominous events that are making their way into your life.

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