13 Dreams About Rain : Meaning & Interpretation

Rain is one of the greatest blessings of God, playing multiple roles for the inhabitants of Earth. It not only provides sustenance to mother nature but also cleanses Earth of all the dirt and pollution dissipated in the air because of human activities. Since rain is a common activity that we observe, it is not surprising to have dreams about rain.

Dreams about rain carry significant spiritual symbolism. Rain is symbolic of purity, cleansing, and our inner emotions. They represent happiness and content, desire to move on from the past as well as the need to vent out toxic feelings from your body.

Dreams about rain carry both positive and negative connotations depending upon the intensity of rain, the feelings it brings out in the mind of the dreamer as well as the context in which you have had such a dream.

What Does Rain Represent In A Dream?

Rain in dreams is one of the trickiest symbols to interpret. Dreaming of rain is often seen as symbolic of your inner emotions. Frequent dreams about referring to emotional instability or overwhelmed feelings.

In positive connotations, it represents success, glory, hope, possibilities. In negative connotations, it stands symbolic of adverse circumstances, loss, sickness, etc.

Symbolic Of Hope

Seeing dark clouds covering the sky is a ray of hope for the farmer that his crops won’t die out. Similarly, seeing rain, your dream is a carrier of hope representing that time always passes.

Whatever adverse events or emotions you are currently experiencing will soon be over, and positive changes will come in the coming future.

Dreaming of rain symbolizes that you need to keep an optimistic approach towards life and be ready to move on when the time is correct.

Hedging on to the pain of the past or giving up before trying will only lead you towards loss and despair. You need to learn to pick up yourself every time you fall because it will teach you how to run towards success in life.

Symbolic Of Wealth And Success

Dreaming of rain pouring down on you carries a positive connotation. It represents that good circumstance is about to enter your life.

You will experience an abundance of wealth and success, which will make you happy and content with life. The heavy pouring symbolizes that you might experience some turbulence in your life as you journey towards success, but at the end of the day, you will emerge as a victor.

All you need to have is an undefeatable and never-ending positive attitude, which will bring you closer and ensure your success.

Symbolic Of Negativity In Life

Seeing yourself sad and gloomy as it rains outside refers to depression and your anxieties. You have trapped yourself in a state where you are unable to move past the events that have happened in your life.

Instead, you live them repeatedly and torture yourself with painful memories. You feel like you are never good enough because of which all the negative things happen to you.

Dreams about rain symbolize that it’s time for you to come out of your self wallowing and get rid of all the negative emotions which you have trapped in yourself.

Let go of what has happened and start fresh with a new vibe. Show the world that you are stronger than they think and is capable of dealing with all the unwanted circumstances and can easily win over them.

Symbolic Of The Need To Communicate

Seeing rain pouring down in your dream symbolizes that you have willingly distanced yourself from people around you. You feel as if no one cares about you, so why should you bother yourself with others.

You are hiding your true self, that is aching for some love and attention behind a happy mask and have become indifferent to everything around you.

The rain in the dream is suggesting that you need to open up and communicate with others before forming any conclusions. Express yourself and your expectations from others so they can understand and do what is expected of them.

Symbolic Of The Need To Accept

Dreaming of rain symbolizes that you are running away from the conflicts or problems in life. You have chosen for yourself multiple distractions to allow your brain to not think of the issues that have occupied your existence.

You have deluded yourself to be happy and not to think otherwise. Dreams about rain symbolize that you need to get out of this deluded mindset of yours that everything is comfortable in your life.

Accept the problems in your life and start looking for their solutions, because the only way to get rid of the conflicts in your life is to resolve them.

Symbolic Of Forgiveness

In ancient times, seeing rain in a dream was taken as a symbol of forgiveness. This dream symbolizes that you have matured enough to forgive people who have done you wrong.

You have realized that entertaining hate for them or plotting revenge against them is not going to undo the damage they have done to you, so it is better to move forward in life without carrying the burden of hate or loathing for them.

Rain in a dream symbolizes that you have chosen the right path for yourself and soon all the negativity will be washed from your life only to be filled with tranquility and peace.

Common Situation In Which You Dream About Rain

Dreaming Of Warm Rain

To feel warm water falling off the sky in the form of rain is a positive omen. It represents success for people struggling to complete a project, going on a new adventure, or starting a new business.

For farmers, this dream symbolizes that a fruitful harvest is coming ahead.

Dreaming Of A Light Rain

If rain was lightly pouring in your dream, such a dream carries positive connotations. The little troubles in your life are soon going to be over.

You will get over the negative emotions in your life after realizing that everything is temporary and all your problems will soon be over.

You need to keep a positive attitude and calmly deal with the issues, and they will be over before you even realize.

Dreaming Of Walking In The Rain

Seeing yourself walking in the rain represents that you rely on others to help you achieve your goal instead of actively making efforts to pave your own way.

Your habit of depending on others to help you steer your boat sometimes backfire, where you are abandoned by them mid-way.

The dream is indicating that you need to realize that it is your journey and your success, and you need to be the one making significant efforts to reach it. Difficulties and hurdles are a part of the journey.

They don’t weaken you instead makes you strong and more resilient. You need to have faith in your capabilities and help yourself if you genuinely want to taste success in its more ripest form.

Dreaming Of Heavy Rain

To dream of heavy rain is an ominous sign. Heavy rain in a dream represents that you will soon experience unfortunate circumstances in your life.

Troubles and misery will make its way in your life with no obvious way to resolve your pain. Being unable to get out of the problems and silently entertaining those troubles will make you sad and depressed in life.

If you have experienced heavy rain pouring down of you, it symbolizes that you will eventually find the solution to all your troubles and will be able to resolve them effectively. It will not only make you happy but more confident in your abilities.

Dreaming Of Rain With Heavy Thunderstorm

Dreaming of a massive thunderstorm with rain gushing down from the sky carries a negative connotation. Such a dream is symbolic of your frustrations, disappointments, and dissatisfaction with specific events in your life.

You are unhappy with where you stand in life and is disappointed with yourself for not trying hard enough to be where you aimed for. The dream also represents that you might be in for a significant financial loss.

Monetary issues will soon appear, and you may fall indebted to others. Be careful of the choices that you make to avoid falling in trouble.

Dreaming Of RainWith Hailstorm

Hailstorm with rain in a dream carries positive connotations. It suggests that you will make a high profit in your business and your company will climb up many steps considering the progress that you are making.

You need to make sure that you put in significant efforts and make a timely decision for you to be able to conquer this level of success.

Keep your eyes on the destination and continue working with dedication and victory will finally be yours.

Dreaming Of Walking In Cold Rain

To feel cold droplets of rain in a dream is a warning symbol that you need to take care of your health.

Neglecting your health or indulging yourself in an unhealthy diet might result in serious health issues which will affect your daily life.

You need to prioritize your health and take proper care to avoid falling seek in the most unfortunate of times.


To conclude, dreams about rain carry positive connotation for most of the part signifying wealth and success in one’s life. They also symbolize unfortunate events in one’s life, including misery, troubles, worries, and frustrations.

Dreams about rain also represent that the only way to get out of the difficulty is to keep a positive attitude and life and be appreciating of what you have at the moment.

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