13 Dreams About Rats – Meaning & Interpretation

Rats are one of the most resilient creatures on this earth, able to survive harshest conditions. For humans, the image of Rats, other than the ones in Ratatouille, is mostly accompanied by negative emotions.

They are seen as a source of irritation and often, disgust. Their sharp nipping teeth result in the damaging of the things they nibble on.

Dream about rats accompanies similar feelings where they are symbolic of unpleasant and undesirable situations in life.

To see rats, appear in your dream means that you are fearful of human relations, mistrusting of others, and apprehensive of situations in your real life.

The meaning and interpretation related to dreams about rats, vary greatly, depending upon their size, as well as the context of the dream.

What Does Seeing Rats Represent In A Dream?

For living in the filth, they are often seen as disease carriers in a dream, thus warning us of any upcoming health issues.

They may also symbolize one’s destructive conscious, willing to take reckless decisions. In a broader sense, they express envy, distrust, control, jealousy, and trauma.

Symbolic Of Personal Fears

To dream about rats is symbolic of personal anxieties and apprehension regarding life and people you interact daily.

Dreaming of rats symbolizes that you have a pessimistic approach to life where you feel that everything is doomed to meet a negative end.

This doesn’t allow you to fully unlock your potential and limits you in your life choices. You have a constant fear that people are going to backstab you, as a result of which you lack strong bonds with your friends.

Fear Of Forming An Emotional Connection

Dreaming about rats is symbolic of your personal dilemmas and concerns that make you unable to form a stable relationship.

You fear that if you will develop an emotional connection with someone, that person is bound to leave you at the end.

Your fear of building a passionate relationship with anyone might be the result of any prior traumas where you have seen people, close to you, dying or deceiving you at the end.

As a result, you appear disconnected and distant from people, which gives you off as an arrogant and cold person.

You need to form a gradual shift in your mentality and built your trust in people around you. Not everyone is going to leave you, find people who genuinely care for you and try to give them back the care they deserve.

Symbol Of Unprocessed Pain

In spiritual connotations, rats in a dream are symbolic of pain or trauma of the past that was buried by you in the deepest corners of your memories, without fully experiencing it.

Recurring dreams about rats suggest that your suppressed pain and unprocessed traumatic past is soon going to boil over, making you feel overwhelmed of all the emotions breaking through.

You wish to keep forgetting the things that were a part of your life, but this dream is reminding you that you cannot escape past.

To move on entirely, you need to acknowledge the past trauma and work through it instead of ignoring it. Otherwise you will be stuck spiritually unable to experience true happiness in life.

Symbolic Of An Unpleasant Upcoming Experience

Sometimes, rats appearing in a dream symbolize that you are going to meet a new client or a new acquaintance, but the meeting won’t leave a good impression on you.

You will find yourself at odds with that person’s ideologies, which will put you in a very uncomfortable situation.

You may find yourself in conflict with that individual, which can escalate from verbal to physical, pretty fast.

This dream can also suggest that you will come across an old acquaintance whom you have been avoiding for long, and don’t want to cross path with.

You are in need to keep yourself out of sticky situations and observe selfcontrol to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble.

Symbolize Challenges And New Events In Your Life

Almost every culture has its own interpretation of seeing rats in a dream. For most of the part, they symbolize the challenges in your life, the meaning extracted from their dishonest and notorious behavior.

Seeing a rat in a dream means you are soon to be tested in your life with various obstacles and hurdles blocking your way. You may find yourself amidst the economic or emotional crisis, feeling lost, dejected, and confused.

The only key to open the door of success is to have a calm and relaxed attitude without letting the negative emotions take the best of you.

You need to let go of any pessimistic or negative approach to life, and have faith in yourself.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of A Rat

Dreaming Of Catching A Rat

To see yourself tiring to catch a rat in a dream suggests that people among your acquaintances are trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

These people can be among your coworker or the ones in your friend circle, making you feel uneasy to work with them.

You feel like they are not trustworthy and might deceit you when the time comes. Even if you try to resist them, you are unable to do so because they are in your close circle. This dream represents the feelings of frustration and uneasiness that comes along with it.

Dreaming Of Seeing Rats Running In All Direction

Seeing rats overwhelming the surrounding in your dreams suggests that you require a change. This can be moving your resistance and physically changing your surrounding or merely a change of environment itself.

New sceneries and new vibes will help you forget the past frustration and will allow you to clear your mind so you can devote all your attention and care towards success in life.

Dreaming Of Exterminating Rats

Finding yourself exterminating the rats in your dreams is an ominous symbol. It refers to the humiliation, betrayal, or a physical assault from someone you are trying to expose.

The person can be the one from your inner circle, but will not hesitate to backstab you or strike you down if the opportunity comes. The dream symbolizes that you will be distressed or experience pain as a result of their betrayal.

Alternatively, this dream may also suggest that you have successfully taken care of the issues at hand and are satisfied with your decision.

Dreaming Of Eating A Rat

Rats in most of the scenarios depict deceit and betrayal of someone. In this case, specifically, dreaming of eating a rat refers to your desire to betray someone to gain personal benefits.

Such a dream reflects your willingness to let go of your morals and intimate relations to get things you desire through illegitimate means.

The dream can be interpreted in a positive connotation suggesting that your strong instinct allow you to sense the danger beforehand and abandon the circumstances that push you towards misery and trouble.

You are capable of overcoming any obstacles and challenges using your strong and reliable intuitive skills.

Dreaming Of Falling Into A Rat Trap

Dreaming of being caught in a rat trap is an ominous symbol suggesting that you may encounter a theft in the coming future. People are often envious of your material success and desire the things that you have, which they lack.

The dream is a warning signal that you need to take good care of your belonging and avoid flaunting your money to evade any financial damage in the coming future.

Dreaming Of Seeing Rats On Street

Dreaming about seeing rats on the street reflect your compassionate nature. You often find yourself socially awkward with lacking the ability to express your emotions to others openly.

People mistake you for lacking sympathetic feelings, but in reality, you a closed-off individual without having any means to express your soft nature.

Seeing rats on the street suggests that you tend to seek comfort in animals, and are often surrounded with pets which successfully bring out your compassionate and caring nature.

Dreaming Of Seeing Destroying Your Stuff

Dreaming of rats gnawing at your stuff carries a negative connotation. It is a warning sign of the possible misery entering your life. You may either experience loss of a loved one or potential poverty.

The dream is a wakeup call that rainy days are heading your way, and you need to start preparing yourself, mentally, and materialistically to avoid adverse circumstances.

Be conscious of what you spend and try to save more. Give your loved ones proper attention and care, so you don’t regret over the time that was wasted.

Dreaming Of A White Rat

White rats in a dream symbolize untrustworthy women. The dream suggests that you have manipulative and deceiving women in your life, trying to gain the advantage of you.

Such women can lead you to more significant trouble in the future. Therefore you need to be careful of whom you interact with, and how you communicate, in your daily life.


To conclude, dream about rats carry a negative connotation for most of the time where they are often symbolic of the deceit and betrayal at the hands of people around you.

They take ominous symbolism warning you of the upcoming misery and give you a head-start to prepare to deal with them.

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