11 Dreams About Rattlesnakes – Meaning & Interpretation

Rattlesnakes are very unpleasant animals to dream about. Usually, they are an indication of people or situations that might seem threatening in your waking life.

It could be that warning signs about this threatening situation are evident and that you might be facing serious problems if you don’t do anything about the situation.

Why you dream about rattlesnakes

There are more reasons why you would dream of rattlesnakes and they are as follows.

Your Effort To Threaten Someone

There could be someone in your waking life doing something that you don’t like and you are currently threatening them with dire consequences if they keep doing those things that are unpleasant to you.

Perhaps if you found out why these person(s) are doing what they are doing and why they keep provoking you, you might come to an agreement and stop the hostility.

Someone Threatening You With Harm

You might also have this dream because someone is threatening with unpleasant consequences upon your refusal to co-operate with them.

They might be showing open hostility towards you and blatantly threatening you with physical harm. The best thing here is to take measures to protect yourself and get a solution to the problem in order to stop the threats.

Your Blindness Towards Warnings About Problems

Problems might be staring at you in the face but you hardly recognize them. You might be turning a blind eye or ignorant of the warning signs about a situation in your life.

It would be important to recognize problems or warning signs for what they are and dealing with them could prevent major problems in the future.

It will also prevent feelings of regret about not having done something when you should have.

Fake Threats In Your Life

You might be experiencing fake threats about something from someone or dishing out the threats yourself knowing full well that you will never carry them out.

Why are you giving fake threats and receiving them? Consider going another route for solving the problems if the threats are causing the other party discomfort.

If you feel you are receiving fake threats, you never really know, they might seem fake but turn out to be real.  Consider settling whatever issue there is amicably.

Positive Changes Are Happening

Dreaming about a rattlesnake could also be because positive changes are afoot in your life especially if the rattlesnake in your dream is dead.

Consider preparing for those changes and most likely a new life.  Everything could be about to change for the better.

Common Dreams About Rattlesnakes

There are various dream scenarios about rattlesnakes and their interpretations and they are as follows.

Dreaming About Everyone Pointing To A Rattlesnake

When you experience such a dream it could be that you might have situations in your life where everyone is able to see the problems except you.

All the warning signs might be there for you to see but somehow you can’t. You could even be getting angry at the people pointing out this concerning issues about your life to you.

The issues could be a wrong relationship, job or friends. Consider heeding the warning signs and the advice from others who can see what you can’t for your own wellbeing.

Dreaming About Having A Rattlesnake In Your Mouth

When you have this dream, it could be an indication of the verbal threats you might be giving someone who is not cooperating with you.

You could also be having unpleasant verbal confrontations with people around you and your threatening words might be scaring the people around you.

Dream About Hearing The Rattler Of A Rattlesnake

Dreaming about a rattlesnake’s rattle is a good sign. It could be that you might have done something wrong in your past and now you have the chance to make things right.

It could also be that someone who wronged you in the past is going to make it up to you. You might be able to receive that long overdue justice that favors you finally.

Dream About A Rattlesnake’s Fangs And Venom

This is not a positive dream and an indication that someone close to you might experience illness of some sort and that it will be a difficult time for both you and that person.

It could be a trying time especially if you will need to take care of them. You might consider checking on those you love more and ensure that they are alright.

Provide help when they need it and offer the best advice if they happen to be showing signs of illness. Sometimes an illness can be prevented from reaching terminal levels if detected early.

Dream About A Dead Rattlesnake.

When you experience this dream, it could be an indication that positive things are finally going to happen in your life. It indicates that you will get through your challenges and pain.

You will emerge victorious and correct any wrong things that you might have done in the past. It is also a good sign that the future will now be bright for you, now that your major obstacle is out of the way.

Dream About Getting Bitten By A Rattlesnake

When you experience this dream,  it is an indication that you have a major battle ahead of you which you need to prepare for. It could be the moment where you fight for what you want in your life.

You might need to face some very deadly and strong enemies who have every intention of bringing you down.

It could be a court case,  a great opposition from the workplace, friends or even your own family. Consider preparing adequately for the unpleasant encounters you are going to experience.


Dreams about rattlesnakes can be scary and get you thinking a lot. You need to examine your waking life carefully and see what is related to your dream.

Correct the things you need to and heed the ones that need to be heeded. As for the positive things about your dream and your waking life, embrace them and also prepare for them.

Sometimes a positive change of life requires preparation the same way you prepare and brace yourself for hard times. Lastly, remember every detail about your dream for accurate interpretation.

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