8 Dreams About Rejection, Meaning & Interpretation

Rejection is something that we must have faced at a particular point in our life. A feeling of not being confident about certain things in your life and you think you are not worthy of some people or things.

Dreams about rejection can be a sign of having fear about something or a particular situation and this can be a result of our subconscious trying to bring us to the understanding of yourself. Rejection is something unpleasant and this can be caused by disappointment or losses we had.

Dreams about rejection could be a result of low self-esteem and confidence, low self-worth, pressure laid on you by people around you, inability to hold your stand and make certain opinions, and lots more. Rejection can be related to so many aspects of human life especially when it relates to matters of the heart.

In this article, we will take you through the various reasons why you could dream about being rejected and the common dreams about rejection and their interpretations.

Why You Could Dream about Rejection

There are so many things that can be the cause of feeling rejected and not feeling like you are appreciated by people around you.

Being rejected is one of the greatest fear that we have because it can affect our lifestyle and our emotions are also at the verge of been disrupted.

Having a dream about rejection can be as a result of so many things and some of these reasons will be discussed below.

Dreams about rejection can occur when you have faced disappointment at a particular time of your life and this incidence has overshadowed your mind.

Some of the reasons why you could dream about rejection include low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling you have done something wrong, certain part of your life you want to distance yourself from, social pressure, not been appreciated by people around you, inability to take your stand on opinions, and sign that you need to work on your confidence and build your attitude.

Below are more explanation on the various reasons why you could dream about rejection.

Lack Of Confidence

When you dream about been rejected by someone or people around you, this can be a sign of your lack of confidence and your inability to take a bold step in matters that really count.

This can be a sign that you do not have the strength to be the boss of your own life and this have been hindering you from going forward in the things that you do.

Having a dream about rejection can be a sign that you do not believe in yourself and you still have doubt whenever you take an action and this is not the best thing for someone who wants to become better at what he does.

When you have this type of dream, it is important that you always know what you want to do, make necessary plans, and be willing to take the chance in what you believe in.

When you have so much doubt about what you do, you might have dreams that pertain to been rejected and this is never a good sign.

If you have a project you are handling and you have doubt about its success then you should not take the chance because the outcome can never be so good.

Being subdued to Pressure

We human beings are different because we have a mind that can reason in line with everything around us. If you have ever had a dream about rejection, this can have a very big impact on our livelihood and lifestyle in general.

This can be a sign that you are prone to social pressure and people around you seem to be better than you. You can feel that you are not up to the standard of people around you and you feel out of place.

Having this type of dream can have a big toll on you but you have to know that no one is better than you, the problem with you is you and you have to be courageous to get this over with.

Having this type of dream can be a sign that the weakness you yourself have is that you believe that you are not wanted at a particular place and without you changing your mentality the purpose for being there at that particular time will never be realized.

Never let the things you think take the best part of you, be who you are, and everything comes back to place.

Need to Distance Yourself From Certain Part Of Your Life

Having a dream about rejection can be as a sign that you want to distance yourself from certain things that have been having a bad effect on your life. This could be related to different parts of your life such as work, family, friends, and other relationships.

This can also be a sign that you are willing to get rid of some things in your life that have been making you feel unworthy of the life that you own.

When you have this type of dream, this could be a sign that you need to let go of something that you thought really mattered but never did.

Warning Sign

When you have a dream in which you were rejected by someone or something, this can be a warning sign that you need to work on your attitude and behavior.

This is something very important because without making a change to the way things used to be as regards your level of confidence and rate of self-esteem you may not be able to achieve any substantial goal in life.

In relation to your love life, if you like someone and you are been skeptical about the outcome of such, it is more important that you build your confidence and get it done with because you do not have all the time in the world to make the perfect decision.

You need to be more confident about the things you do and put your trust in them so that you can get the best outcome possible.

Common Dreams About Rejection

Dreams about rejection can be very frustrating and disappointing so you need to be more conscious about the things that you do.

This type of dream usually relates to our lifestyle and personal abilities so you should be more concerned about what these dreams could mean so that you can be able to interpret them as regards.

There are some common dreams that you could have about rejection and some of them are interpreted below.

Dream about been rejected by your partner

This can be a sign that things are not going the way it was before between you two and you are not so convenient about that.

You should talk to your partner about any problem there is between you so that you can find a solution to such a problem or trouble between you.

Dream about being rejected for a job position

This dream means that you do not know your own value and worth because of your low self-esteem.

This means that you need to work on your self-esteem and you need to build a brighter and bigger picture about who you are and what you can do.

Dream about being rejected by your mother

This can be a sign of sadness that you have built up within you mostly because of something very bad that happened to you.

It could also mean that someone very close to you made you feel bad about something you did a long time ago.

Dream about rejecting food

This can be a sign that you need to take caution about certain things. This could mean that you need to be careful about your behavior and habits.


Having dreams about rejection means that you are not feeling so great about some things in your life so you need to be more careful and if need be take a bold step.

You do not have to be worked up when you have this type of dreams because it does mean a lot and all you need do is work on yourself.

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