19 Dreams About Rotting Teeth – Meaning & Interpretation

Before we try to scrutinize the general meaning and interpretation of dreams about rotting teeth, we should first look how history attributed some symbolism on the teeth. During the early times, the tooth is often used as an item for divination.

Scholars who interpreted the writings of the ancient papyrus in Egypt use rotten teeth to indicate some sort of illness. Arab and Greek scholars, on the other hand, use this as a sign of a relative’s demise.

Why do You Dream About Rotting Teeth?

The ancient symbolic meaning of the rotting teeth is often one dimensional and pessimistic. If we heavily based our interpretation on these aspects, then we might fail to extract the real message of our dream. Here are some reasons why you might encounter rotting teeth in your dream.

Inner Struggles

Rotten teeth can be a sign of the inner struggles that we are experiencing in our life. This is probably because teeth have always been associated with raw energy and aggressive behavior.

Once you look at the predators in nature, you will notice their sharp teeth and their aggressive behavior. As a human you also have the same habit of grinding your teeth when you are feeling a heightened level of emotion.


This can also be an indication of a loss. This is common for people who are going through a phase of change in their life. This may imply that you have lost someone or something important to you or someone you rely on.

Empty Feeling

The rotting teeth is usually associated with the feeling of emptiness. You probably don’t know the things that are important to you.

There is probably something in your past that prevents you from pushing forward. In some way, this can be a positive thing.

This can mean that you will have the power to overcome the problems you are facing. Teeth are also connected to the trust in our own capacity and power.

Lack of Identity

Your teeth can also be a representation of your identity. Therefore, dreaming about rotten teeth can be related to the lack of focus towards yourself. People who are working excessively or committing to several endeavors will dream about this.


Your state of confusion can be reflected by your dreams of rotten teeth. In our waking life, we are all responsible in the choices that we make that may affect our hormones and will translate to our dreams.

Building Your Life

Dreams about rotten teeth can also be a sign that you are in the process of rebuilding yourself. This will be like how a dentist will treat your deteriorating teeth. Your dream is probably telling you that you still can reverse your life that is in shambles.

Meaning of Dreams About Rotting Teeth

Generally, rotten teeth represent the part of our life that we usually ignore. However, this is something that we should not neglect. It can refer to an issue that has been bothering you or an act that you completely regret.

Dreams of Tooth Falling Out

This is one of the most common dreams related with teeth. Some people will often associate this to something negative. However, this may also carry something positive.

Generally, teeth that are falling out are symbolism of change. In some instances, it can also highlight our repressed sexual feelings.

Change: You are perhaps going through a transitional period when you have this kind of dream. It may not also be impossible to encounter this if you are feeling anxious or confused in your waking life.

Insecurities:  People who are insecure about their life can often dream about this. They are probably anxious about their public image.

They highly pay attention on the image that they want to project to the public. For them, it is important that the public will look at them positively.

Dreams of Finding a Broken Tooth

These dreams are somehow like the teeth falling out. This can refer to something that you have lost. Finding the broken tooth can mean that you are going through a challenging phase in your life.

Since you have lost something important in your life, it is fine to be sad. However, this will also lead to something good once you managed to overcome this period.

Dreams of Crumbling Teeth

Teeth that are crumbling can indicate that you will have to change your old habit. This habit can usually be related to the way you communicate with others.

There is also a possibility that you are contemplating about your current romantic relationship. You are perhaps planning to break up and you are worried about the result of your action.

Dreams of Broken Teeth Due to Injury

If your broken teeth have been caused by an external injury (for instance, getting kicked out or knocked out), you should treat this as a warning sign.

You will need to be wary on the things that you are saying since this can negatively affect you. Make sure to think before you speak and choose the words that you will use carefully.

Dreams of New Teeth

In case you are dreaming about a new tooth growing once the rotten tooth has been knocked out, this may indicate new opportunities in life.

This can also imply that you have successfully overcome the challenges and is now ready to raise your career on a higher notch.

For the adults who dream about this, this can be a positive thing. This can mean that you will soon reap the rewards for something that you did in the past.

Dreams of Dental Work

Dental works that involves the extraction of the rotten tooth can be a sign of different things. For instance, it can simply be your anxiety and stress regarding the teeth that needs to be extracted in your real life.

It can also be associated with your professional career that requires more attention especially on the way that you speak.

Your dream may also be telling you that your health should be taken care of by a professional medical service provider.

Dreams of Other People’s Rotten Teeth

This can mean that you need to be very cautious when choosing your associates. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid insecure people who will attack you with their vicious words and slander.

In case you dream that someone in your dream has buck teeth, this means that you need to lighten up. Avoid taking things too seriously. There are times that you simply must laugh it off.

Dreams of False Teeth

People who are dreaming about false teeth can be an indication of your fear. You are probably scared about your self-image.

You are focusing too much on the opinion of people around you. You are worried that people will reveal a hidden secret about you.

Dreams of Spitting the Loss Teeth

In case you encounter this scenario in your dream, this is a sign that you need to let go of something or someone in your life. They are possibly affecting the quality of your life. Getting rid of them will dramatically improve your life.

Keeping them in your life can only lead to different troubles. Think about your current situation and consider how the people around you are affecting you.

Dreams of Toothless Person

Dreams about a toothless person can be an indication of aging. You are probably experiencing a deterioration of your skills and ability that have been caused by aging.

People that you used to know are no longer taking you seriously. They have all forgotten the accomplishments that you’ve made in the past.

Dreams of Something Jammed in Your Teeth

This dream can be a sign that you are currently facing a serious problem. Usually, you will find this challenging and it will almost be impossible to find the right solution. However, you will soon realize that the solution is simply in front of you.

Dreams of Painful Tooth

If you are experiencing a gnawing pain in your dream due to the tooth decay, this can sometimes refer to your poor health. You might need to visit your doctor soon. On the other hand, this can also be a sign that you are experiencing stress and headache in the walking life.

Dreams of Chipped Tooth

This dream can suggest that you need to correct something in your life. Chipped tooth is usually visible to you and the people around you.

This can be the representation of a problem that is visible to everyone. You might need to dig some old issue in order to figure the things that have internally been broken.

If the chipped tooth is caused by an outside force, this can be related to people that are trying to break your determination.


Dreams about rotting teeth can usually be scary. However, it can deliver a message that will lead to learning. This type of dream may mean that you are not paying too much attention to the things that you should fix.

Your dreams will persist if you simply choose to ignore the issue. You may want to keep a dream journal that will help you remember the details. This will also aid you in determining the reasons behind this dream.

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