12 Dreams About Sand – Meaning & Interpretation

Sand is a type of soil that is commonly found at beaches, riverbeds and most deserts of the world. Dreams about sand could be a symbol of transition and passing of time. It could also mean that you are experiencing a shift in your attitude, perspectives and what you believe in.

You may be wondering why you have dreams about sand. Below are the different reasons and interpretations about these dreams.

Meaning of dreams about sand

Dreams about sand have different meanings as discussed below:

You are having different perspectives and attitude towards something

Dreaming about sand could mean that you are beginning to have different views about something. May be, you previously held a certain belief about something or had a particular attitude towards someone or certain situations.

You now can have a larger picture about the same and have a different opinion from the one you had previously. This is good because having a fixed mind about everything may make you look egocentric.

A waste of time

This dream could also mean that you are wasting your time either on someone or something. Perhaps you are involved in businesses that clearly will not bring profit and progress.

You could also be in a relationship with someone who is not serious about you and later on they will give you a heartbreak. Make the right choices in order to avoid wasting time on things that will not benefit you.

If you want to make an investment, you should first do a market research and then decide on it. If it is deciding about with whom to have a relationship, take your time, do not rush into falling in love before you know the intentions this person has with you. Do not let time pass by without utilizing it fully.

A reflection of feelings of emptiness

Dreams about sand also implies that you are feeling empty. Maybe terrible and unexpected things have been happening to you recently and you have reached a point where you feel like it is the end of your journey.

You no longer feel worthy, you feel that others do not matter to you and you feel like you have nothing worth living for. This could be the result of the hurting situations you have gone through.

If you feel like this, do not hesitate to seek for help because it could be the onset of depression. When not treated, depression could lead to death.

So, do not be afraid to speak out your feelings to family and friends. Consider seeking professional help from your doctor or therapist.

You feel insecure

Your dream about sand could mean that you have feelings of insecurity. Look at your life now, are you committed to a business but you fear that it might fail?

Are you in a relationship and you feel that your partner is cheating or you feel that the relationship might come to a sudden end?

Then this denotes feelings of insecurity. It is good to let things be as they are meant to be. Do not concentrate so much on worry because it will actualise your insecurities. Just let things flow.

Common dreams about sand

Dreaming about sand occurs in different scenarios as discussed below:

Dream about watching sand from distance

Dreaming about watching sand from a distance depicts the loneliness you are currently feeling. You are probably disturbed about certain things happening in your life.

Because of what is happening, you feel that other people do not care about you and you have decided to isolate yourself.

The isolation is the one making you feel lonely. You should probably speak out your problems instead of keeping them to yourself and then assume that others do not care about you.

This dream also means that you feel distant from peace and harmony. Perhaps very bad things have been going on that made you lose your peace of mind.

Bad things are bound to happen every day and to everybody. Do not allow this to steal your peace. Allow yourself to be inside the storm but do not allow the storm to get inside you.

Dream about a sandstorm

Dreaming about sandstorms depicts the emotions that are running inside you. These could be positive or negative emotions.

Negative to mean that you may be having disappointments and positive to mean that you are excited about something.

Examine yourself keenly and you might find out about the emotion that is making you have this dream. No matter hard the circumstances may seem to be, always find a positive way of handling emotions that come with them.

It also depicts the misunderstandings and quarrels you are having with a friend or family members.

Such is bound to happen in any type of relationship. Therefore, handle every situation of misunderstanding with care because these are people you really do not want to lose because of a small quarrel or misunderstanding.

Dream about gathering sand under a tree

Having this dream means that you are soon going to accumulate wealth and enjoy it. Just as you enjoy sitting under the tree for shade, you are going to have the best moments of your life. But be very careful with how you spend during these moments because excessive enjoyment may go wrong.

The dream also means that everything that has been troubling you in the past is coming to an end. You are going to enjoy your peace.

Dream about sand in a desert

Seeing sand in a desert in your dream means that you are worried about something. The worry has led to you feeling empty inside. You may feel that there is no one who cares about you.

The desert here represents your feeling of deprivation in life. You just feel like you lack something. One thing about life is that, it will not offer you what you have always wanted.

It is going to disappoint you at one point. Take everything positively, even if the whole world seems to be against you, one day you shall come out successfully.

Dream about white sand

This is a positive dream because it implies the peace and happiness you are experiencing in your life. Seeing yourself walk on the white sand means that you feel relaxed and comfortable.

You are going to experience calmness that you have never had before. Running on the white sand means that you are going to receive some good news.

Maybe you have been waiting to receive your final year exam results or waiting for feedback for the job interview you attended. Having this dream at this time tells you to expect positive results.

Dream about black sand

Dreaming about black sand implies that you feel relaxed. You are comfortable with everything that is going on in your life. It may also mean that it is time for you to make decisions and to put effort in each and everything you do.

Perhaps you may also experience problems at work or at school but do not worry because they will all be resolved.

Before taking time to relax, you need to make sure that everything that requires your attention in life has been handled. Doing this will make you have relaxed mind. You will not worry about some unfinished task.

Dream about sand in your mouth

Dreaming about sand in your mouth is simply telling you to watch what comes out of your mouth. Maybe you are someone that does not think before saying something. This may be in conflict with the feelings of others.

Knowingly, you hurt the feelings of other people by your words. Be very careful because words once said, can never be taken back. You really do not want to ruin friendships and relationships because of your uncontrollable mouth.

Dream about seeing a couple walk in sand at the beach

This dream means that you also desire to be in a relationship. If you are currently in a relationship, it means that you desire your relationship to be like the one you have seen.

Relationships always have tough patches and this maybe what you are currently facing as a couple. A dead relationship can always be brought back to life if the two of you really care about each other.

Do not wait for your partner to make up things because he/she might also be waiting for you. Swallow your pride and dare to make things work again. But if you have reached a point where things can never work, respect yourself and walk out.


Dreams about sand have a lot that you can apply in your day to day life. Be careful on how you spend your time, take time to go out and have relaxing moments and also be careful on issues to do with money and the relationships you are in. We hope that you found the meaning of your dream.

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