3 Dreams About Saving Someone From Drowning – Meaning & Interpretation

Drowning is a quite difficult phenomenon to dream about. If it is possible, it should be totally avoided. That feel of despair or trying desperately to hold on to your life is something everybody should try to avoid when it is about bed time or when you just want to rest and relax.

Different drowning dreams would be talked about here, with special emphasis on Dreams about saving someone from drowning. Here is a list of most common drowning situations and they would be explained further.

  1. Dreams about drowning in water
  2. Dreams about saving someone from drowning
  3. Dreams about being saved from drowning

Dreams About Drowning In Water

If you had a dream about drowning in water or you ever have a dream about drowning in water, this means that in reality you are getting overwhelmed by a particular situation or by troubles and problems that you are facing.

These problems could be job related or there could be some relationship or family issues in which you are facing and they are about to snuff life out of you in real life.

Most times, what we feel or believe in real life is always presented to us in form of dreams and this is where they get clearly expressed because we have failed to forget and neglect these feelings.

We pay all our attention towards them and they come in form of dreams to get clearly expressed so you would understand the consequences better. In this case, the feelings are represented by drowning in water.

These problems should not be ignored and the dreams should also be given strong consideration because they stand for something. For these kind of dreams to stop permanently, the pending situation in reality has to be solved.

You can either talk to someone regarding your problem or ask for help when you are stuck and do not know what to do.

If the situation is not properly managed, it could lead to depression and negativity would take over your life. Close attention should be paid to dreams such as this and always seek for help, if you cannot get over the pending problem in reality.

You do not need to panic after having this kind of dream, if the right thing is done, you would stop having such dreams.

Dreams About Saving Someone From Drowning

This type of drowning dream is more pleasant than the previous one mentioned above and this is the dream that we want to discuss mainly in this article.

This dream does not really talk about you, it is mainly about the person whom you are saving from the water. You might know or have met this person and you probably offered to help or you have already helped the person.

Having dreams such as this means that you would be a great pillar of support to someone and the person is who you are saving from drowning.

The person might be going through a really difficult and strenuous time due to some conditions and you offered to help them. That is basically the summary of having this kind of dream.

The thought of helping someone important to you could be quite overwhelming, because the person would need your help to overcome his/her current situation.

Another lesson that could be derived from these dream is that; they are not only depending on you, you also have the capacity and power to help the person out of the current situation.

Dreams About Being Saved From Drowning

You can also have dreams where someone is being saved from drowning, but in this case you are the one getting saved from drowning unlike the other case where you were the one saving someone. This dream should not scare you, because it has a positive interpretation.

It means that you would be able to overcome your current predicament or problems. The situation could be dangerous and life dependent, but just know that you would successfully overcome it.

This dream could be related to a business project you have been stuck on or a health issue and the solution would come in form of whoever is saving you in the dream. More often, the person is usually someone you know.


If you are having dreams about saving someone from drowning, there is no cause for alarm, because this kind of dream is a positive one.

Normally, drowning dreams mostly negative but in this situation you are saving someone from the negative situation.

This means that without your help, the person would drown, but if you extend your hand to help the person and the right thing is done, you would not drown with the person, instead you would be saving the person from drowning and the drowning means the current situation in which the person finds himself/herself in.

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