15 Dreams About Shoes : Meaning & Interpretation

You wear shoes every day and therefore it is not unusual to dream about them. Shoes are mostly connected to your beauty, creativity and the class you belong to socially. Shoes not only protect your feet but also act as a sartorial symbol in the real world. This article is going to help you find the meaning and interpretation of the different dreams about shoes you have ever had.

Meaning of dreams about shoes

What does dreaming about shoes mean? We have different meanings of this dream as mentioned below:

You should change

Dreaming about shoes could be telling you to change something in your life or take a new direction. You might have been living a life that is not pleasing to your parents, friends, family and God. This dream is telling you to stop the bad things you are doing and open a new chapter.

Career advancement

This dream means that you are going to be ranked highly in your career. It means that you are going to rise from a low career position to a high career position. For example, if you are just an ordinary teacher, you will rise to the position of the senior teacher or the head teacher.

You need to get out of danger

It could be that you have exposed yourself to dangerous situations which you should to get out from before they cause any harm to you. For example, you might have gave in to peer pressure and from it, you started abusing drugs. Drug abuse is harmful to your health and if you do not get out of it, you may end up being an addict and eventually succumb to some of drug abuse effects like liver cirrhosis.

A reflection of your future plans

Everybody plans for their future. Some plans fall into place while others do not. Dreaming about shoes reflects your thoughts about future plans. Continue making better plans for your future while keeping in mind that in order for you to see your plans come to fulfilment, you need to be determined and focused.

You need to understand yourself and others

Dreaming about shoes also means that you should know who you are and understand other people. The first step towards understanding other people is knowing who you are. This will greatly help you understand other people. Understanding others is a necessity because you cannot relate well with them if you do not understand who they are in terms of personality.

You should leave the past behind

Many people find it difficult to forget the past and live in the present. This might be caused by the negative experiences you went through. This dream is telling you to leave this behind and focus on the now. Living in the past only makes you lag behind because you keep on reading the previous chapters of your life.

Different dreams about shoes

Dreams about shoes appear in different forms as discussed in the following points:

Dream of losing your shoes

This dream represents an end to something. You might soon end a relationship you had, your job might come to an end or you may lose friendships. If you do not want your relationship to end prematurely, you may need to take into consideration what makes relationships to be long lasting. Invest in building trust in your partner.

Dreaming about losing your shoes is also an indication of you being reluctant to leave something behind and move forward in your life. You may be finding it difficult to move on from a broken relationship. This is something that cannot happen overnight and therefore the first step of moving on is acceptance. Accept that you two cannot be together and you will soon get someone better.

It also means that you need to work on your relationship with the one you love. Relationships are like plants which need to be watered every day in order for them to flourish. Give attention to your relationship. Support each other in both low and high moments, build your trust and above all, show your partner that you love them.

Dream of wearing someone’s shoes

Dreaming about wearing someone else’s shoes means that you are trying to be like the person whose shoes you were wearing in the dream. You are maybe trying to copy their lifestyle and trying to do things in the exact manner they do their things. Having a role model is okay. Trying to be like someone else is not okay because it shows you do not trust yourself. Embrace the difference in personalities with the person. If you judge yourself to be insufficient, work on the things that you think make you insufficient instead of copying another person.

Dream about wearing new shoes

Dreaming about wearing new shoes means that you are going to be lucky. Your wealth is going to increase and if by any chance you are involved in business, it means you are going to make more profit. In such situations, you are likely to overspend. Be careful on how you utilize your wealth to avoid regrets later.

This dream also means that you are going to move to a new place or you will soon have a trip to a place you have always wished to visit.

Dream of wearing tight shoes

In real life, wearing tight shoes is uncomfortable. You will not be at ease. Dreaming about wearing tight shoes means that you might be betrayed by the people you have held close. Be very careful with what you share with the people you trust. Sharing too much information about your life or plans may make someone jealous, especially if you are successful than them. The jealousy will make them backstab you. Do not just trust anybody you meet. Take your time to know people well before coming close to them.

This dream is also an indication of failure in investments or income generating activities you are currently involved in. Before you make any investment, put into consideration all the factors that aid a successful investment.

Dream of wearing shoes that do not fit

If you had this dream, it means that in one way or another, you are not being true to yourself and others. You paint a different picture to the world while in real sense you are someone else, not what you show the world.

It is best to be you and do you because the rest of the world will eventually adjust. Just be yourself.

Dream of wearing shoes that are not appropriate for an occasion

If you had this dream, it means that you are not ready to face some situations in your life. For example, you might have seen yourself wearing high heels to a football match.

It also means that you are not willing to conform to what other people expect of you. Maybe other people expect you to be responsible, but since you consider yourself irresponsible, you therefore act irresponsibly. Consider this to be for your own good and once you do this, you will find it easy to conform.

Dream of buying new shoes

This dream has a positive meaning. It is foretelling the fortunate changes that are going to happen in your life. This dream is brought by your desire to see things change for the better in your life. You look forward to starting something for self-development. It also means that you are going to have a long and interesting journey.

Dream about others admiring your new shoes

Dream about others admiring your new shoes is not a good sign. It is a warning. You have to be careful with the new people you meet. Do not get close to them until you get to know them better. Trusting people easily can make you regret later. Making new friends is not bad but be very careful because they might be wolves hiding in a sheep’s clothing.

Dream of taking off old shoes and putting on new ones

This dream is an indication of you changing roles. You might be taking up new responsibilities either at work, school or at home. It is also an indication of you starting a new phase in your life. For example, if you are single, you are going to get married or a change in your job.

It also means that you are going to have a changed attitude towards something. You might have had a negative attitude towards the way your mother handles you when you are wrong. Having this dream shows that you are now beginning to understand that your mother wants the best for you and that is why she handles you that way when you go wrong. For you to get a clear interpretation of dreams about shoes, you need to remember the situation in which you were. The shoe type is also important.

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