Dream About Snakes On Your Bed : Meaning & Interpretation

Having a dream about snakes on your bed could bring about some strange and unimaginable thoughts. Even the scenes in the dream could be quite intriguing.

The dream could bring up different emotions such as; anxiety, fear, disgust etc. Dream interpretation of snakes could mean privacy, intimacy or your sexuality.

What would aid in the interpretation of snake dreams is the setting of the dream. For instance; where the dream took place. Whether in your room, bed and what the place means to you.

Having Snake dreams could haves some quite simple meanings such as:

  • It means you are reaching out to your sexuality.
  • There is need for rest.
  • There is a healing process taking place currently.
  • Someone could be testing your personal boundaries, this means you would have to establish your personal space.

Having Dreams about Snakes on your Bed

Are you constantly having dreams about snakes on your bed? Have you ever had a dream where snakes were lying on or moving on your bed?  This might have several meanings and some would be discussed here.

Dreaming about snakes on your bed could be because of you deep desires. It could be connected to your sexual desires or your sensuality. The snake is usually considered as a phallic symbol. This interpretation is for only situations where the snake was found on the bed.

The snake dream could mean that it is requiring you to check yourself just to know how well you relate with your sexuality, sensuality and their expression.

The type of snake or what the snake looks like would also go a long way in the interpretation of the dream. This is because snake dreams has a lot to do with your sexuality and your sexual desires. Does the snake have a colourful or dull color ? Is the snake moving vigorously or slowly? Is the snake aggressive or calm? Is the snake big or small? What you discover here would really help interpret the dream.

Snake on bed dreams is generally known to mean intimacy. It could mean intimacy with your loved ones or with a partner. It could also be intimacy with yourself where you can really determine the level of connection with yourself. More snakes in bed would determine how strong the level of intimacy is.

The bed snake dream could also mean your personal space sense or boundaries. Snakes crawling on your bed could mean that there is a feeling inside you which happens to be creeping. It could be that you are trying desperately to avoid some situations but your sleep keeps on bringing it to your notice in form of dreams

Snakes in bed could mean that your private space is being invaded and your privacy has been totally disrespected. So you should not be scared when you are having dreams like this or you have ever had such a dream. Snakes in bed could mean that a particular situation is not a bother to you. Or where you are being bothered by someone in your life or someone really close to you.

If while you are having a dream about snakes on your bed, you have a curios feeling or that of fascination, this could mean that you are trying to develop your sexual or sensual life and you have been trying new ways to do that. The dream aims at reminding you of your creativity and the essentials of experiencing deep instinct desires.

You might also have dreams where you see snakes in someone else’s bed, not just yours. This comes with an entirely different meaning. This could be describing your relationship with the owner of the bed and how desperately you want the relationship to grow or how you would like to strengthen the relationship, renew it has the case may be.

The snake could also mean your uncertainty when it comes to your relationship with the owner of the bed the snake was lying in and the deepening of emotional and sexual intimacy.

Another meaning of having dreams about snake on your bed could be that you are feeling guilty for having sexual, intimate or romantic feelings for someone. It all depends on the overall feeling of the dream.

The interpretation could mean that you are having uncertain emotions or feelings regarding someone who could be your partner or soon to be partner.

Having dreams with snakes in your bed could mean that you are trying to acknowledge and accept these feelings in your life, so that you would be easily able to explore and express them fully when the need arises.

However, if when the dream of having snakes in your bed happened, there was no element of fear in you or you were not scared the way you ought to be when you are actually faced with a snake, this might mean that you are in a personal recovery stage which is somehow related to your sexual life or your current relationship with a close partner of yours.

The interpretation could also be that; the snake is a symbol of deep sexual energy or desire embedded in you and needs to be expressed fully.

The dream might also be calling your attention to the sexual or romantic part of your relationship with your partner which you need to pay special attention to.


The general conclusion can now be determined that: having dreams about snakes whether in your bed, or someone elses bed is generally talking about your sexuality.

The major determinant which would now help in explaining the dream further would be the context of the dream, what happened when you had the dream, whose bed was the snake sleeping in?

These are major determinants in interpreting dreams about snakes. Just like it was stated in the introductory paragraph, it could also mean that you need to take a little rest, probably you have been working tirelessly for days or you are currently undergoing one personal healing stage or the other.

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