10 Dreams About Snow : Meaning & Interpretation

How does snow exactly get to you? Do you see coldness and feel the sadness? Or do you develop a fascination and feel the purity it is emitting? Just like how you perceive snow in real life, dreams about snow also come with positive and negative representations. It all depends on the emotions that come with your dream.

Common Dream Scenarios With Snow

  1. Simply snow

Snow in a dream signifies cold-heartedness and isolation. You might be in a difficult time of your life, and the aging process bothers you.

Clean snow represents strength, passiveness, or rigidity. Alternatively, dirty snow symbolizes stress, anxiety, or emotional confusion.

  1. Melting snow

The phase transition is very much related to emotional change. This may mean loosening and warming up after episodes of coldness.

It may also indicate loss of control over something and that you may face temporary difficulties before finally overcoming endeavours. A counterbalance career wise is also a possibility.

  1. Dream about Eating snow

Playing with snow is quite common but eating it (even just in your dream) might probably sound weird.

It may be unusual but dreams like these exist, and it surprisingly indicates a positive representation. This shows open-mindedness and a deep understanding and belief of the “unity in diversity” concept.

  1. Dream about Footprints in the snow

If the footprints are fading, it is best to pause and reflect on how you treat people and take their opinions. Seeing fading footprints signifies a possible feeling of paranoia.

You may be feeling cynical about people’s interest which may cause you to fall out of your social circle. Your walls are up and suspicions are raised, even with those who had been nothing but supportive of you.

  1. Off-season snow

What a nice surprise would this be? Snow during summertime suggests you’d be ready for a pleasant one. Snowfall during a heavy storm indicates confusion and depression.

Alternatively, when you see snow on an autumn day, expect success in your business ventures. If your dream of snow however happens to be during spring, minor difficulties are on the way.

  1. Dream about Snow sports

A dream of snow sports connotes the craving for relaxation and freedom. It also means being caught up whether to help someone from his/her own predicament or not, while considering how helping would affect you if ever you do so. To ski or ride the snowboard signifies positive news. This news will bring about a distinct change in your life.

  1. Dream about A walk in the snow

A peaceful walk in the snow symbolizes deep love and affection for your family. You believe that love answers everything.

However, if you are struggling, say for example, chased by the abominable snowman, this indicates that you are currently facing problems.

Dreaming of walking barefoot represents future worrying times, specifically for your finances.

  1. Dream about Avalanche

Dreams about avalanche are symbolic. Have a self-check on your relationship with the people surrounding you. Avalanche indicates vulnerability due to discouragement and disappointment.

Handle emotional setbacks as objectively and reasonably as possible. An avalanche is a destructive force that abolishes anything that stands on its way.

On a comparative note, it is the person’s impulsiveness and aggressiveness. Be on the look-out of self-destructive ways.

  1. Dream about Snowman

A snowman in a dream means wisdom through experience and strength enough to overpower emotional struggle. It also stands as a reminder that no validation should be made on how to live your life.

Fighting with one embodies the fears that you have in life. Trying to get rid of the snowman or seeing a snowman running away from you means that you are fighting back.

  1. Snowball fight

When snow in a dream is used as a weapon, it most likely symbolizes isolation and lack of support. Snowball fights are a warning for an upcoming difficult moment due to financial choices and judgment.

Another meaning that lies in the positive sense is nostalgia and contentment. You probably reminisce the past and would be more than happy if you could possibly relive it.

What Causes Your Snow Dreams?

  1. You are feeling emotionally cold and distant.

You may be emotionally exhausted of all the things which could go from physical to emotional, and even to financial aspects of life.

Ironically, dreams like this may be a reminder to thaw those emotions away. It is always okay to acknowledge inner feelings. It is on how you handle it and show it outwardly that matters more.

  1. You are trying to conceal something.

Snow is like a blanket that hides the entirety of where it falls to. It may mean that you have deeper emotional issues that you haven’t really admitted and given attention to.

You may be running away from it for quite a while now, and you have fears of ever facing them at all.

Snow dreams sometimes indicate emotional hibernation and this is generally recommended. We are allowed to take a step back if it is what it takes to heal ourselves.

As the snow melts, so does this emotional turmoil. The sun shines back to project its warmth, and you will emerge fully recovered and ready to take on the world again.

  1. You are undergoing spiritual cleansing.

Snow has a distinct whiteness that always seems to bring peacefulness and serenity. Dreams that give us these feelings indicate deep emotional relief – a rest from pain, an end to grieving, the last step from finally moving on from a bad breakup, and all situations similar to these.


Snow dreams breed various emotions, both positive and negative. It creates happiness, coldness, fear, amazement, curiosity, worry, and a feeling of the need to be distant.

This is why dreams about snow are worth your time finding its meaning and interpretation. Because of its multiple meanings, snow dreams are often easily misinterpreted and we are in turn, misled.

Maybe it’s just safer to consider the dreams as our guide on how we should correct our mistakes, and continue doing those which are right.

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