15 Dreams About Someone Dying – Meaning & Interpretation

To experience the death of a person, especially close to you, is one of the most terrifying and traumatic events that every human must go through, at least once, in his or her life.

Thinking of not being able to see or feel that person, ever in your life is enough to bring about tears in your eyes. And to have the same experience in your dreams is by no means comforting.

To see someone, die in your dream is associated with the fear of losing something, the nostalgia of past or a desire to bring about some change in your life.

Seeing someone die in your dream is one of the most common dreams to occur and experienced by human beings, and they have various diverse interpretations attached to them.

What Does Someone Dying Represent In A Dream?

It is a known fact that Death is inevitable, and yet we still fear it. One of our biggest fear associated with death is its ability to strip away things that we hold dear to us.

To see someone, die in your dream represent that same fear, uncertainty, and loss. Some interpretation also associates death with regeneration, rebirth marking a new beginning.

Symbol Of Change And Rebirth

One of the most popular and known symbolic association of dreaming someone dying in your dreams is that it suggests change and new beginnings.

Some religions, for example, Hinduism believe in the idea of reincarnation, where our soul enters from one life cycle to another.

Dreaming of death, or someone dying then becomes an indicator of change, with new happening coming your way.

It has also been reported that pregnant women often dream of someone dying, which is a literal interpretation of the rebirth of life.

Desire To End Something

Dream interpreters have associated dreams about someone dying with your inner desire to let go of a part of your life and begin new.

This can cause a desire to end your current Job, let go of your current career path and start fresh. It can also suggest that you are not emotionally satisfied in your personal relationship and need a new beginning.

Symbol Of Negativity

To see a particular person repeatedly die in your dreams suggests that you are developing negative feelings for that person.

Your inner resent for that person overpowers your subconscious, and that person appears in your dream as dying or dead reflecting your emotions towards that person. This dream is an indicator that you need to reconcile with the person and sort your feelings out.

Reflective Of Our Envious Feelings

Sometimes we dream of a person dying, whom we feel envious of in real life. It reflects our desire to want to have the qualities which that individual possesses, or we see him or her as our competition.

Sometimes it also suggests that you no longer depend upon the person whom you saw dying in your dreams. It’s time to let him or her go and move on.

Symbolic Of Guilt

Sometimes our guilty conscious put us in difficult situations in our dreams, that we don’t want to experience in real life.

It commonly occurs when you feel guilty of not helping or not being able to help the person, that you saw dying, in real life.

Desire To Be Free

One of the most common interpretations associated with seeing someone dying in your dream is that you desire to be free from his or her authority.

The person who is dying in your dreams, act as a controller in your real life whom you want to escape.

Such dreams reflect your desire to have authority and control over your life, that you lack in the presence of that specific person.

Symbolic Of Fear Of Loss

Almost every human has once dreamt of their loved ones dying. If such dreams occur frequently, it symbolizes your fear of losing the people whom you love. You are caring and emotional, and the mere thought of losing someone dear to you scares you.

Overthinking about it, or letting such thoughts remain at the back of your mind result in the initiation of such scenarios in your dream, from which you want to run.

Symbolic Of Psychological Disturbance

To dream about people dying is often a sign of psychological disturbance. Too much overwhelming emotions such as anxiety or stress can trigger such dreams where you found yourself trapped in such traumatic situations that heighten your already elevated anxiety and stress.

You need to take some time out for yourself and should slow down and relax before you completely exhaust yourself both physically and emotionally.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Someone Dying

Dreaming Of A Random Person Dying

To dream of a random person die in your dream represent the changes that are soon heading your way.

This dream has very positive connotations attached to it suggesting that you will soon experience a turning point in your life that will bring you a lot of joys and delight.

You will be presented with more opportunities and more ways to help you improve and reach out to your goals.

It can also represent success in your professional life. You will finally be able to reach where you desire to me, leaving you more content and happy.

Dreaming Of Your Child Dying

To dream of your child die in your dreams is a negative sign. The child is symbolic of your dreams, goals, and desires, the accomplishments that you have set for yourself.

Dying of a child in the dreams is indirectly the death of the hopes and wishes. You are anxious for your future, and it makes you worried to think about the possible failures.

This dream is providing you with the answer that you need to worry less and start to learn to live in the present.

Dreaming Of A Sibling Dying

To see your brother or sister die in your dream represent your desire to move away from something.

It can also refer to any childhood longing that you do not unconsciously think about, but that want is still embedded in your subconscious.

It may also suggest that you want to move away from an existing relationship because you have no longer is an emotional attachment to it.

Dreaming Of A Person Dying After Giving Birth

Dreaming of a person die after giving birth, directly relates to your personal life. This dream symbolizes that you are the most caring and giving person in any of your relationships.

You manage to take out time from your hectic life for the people you cherish and make sure that you are giving everyone equal time and care, but unfortunately, those feelings are seldom returned to you making you feel sad about it.

You are in need to learn to sort out your priorities like others and stop wasting your care where it isn’t appreciated.

Dreaming Of A Sick Person Dying

Seeing a person sick and then eventually die in your dreams is negative omen suggesting that you have personal problems with that person in real life.

There might be some conflict or disagreement among you leading you to have unhealthy feelings towards each other.

This dream is a signal that you need to start sorting out your differences because there might be certain circumstances in the future, that can worsen your relationship.

Dreaming Of Your Parents Dying

It is never pleasant to dream of your parents dying. However, if such dreams do occur where you find both or either of your parents die, it is a negative signal.

It can represent a loss of fortune or some financial problems that will soon surface in your life. It is also a signal that you need to pay more attention and provide more care to your parents to better your relationship with them.

Dreaming Of An Already Dead Person Dying

Sometimes we dream of people who have already died. It is because we mostly miss them dearly and a part of our subconscious is trying to provide us with comfort by making them appear in our dreams.

Seeing them die again in your dreams represent that you are still grieving over the loss of that person from your life.

In Spiritual connotations, it also suggests that you are seeing a ghost of that person or his or her spirit and they are paying you a visit through a metaphysical world that is your dream.


To conclude, dreams about someone often dying, reflect your inner psychological and emotional turmoil.

Your stress, anxiety, and fear may serve as a trigger to initiate such dreams however there are many positive connotations attached to such dreams, depending upon how and in which context you interpret them.

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