22 Dreams About Teeth Falling Out , Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams are very strange and teeth falling out in your dream shouldn’t shock you because stranger things happen in the dream world.  There are varying perspectives of teeth dreams in different cultures around the world.

With the Greek culture for example, it is believed that a dream about teeth, in general, is a symbol of illness or death. The Chinese, on the other hand, believe that negative teeth dreams are a symbol of speech.

The western culture often believes that dreams about teeth are a symbol of the image of the person since it is a culture that revolves around looking good outward and feeling secure in every aspect of life.  Therefore when the dream is about teeth falling out, it is negative and might mean that you have personal image issues.

Teeth falling out is generally a frightening thought; imagine never chewing down a tasty piece of meat or not eating your favorite cookies your favorite food that requires you to chew.

In the dream, it could be a single tooth falling out or the whole set of teeth falling out.  Such dreams should never be taken for granted. First, let us have a look at why you might be having dreams about teeth falling out.

Why you have dreams about teeth falling out 

There are various reasons why you could be having this dream about teeth falling out and they are as follows.

  1. A struggle with inferiority complex

You might have been feeling embarrassed or inferior of late because maybe your peers have made you feel so.

You might be looking at your current status of life and don’t like how slow you are making progress compared to your peers.

Because you are comparing yourself to others who are successful or better than you, you are constantly bombarded with feelings of inferiority complex. Because of that, you, therefore, experience dreams about teeth falling out.

  1. You Worry About Saying The Wrong Things

Teeth in your dreams could be happening because you are always afraid of saying the wrong thing when you are in a meeting setup or even socially interacting with your friends.

It could be that multiple times you have put your foot in your mouth and regretted it, especially because of the backlash you might have gotten. You are afraid of spitting out or saying something that is embarrassing.

If you are this afraid of saying something stupid, then you can always ease your worry and prepare in advance on some talking points.

Still, take your time to think things through before speaking them out to avoid other foot-in-mouth scenarios.

  1. A terminally ill person in your family

Such teeth dreams could also be happening because you have great worry about a family member’s health. It could be that someone you love is very sick and actually at the last stage of their life.

You could be thinking a lot about their looming death which is inevitable since they have a terminal illness. You can find help to cope with this situation by talking to a therapist.

  1. Insecurities about your appearance.

When one is taking care of themselves and looking clean and healthy, great looking teeth is one sign. It is part of the attractiveness of a person.

However, when you have rotting teeth that are falling out, there is no attraction in that look. So when you have a dream where your teeth are rotting and falling off, that could be a sign of insecurity about your appearance.

There could be aspects about yourself that you are not comfortable with. These aspects of yourself might be causing you to feel unattractive.

It could be your overweight body, skin hair, face or your wardrobe. Consider seeking professional help on this one if it’s affecting you too much.

You could begin with acceptance of yourself and if there is something you can change like your wardrobe or your weight, go ahead and do it. As for the areas you can’t change, consider acceptance and appreciation of the great things about you.

  1. You are afraid of aging

Losing teeth is one of the signs of aging and if you are constantly dreaming about teeth falling out, then it could be that you are thinking too much about the idea.

The thought of growing old scares you a lot and you could be doing all you can to stall the process.

You might actually be obsessed with maintaining youth by constantly exercising, surgery and various skin procedures to maintain a youthful appearance.

Understanding that aging is inevitable is healthy, you can seek therapy about that if the thought of aging frightens you beyond what is normal, to the point of having recurring dreams of your teeth falling out.

  1. You are facing stressful financial problems

The feeling of great security is enhanced when you are financially stable.  However, the lack of money can have the opposite effect of insecurity, fear and a lot of stress.

The reason we see teeth in our dreams is that teeth represent the strong part of our body, the healthy part.

When we see our teeth falling out in our dreams, then that means that something is threatening the secure feeling in our lives and that could very well be a financial problem.

The worry you feel about your financial future could be the reason why you are having recurring dreams of this nature.

  1. An incident at the dentist’s office

You might have gone to the dentist’s office and the dentist might have admonished you about your dental hygiene.

They might have pointed out a few things that are jeopardizing the state of your teeth and this might have got you thinking.

Your thoughts might have led to fears of your teeth falling out before you hit old age. The worry might have then been projected in your dreams hence the dreams about teeth falling.

  1. An impending big decision

You might have been forced to make a major life-changing decision by circumstances. The obstacles you are facing are huge and forcing you to come to a decision soon. Your decision could cause repercussions for many.

Most likely it might lead to negative consequences with long-term effects. The consequences might be making you worried and hesitant to make this decision.

If it a decision for the best, go ahead and make it, but if it is going to directly affect you and your loved ones negatively, maybe you should look at other options.

  1. Bad eating habits

You could be having unhealthy eating habits which might contribute to your bad health. You might be having the dream about your teeth falling as a warning about your health and your need to change your eating habits. Establish a healthy diet plan every week to get your health on the right track.

  1. You have a problem speaking out

We cannot talk coherently without teeth. Teeth are a sign of communication and when we dream about them falling out it could mean that we have issues with our communication. You might be having problems communicating with others what you think and your new ideas.

You might also be having problems understanding what others are suggesting or perhaps you think it’s a bad idea but don’t know how best to communicate this.

Consider working on your communication skills and speaking out more whenever you have an idea or an opinion. Your ideas might be just what someone or your team needs.

  1. You are making a major change

You might be about to make a big move in your life. It could be a life-changing move like a job change, house move, getting married, joining a new religion or moving to a new country.

Such changes can also trigger dreams about teeth falling out. The dreams might be coming because you are little worried about the change.

You don’t know what is in store for you with the new changes in your life. Perhaps you are unsure whether you will adapt well or not.

Common Dreams About Teeth Falling Out

There are common dreams about teeth falling out along with their interpretations and they are as follows.-

  1. Dream about teeth falling out when talking

This dream can be quite unnerving and an indication that you might be having problems with your communication habits.

It could be that something is hindering your from communicating effectively, or you are communicating with others but are too outspoken that you end up rubbing others the wrong way.

You hardly have a conversation without offending others. This dream could be pointing out your communication problem.

There is professional help for such a problem or you could simply become more aware and start thinking carefully about everything you say before you say it.

  1. Dream about teeth falling  out in public

You might have this dream where your teeth fell out in public and you felt very embarrassed.  This dream could be an indication of all your fears and anxieties about everything around you.

You might also be too concerned about your public image and how fans (if you are a celebrity) or people around you perceive you. You could be feeling unsure about your relationships, career, and even your social life.

The best thing would be to take time and do some self-reflection and come up with solutions about things that are bugging you.  Don’t fall apart inside and maintain a brave front for everyone.

  1. Dream about losing your teeth

You can have this distressing dream where you found yourself toothless. This dream could be an indication that you can no longer find something that was part of your existence.

You might have lost an important part of yourself and feel lost or unsure of how to proceed with your life. It could be you have lost your creativity, sense of humor, religion or a very important relationship in your life.

You might be afraid and wondering how to avoid embarrassment, regain control and squash that feeling of disappointment. Seeing a professional or asking for advice from trusted friends is advisable in this case.

  1. Dream about your teeth falling out and you wearing false teeth.

When you dream that you are wearing false teeth, then this could be an indication that you love telling lies. You might even feel fake around others because you portray this façade that is very convincing.

You are not being true to others even though you know very well what you are. You might even be telling lies about others because you want to remain relevant socially.

The dream could be a warning about you changing your ways and being real. Begin speaking the truth for starters.

  1. Dream about spitting out your teeth

Such a dream can be quite vivid and disturbing. It could be a symbol of your self-image or it could be that something within you is weakening.

You might be losing something that you once secured in the past. This could be related to your job, your relationship with special people in your life.

Again do an analysis of your life and see what you could be doing that is causing you to lose the things that you hold dear. If you have lost control, find out how you can regain control of your life again because you know it best.

  1. Dream about teeth falling out and others growing

When you have this dream the aspect where your teeth are falling means you might be going through challenging situations which are clearly making you uncomfortable.

On the part where new teeth are growing, it means that you are discovering new things about yourself thanks to the tough experiences that you are going through. It generally means you will emerge better and stronger after enduring challenges.

  1. Dream about front teeth falling out

When you have this dream, it is an indication of your great feelings of insecurity. Perhaps the things in your life that you counted on for security such as career, friendships and family could be no more.

Or some people that you counted on could be withdrawing their support for you for some reason. Why are the very foundations of your security in life crumbling?  Ask yourself that and find out why it is happening. Find out the solutions too and begin working on them.

If the previous things that made you feel secure cannot be restored, then it is only proper that you let them go and build new securities. You can always begin afresh and build your way up to secure levels.

  1. Dream about watching someone’s teeth falling out

When you have this dream, it could be an indication that someone close to you in your life is going to lose big time.

They could lose something they highly value. It could also be that the said person will experience a major life change whether positive or negative.

  1. Dream about getting hit and your teeth falling out.

When there is aggressiveness in your dream about teeth falling it could be an indication of your abilities. You might be using things like fear, sexual desire or some sort of cunning to control your life.

Are you manipulating others to do your bidding? Or are you using your natural talents to achieve what you want?

If you are doing anything bad consider changing that because the dream could also be a warning of your impending doom or loss of something very precious to you and an end to your long reign of manipulation.

  1. Dream of teeth breaking and falling out

This dream, another one of those disturbing ones could be a symbol of some disruptive challenges that you are undergoing.  The foundations or current stability in your life are being challenged.

The dream could also be a warning about some sort of costly compromise that you are about to do and the unfortunate turn of events that might be as a result.

Begin by thinking of all the things that could be disrupting the perfect balance, pleasure and general well- being of your life.  If you can eliminate these things early, and if you can’t eliminate them simply find a way to get past them.

  1. Dream about teeth falling out when brushing teeth.

Having this dream is a sign that you might be putting too much effort in ensuring nothing goes wrong about a certain project.

However, all might not go as planned for various reasons and all the effort you have put in might come crumbling.

If you are currently running crucial projects, consider any aspects that might cause it not to reach completion and eliminate such aspects.


Dreams about teeth falling are a common. Whenever you experience such a dream, look carefully at your waking life and you will find an interpretation. Do an analysis of your life.

Look at the areas that require improvement and do anything to prevent great aspects of yourself from being wiped out. Above all remember the details about your dreams for an accurate interpretation.

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