11 Dreams About Tooth Decay – Meaning & Interpretation

Teeth hold significant importance for human being as they are one of the vital bones in our body responsible for chewing of food as well as producing sounds to converse.

Around the globe, about millions of dollars are spent yearly by the citizen of the Earth on making sure that their teeth are clean and shiny. Therefore, dreaming about tooth decay is nothing less than a nightmare for them.

It is not common to dream about tooth decay, yet, they have strong symbolism attached to it. To dream about tooth decay represents loss, deterioration, dissatisfaction, or impending issues in life.

Multiple interpretations are associated with dreams of tooth decay. To interpret dreams about tooth decay, it is essential to note the position of the tooth, which is decaying as well as the context in which you have such a dream.

What Does Tooth Decay Represent In A Dream?

Dreaming of tooth decay is associated with personal anxieties and concerns. Such dreams are symbolic of hardships and difficulties entering in one’s life.

Decaying tooth in a dream also symbolizes the impending issues or conflicts which you are trying to avoid in life.

Symbolic Of Loss

Decaying and decomposition are mostly associated with loss and damage. Seeing an intimate part of your body decaying represents that you are suffering from the loss of someone or something which was significantly closer to you.

Living your life void of the existence of relations or things which you kept closer to your heart is a challenging job for you.

You are finding it difficult to move on and bring back your regular routine. This inability of yours to deal with the damage done in your life is affecting you emotionally as well as your professional life.

Dreams about tooth decay are symbolizing that you need to accept the loss and move on to save the life which you have built for yourself from slowly crumbling. You need to start living in the present to keep things from going downhill further.

Symbolic Of Transformation

To see your teeth decaying in a dream symbolizes that you are going under a period of transformation in life.

For most of the part, this transformation is interpreted in a negative connotation expressing that the peace and stability in your life are soon going to transform into confusion and chaos.

The life which you have built for yourself will crumble down, causing you a significant setback both financially and emotionally. You will be rendered helpless and confused, unable to figure a way out of the situation.

Alternatively, the positive interpretation of this dream is associated with a positive transformation in life, indicating that all the negativity will exit your life with positive events paving their way in.

Symbolic Of Your Personal Anxieties

Dreaming about tooth decay represents that you have multiple concerns related to your personality. You want to keep an impeccable appearance of yourself in hopes that people will appreciate and honor you more.

In doing so, you are willing to suppress multiple parts of your personality while trying to keep up your façade of a perfect being.

Decaying of the tooth in a dream is symbolizing that you are provoking your unconscious to take hold of your mind and to start expressing the sides of yourself which you are keeping buried, without your consent.

The dream symbolizes that you need to start caring more about yourself than others and embrace yourself thoroughly before you wish for others to love you.

Symbolic Of Dissatisfaction In Life

To dream about tooth decaying is symbolic of your lack of content in life. You are not satisfied with your standing in life and always feel that there is a void in your life which needs to be filled.

Instead of actively fighting for your goals, you became passive in your life, which led to a path where there is no destination for you to look forward to. You are lost and sad and looking for a reason to keep you going forward.

Dreams about tooth decaying are a reminder that it’s never too late to start new in life, otherwise, if you continue to live an aimless life, you might give up sooner than you think.

Refusal To Deal With Your Conflicts In Life

Tooth decaying in a dream represents that you are avoiding your life problems. You have chosen the more comfortable way of denial, rejecting the fact that your life is going downhill.

You want to live in the present moments, wanting to live your life one day at a time. Dream about tooth decaying is a reminder that your current way of dealing with your problems in unhealthy and ineffective.

You cannot continue denying the difficulties in life. Instead, you need to step forward and face your conflicts. Start resolving them instead of piling them over and look for solutions instead of temporary personal distractions.

Inability To Communicate

Decaying tooth in a dream might be symbolic of your inability to effectively hold social communication. You are a socially awkward person who finds it hard to convey your thoughts or feelings to others appropriately.

You might have a lot to say, but when it comes to public speaking, you often find words leaving your tongue.

Dreams about tooth decaying is a reminder that you need to start working on improving your social as well as communication skills to convey things running in your mind confidently.

Common Situations In Which You Dream Of Tooth Decaying

Dreaming Of Decayed Tooth Falling Off

Seeing your decayed tooth fall off from your mouth in dreams represents that you are concerned about your appearance. You feel that you are losing your charisma and charm as a result of your growing age.

You worry that the facial changes with growing age will hurt your image. Therefore, you are anxious to take proper measures to ensure your facial appeal remains intact.

Alternatively, this dream may also suggest that you are getting closer to your childhood persona and are becoming more playful and carefree as you are aging in life.

Dreaming Of Decayed Tooth Hurting

If you have been in pain because of your decaying tooth in a dream, it represents that you are feeling alone and isolated.

You are still lost in your past, unable to focus on your present because of which multiple people have left you in life.

You seldom have any friends, and there is no one with which you can share your worries or concerns. You feel people have left you alone when you might be the one who pushed them away.

Dreams about tooth decay are reminding you to reflect upon your life choices and contemplate upon your behavior towards others.

Dreaming Of Decayed Molar Teeth

To see your molar tooth decaying in a dream is a bad omen. They are symbolic of bad luck with future financial problems in life.

You might experience a significant loss in business, or an unexpected fatal illness may cost you a fortune because of which you might end up indebted to others. If one of the molars appears decayed in your dream, it is a warning of someone’s death.

You need to consider the ominous symbolism of this dream and take practical steps to ensure that you are considered prepared for the extreme misfortune which might be heading your way.

Dreaming Of Replacing Decayed Teeth With False Teeth

To dream of replacing your decayed teeth with false one symbolizes that you have created a deceptive mask for others behind which you try to hide your true self.

This may relate to your insecurities which you want to hide behind the veil of perfection. Who you are and who you are trying to become are two different persons. You are not only lying to others to please them, but you are also deceiving your self in the process as well.

The dream is a curt reminder for you to be true to yourself and others before you end up hurting yourself or a person close to you.

Dreaming Of Unable To Chew Food Because Of Decayed Teeth

Inability to properly chew food because of decayed teeth symbolize that you are feeling powerless and helpless in life.

Things have suddenly gotten chaotic for you to handle, and you are slowly crumbling under pressure. You are unable to figure a proper solution for the problems that continue to pile up.

You are lost and frustrated. You are feeling inferior for being unable to resolve the issues in your life and are continuously demeaning yourself.

You need to take a step back and relax. Start being analytical and critically review all the aspect which can potentially help you’re resolving your issues.

Start believing yourself, and your capabilities and success will come to you sooner than expected.


Dreams about tooth loss refers to your personal concerns and anxieties, considering your life and future.

You are a perfectionist who wants to be in control of everything; however, the decaying tooth in dreams is making you realize that not every moment is yours. Sometimes you need to fall off the mountain to reclimb to reach the peak again.

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