13 Dreams About Tsunami – Meaning And Interpretation

Tsunamis are one of the deadliest natural disasters engulfing thousands of lives yearly. Rising on the vast surface of oceans, Tsunami is seen as a powerful symbol in ancient mythology as well as astrological studies.

They are destructive, impactful, and damaging; therefore, witnessing a tsunami in a dream is often accompanied by negative emotions and undesirable feelings.

To dream of a Tsunami is often a pointer towards repressed desires, unexpressed feelings, and rising of negative emotions inside one’s mind. They refer to emotional instability and lack of expression of sentiments.

Interpretations related to dreams about tsunami heavily depend upon the intensity of the tidal waves, the context in which you dream of it and the people you experience this natural disaster. Most of the times, dreams about tsunami carry negative connotations.

What Does Seeing Tsunami Represent In A Dream?

Seeing the Tsunami in a dream is one of the common dreams to occur. Seeing raging waves racing towards you, rising upwards to form a mountain peak, can put anyone in panic.

Water is taken as a symbol of emotions in a dream, and alternatively, seeing tsunami with water getting out of control indicates the overwhelming of emotions.

Symbolic Of Emotional Instability

To witness a tsunami in your dream is symbolic of your emotional instability. You tend to hide from the public eye, suppressing your anger and gratitude towards the other person.

This unhealthy accumulation of emotions instead of expressing them can lead push you towards emotional instability, causing you to be overwhelmed by the unexpressed emotions. The dream is a warning signal that you are almost at your breaking point.

You need to start expressing what you are feeling to others and be who you are instead of hiding your true self before your emotions get the best of you.

Symbolic Of Abrupt Changes In Life

Tsunamis are massively impactful, usually bringing with them damage and destruction.  They can wipe places clean of any habitation and leave behind them traces of the past.

Dreaming of a tsunami is symbolic of drastic changes that are heading your way. This change can be a significant event altering the course of your life or a sudden opportunity, which can help you change your life for the better.

You might find yourself entering a new relationship, or an old relationship may come to an end, an unexpected illness or some financial trouble may head your way.

The dream is an indicator that you need to keep yourself prepared for whatever is coming your way, be it a positive change or an adverse event to get the maximum out of it or to fend yourself off from the possible damage respectively.

Symbolic Of Rising Anxiety Or Stress

Dreaming of a tsunami can also be taken as symbolic of your anxiety and stress. You might be feeling overwhelmed from all the weight you are getting in your life, either from work or family.

You find yourself isolated and alone with no one to share your concerns or worries too as a result of which you have to deal with all the mental pressure yourself.

The dream is indicating that things have got out of control for you to deal with them alone. You need to share your worries to someone whom you trust to lower the emotional burden as well as to seek advice from them.

Symbolic Of Some Past Trauma

If you have been dreaming of tsunamis frequently, it indicates that past trauma is trying to resurface itself. You have undergone a disturbing event in the past, but you moved forward without fully processing.

But, something from the present might trigger that trauma as a result of which you will feel a rush of painful memories making their way back to your conscious mind like a tsunami hitting the shore.

You need to mentally prepare yourself to deal with the pain and hurt, which you try so hard to avoid because without accepting the past, you cannot fully move on from it.

Symbolic Of Personal Evolution

Tsunamis are often associated with the drastic changes in one personality as a result of a momentous or a traumatic event.

If you have dreamt of a tsunami, it reflects that you are experiencing radical changes, not only in your personality but also in your mentality.

You have recently undergone an experience which has changed your ideology and outlook to life to a full 180 degree.

The changes in your personality may be positive or negative, depending upon the context in which you are experiencing personal change.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of A Tsunami

Dreaming Of Witnessing A Tsunami

If you have witnessed a tsunami in a dream, it carries negative connotations. You may find yourself getting unnecessary social attention, which can end in humiliation and embarrassment for you.

You need to be careful as to whom you interact with or allow in your inner social circle. Avoid people who like to exhibit your weakness just to get attention from people. Beware.

Dreaming Of Running Away From A Tsunami

To see yourself running away from the tsunami in a dream refers to your refusal to acknowledge your overwhelming emotions.

You want to keep suppressing your feelings instead of expressing them as a result of which you are still stuck in the emotional state of the past.

The dream is a reminder that instead of running away, you need to acknowledge the troubles of your past to help you move past the emotional damage.

Dreaming Of An Acquaintance Falling A Victim Of Tsunami

To see a person from your acquaintance, fall a victim of the raging tidal waves of a tsunami in a dream, it indicates that hard times are coming for that person.

The person of your dream will experience troubling times where he or she might face many failures despite giving their best.

You need to keep their hopes up and make them never give up because only hard work and consistency can help them get out of the troubling era of their life.

Dreaming Of Avoiding A Tsunami Impact

Seeing yourself successfully avoid a tsunami in your dream carries a positive connotation. It suggests that you will successfully be able to get out of yourself from the troubles around you.

You will grow exponentially in your profession, with your projects and tasks competing with perfection. Your hard work will pay off at the end, and you will get the chance to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Dreaming Of Being Swept By A Tsunami Wave

To dream of being enveloped by the roaring tidal waves indicates that significant changes are heading your way and to successfully deal with the abrupt changes you need to hold on to something or someone from your past.

If you saw yourself smoothly sailing the wave afterward, It suggests that you will have to give up your past affiliations to fully embrace the present. Prepare to bend yourself the way the tide goes.

Dreaming Of A Tsunami Hitting Your Town

Seeing a tsunami hitting your town in your dream is a negative omen. It represents the negative energy around you. It suggests that you are fragile and emotionally incapable of dealing with the extreme situation in life.

You tend to panic when a calamity breaks upon you instead of reasonably calculating the situation and taking appropriate measures. You need to strengthen yourself both emotionally and physically to withstand the harsh blows of life.

Dreaming Of Being Killed By A Tsunami Wave

Witnessing yourself dies after being hit by a tsunami wave carries positive connotations. It suggests that the hard times which you are experiencing in life are soon going to come to an end.

You may be left overwhelmed and traumatized of the events which you have witnessed along the way, but those negative memories will be overshadowed by the new opportunities and new beginnings allowing you to explore a new side of yourself.

All you need to do is be determined and firm and believe that the dark will soon end, and a new day will soon begin.

Dreaming Of Witnessing A Tsunami From Distance

If you have dreamt of a tsunami from a far distance, it carries positive connotations. The dream represents that you will successfully be able to identify the upcoming adverse events and their consequences and will be able to take appropriate measures against it.

The dream is also reflective of your inner desire to stay away from the drama in your life, but at the same time, you worry about creating distance or being forgotten by people around you.


To conclude, dreams about Tsunami are reflective of your inner emotional turmoil. It refers to the unstable and conflicted emotions confined within yourself, with an inability to express what you have been feeling leading you to feel frustrated and upset at the end.

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