19 Dreams About War – Meaning & Interpretation

Wars are always destructive and terrifying. They leave people broken and traumatized for years to come. Nothing good ever arises from war and history has always been a blinking reminder of that fact.

People die, loved one get separated, houses are destroyed, and the fear lingers around in the minds of people for the rest of their lives. Either in reality or in dreams, wars mean one thing and that is damage.

To dream of war means conflict. It suggests trouble, imbalance, anxiety. Wars brew as a result of unresolved issues, leading to the destruction of humanity. Same is the case with dreams, where they suggest suppressed emotions and ignored conflicts.

Every culture and religion have their own interpretation regarding dreams of wars. Psychologists and spiritualist came up with the explanation that dreams about wars are the result of deeply rooted unresolved conflicts. The most common interpretation of these dreams involves our personal state of mind.

What Does Seeing Wars Represent In A Dream?

People often dream of wars when standing at a significant turning point in their life. It reflects the crossroads where you stand in your life, unable to choose.

It speaks of your anxieties and fears. The feelings of uncertainty and lack of resolve are also some of the common reasons where we see wars happening in our dreams.

Symbolizes Physical Abuse

According to some psychologists, the people who have suffered from physical abuse in the past are most likely to have such dreams.

The person whom you see yourself against at war, suggests that the closure to such a person is toxic for yourself.

You are deliberately putting yourself at risk. You need to remove that person from your life as soon as you can.

Represents Some Conflict

As said earlier, the most common factor, for such dreams to occur, is some sort of conflict that you have been facing in your real life. This conflict may arise with your close ones or with your office mates.

As a result of the unresolved issue, your subconscious recreate such scenerios in form of wars, happening in your dreams.

Represents Your Inner Anxiety

Sometimes the conflict may not be external but with your own self. You may be feeling troubled which can be because of many factors. The most important of those factors include the inability to decide.

You are standing at a point in your life where you have to make a particular decision that is to determine the course of your life.

You feel anxious whether the choice, you will make, be the right one or not. This inability to form a decision appears in your dreams in the form of wars.

Represents Suppressed Rage

You may be a balanced person in daily life with an immeasurable amount of balance, but it is inevitable to not face any form of rage or aggression towards someone or something.

If that rage is not expressed, or the feeling not purged, it remains inside of you. Your subconscious has its own method of getting rid of unwanted emotions, which may appear in forms of dreams about wars.

Represents Some Struggle In Life

To dream about war is sometimes symbolic of the struggles that one faces in his or her life.

These struggle may be in the form of financial crisis, struggling to keep up with your career, to cope up with the hectic routine or inability to maintain a healthy relationship with people around you.

Such struggles take the form of a physical battle which you seem to be fighting in your dreams.

Represents Your Inner Fears

Dreaming of wars are also symbolic of the fear that one feels in his or her life. Everyone has different concerns, which they don’t want to speak out loud or want to acknowledge.

This might be a fear of losing your loved ones, not being able to get your dream job, failing to enter your desired career or fear of living an unfulfilled life.

Such concerns appear to us in the form of dreams where we see ourselves at war in our dreams. The enemies, in this case, can be a symbolic manifestation of our fears that we want to defeat in our real life.

Represents Loss Of Control

If the dreams about war have been frequent, then it suggests that you fear of losing control in your real life.

This loss of control can be lack of freedom to make your own decisions, inability to keep pace with the things going around you or fear of losing yourself amidst all the life troubles that you are dealing with.

Such dreams represent your constant struggle to preserve your true self and not to give in.

Represents Your Lack Of Control Over Your Emotions

If you get agitated fast or tend to show your aggression often to others, you often dream yourself at war with someone.

These dreams, in such case, suggest that you lack control over your emotions. You react without thinking which causes you some unwanted troubles in your life.

On the contrary, you may be too submissive or passive in your life, letting others walk all over you. You get sad or depressed often, which results in you, being unproductive and lagging in life.

Dreams about wars are a reminder that you require a lot of work to keep your emotions in check and practice to learn to control your emotional state. You should be aggressive and vice versa, passive, only when the situation demands.

Represents Your Declining Health

To dream about situations where you find yourself in the middle of a war zone, spiritually suggests that you are not paying enough attention to your health.

You are so caught up in your life that you seldom find any time to understand the toll that your body is taking because of your stressful routine.

Dreams about war are a reminder for you to pay more attention to your physical and mental health.

You can only function if you are healthy and if you continue to push yourself harder, your body will be worn out sooner than you think.

Represents Some Physical War Around You

If you are frequently dreaming about wars, then maybe it is directly connected to the place where you live, which is experiencing war or threat of war is around the corner.

Living in such a stressful environment or directly experiencing the conflict can trigger your subconscious to produce dreams similar to the situation that you are facing in real life.

Representative Of Unhealthy Environment Around You

If dreams, where you find yourself at war or surrounded by warlike situations, suggest that you are always surrounded by the environment where people are continually quarreling or at conflict with one another.

Children with troubled parents, who are always nagging at each other, often dream of surrounded with war-like situations.

A stressful week at the office or witnessing a quarrel frequently around you can stimulate such circumstances.

These dreams serve as a waking call that maybe you should get rid of such suffocating surroundings and try to change your environment, if possible.

Representative Our Your Insecurities

Dreaming about wars is a negative omen suggesting that you feel insecure about yourself.

You lack the confidence and courage to let yourself take any responsibility because you fear that lack the skills that are required of a good leader.

Your fear overpowers your chance of personal development and growth, leaving you limited within a circle where you feel safe and secure.

Dreaming about war-like situations are a reminder that if you will not step forward and avail the chances given, you will be left lagging in the race towards success.

Represents Our Need To Be Cared For

Sometimes we feel vulnerable, unable to contain our emotions and we need a shoulder to cry on.

Sleeping with such thought lingering in mind where we want to be cared for, results in dreams where we find us amidst a war, vulnerable and defenseless, waiting to be saved by someone.

If you have frequently dreamt of yourself helpless in a war, it is a signal that you need support and care from people around you. You need to trust people around you to share your troubles and let the help come.

Common Situation In Which You Dream About Wars

War Ships Appearing In Your Dreams

Dreaming about wars ships symbolizes that you have been feeling nostalgic or missing your partner. It may be because you have been traveling, or because of another reason, that you haven’t seen your partner in a while.

It also symbolizes separation from your significant other because of some inevitable conflict. This dream is a signal that you should work on your relationship and try to reconcile with your partner.

Dreaming About Being Called To Join A War

If you have seen yourself preparing for some war, or have been invited to join one, it is a reminder that you are not active in your relationships.

You seldom spend any time with your family and are always occupied with other issues. This dream is a reminder that you need to give enough time to your loved ones and build your relationship with them.

Dreaming Of Running Away From A War

To dream of yourself running away from a war zone is a bad omen. It suggests that you might find temporary relief from the problems in your life, but the difficulties will soon arise surrounding you again.

You need to keep working hard to solve your problems rather than finding a shortcut to address them. Running away is not going to resolve things. Instead, you need to be brave enough to deal with them appropriately.

Dreaming Of Being Forced To Join A War

Dreaming of situations where you see yourself being dragged to a war zone, by force, is a negative signal. It indicates that you will soon find yourself in a compromising state in your life that will direct you towards maturity.

It may also indicate any conflict or struggle with people close to you, that will make you more anxious and worried.

To dream that you have been forced in a war is symbolic of this stressful period of your life, which is inevitable.

Dreaming Of Actively Taking Part In A War

To dream of yourself, willingly joining any war a negative omen that symbolizes the negative emotions that you have filled yourself with.

It represents the aggression and unexpressed rage that you have accumulated inside of you. It also suggests that you have conflicted opinions regarding your dreams and goal, that can make you irritated.

You are in need to confront yourself and figure out the problem in your life. It is best to surround yourself with people with positive vibes to help you get rid of the negativity in your life.

A Young And An Old Person Dreaming About War

If you are young and you have been continuously dreaming about wars, it suggests that you are living in an unhealthy environment where you often get to witness conflict or are a center of dispute yourself.

This conflict may be between your friends or any professor. For Old people, this dream carries a negative connotation as well where it suggests that you may witness the death of a person close to you.

Dreaming About Getting Killed In A Dream

To see yourself die in a dream while fighting a war suggests that you are still battling with the demons of your past. The trauma that you experienced in your past is still alive haunting you.

This dream is a reminder that you need to take some time out of your busy life and relax as much as possible. Tend to your needs and meditate, to free yourself from the burden of the past.


To conclude, dreams about wars always carry a negative connotation with them, indicating the emotional conflicts with yourself as well as with the environment where you live. They represent your anxieties, worries, and fears that your subconscious manifest in the form of dreams about wars.

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