13 Dreams About Water – Meaning & Interpretation

Water is one of the most important things in life, without water it will be very difficult to survive certain conditions.

Water is a must in human life and it serves different purposes in the life of men, it can be used for bathing, washing, drinking, and other possible purposes.

Dreams about water can represent hidden emotions and feelings, our spirituality, energy, the quest for knowledge, comfort, a new beginning, relaxation, strong emotions and passion, lack of energy, our life path, and emotional state, and lots more.

Dreams about water could also be a sign of rejuvenation and cleansing, a change, warning signs, and lots more. In this article, we will discuss more on the various reasons why you could dream about water and the common dreams you could have about water and their respective interpretations.

You should pay close attention to your dream to be able to decipher what your dream means in your life as a whole.

What Are The Various Reasons Why You Should Dream About Water

Water is life, it is an important substance that no one can do without to survive. If you have had a dream related to water either a waterfall, river, ocean, lake, well, and others and you are yet to understand the reason behind such a dream. This is the perfect place for you to know what your dream is about, read further.

 Cleansing and rejuvenation

Water is used for bathing and it is also used for cleaning the body of dirt and other things that need to be cleansed. Water is essential in almost every aspect of human life, therefore seeing this ever available substance in your dream is not an issue.

Dreams about water can be a result of getting cleaned and every troubles and tribulation you are facing in your life is about to be washed away and cleaned totally.

This type of dream can occur when there are things in your life that you need to get rid of because they are standing in your way to success.

Water in dreams can be as a result of your ability to make situations in your life favorable and essential. You should try and make your life easier by allowing renewal and you should also learn to avoid troubles or problems. If you can make things easy for yourself, everything about you will get better with time.

A new beginning

Water is an important part of the life of everybody, it has representation in different religions and cultures and seeing this substance can indicate something new.

When you see a water body in your dream, this can be an indication of a new start and beginning in your life, at work, or dealings that you have or possess.

In relation to spirituality, this can be a sign that you have the chance to make a new change to your life.

This can be a change in your lifestyle probably you were someone who always did things according to your own accord, now you have changed the way you do things and you are yet to discover if it is going to work for you or not because it is a new and an entirely different path.

With this, you should be willing and ready to make a big change in your life because things in your life are going to get better.

Something new and fascinating is going to happen in your life and you are going to choose an entirely different course or route in life.


Water is responsible for cooling the body when you feel stressed and used up. Dreams about water also indicate the feeling of being comfortable and okay with the things happening in your life and surrounding as a whole.

You might be someone who works at all time, and everywhere you are and hardly have time for yourself or people in your life.

You should know that this is a sign for you to have fun and have a good time with everybody in your life that matters to you.

This type of dream can also be as a result of being unable to sleep and enjoy your life, this can be a sign that you need to take a break and have a great time.

You should look into your life more because not taking rest can cause you a lot in terms of people and time. Time waits for nobody so you should seize the moment and make things awesome and spectacular about yourself.

Hidden emotions and feelings

Water in dreams can be a sign of emotions and feelings that you have kept to yourself. This type of dream can be as a result of certain things in your life that you have kept to yourself and you feel like do not want to let go of these things as a result of some feelings that you have or possess.

If you have had some kind of problem with people in your life, this can be a sign that you need to look into your life, make necessary changes and leave a better life.

You should learn to avoid keeping things that can toy with your emotions as this can make you unnecessarily worried or concerned.

This can be a sign that there are hidden things in your life as a person that you need to look into and make something better out of it.

Strong emotions and passion

Water is used in every aspect of human life and it can be used to symbolize the passion you have towards someone or something.

This type of dream can be a sign that you have the ability and capacity to handle things with utmost passion and ability.

This can also relate to the desire to work that you possess and it can also be related to the things in your life that you feel engaged and satisfied with.

Water is a great substance, necessary in life and it can also be of great essence to you and those around you. Let people around you see the glowing passion that you have for the things you love. You should also make sure that everything becomes better and things work out well for you in life.

What Are The Common Dreams You Could Have About Water

Dreams about water are very common, water comes in different forms and it could either be rain water, ice, snow, bottled water, or running water.

Each of these water has different representation in dreams and the nature of the water if still or running also matters. Read further to know more about your dreams and their various interpretations.

Dream about deep water

When you have this type of dream, this can be an indication of being warned about things happening in your life.

This type of dream is a sign that you should be careful about the things you do from now on, actions you are about to take is very delicate and might be irreversible, so you have to think more and deeply before you take an important step.

There might be trouble in your relationship so you have to be careful about the decisions you make as it can cost you a lot.

Dream about drinking water

This type of dream is a sign of success that you are going to experience in the nearest future. This can be a sign that all of your plans are going to work out as planned and things are going to happen in their own time.

You should have no reason to worry because your life situation is going to get better with time as it is a sign of a great fortune and income in your business.

Dream about dirty water

This kind of dream represents negative thoughts and feelings that you have towards a close friend of yours. It relates to your emotions and the way you feel about the people around you so you should be careful about the things you do.

You should relate more with people on a good basis so that you do not have to worry about the way you feel.

Dream about running water

When you have a dream in which water moves continuously without stoppage, this can be a sign that everything is going to work out well and fine for you.

This is a sign of a period of meditation and relaxation that lies ahead of you and you will have the chance to make some important decisions regarding your life at this point.

Dream about giving water to someone

When you see yourself giving helping water to someone to drink, this can be a sign of true friendship.

It is a sign that you have someone in your life that makes it easy for you to trust the people around you because the way they feel toward you is true and real.

Dream about being sprayed with water

This type of dream relates to the way you relate to people around you. This can be a sign that you are not honest with the people around you and you need to make a change in relation to that. If you do not change the way you behave things might not work out as planned for you.

Dream about walking on water

When you see yourself doing the impossible in a dream, this can be a sign that you are in control of your own emotions and no one expects more from you than you could offer. This is a sign of great potential that you possess that is going to place you above others.

Dream about waterfall

This type of dream usually represents a successful and prosperous period that is ahead of you.

It also indicates being fruitful both in your financial and personal matters and endeavors. You should work hard and make sure that you reach and attain your goals in life.


Dreams about water are common and they also matter in our life. When you have this type of dream you should pay attention to the nature of the water, it’s from, and purity level to determine what the dream means.

You should know that each dream is unique and it has its peculiarity in our lives so you should be realistic about your life.

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