15 Dreams About Wolves : Meaning & Interpretation

Wolves have been fascinating men for centuries for their ability to form packs and devote their utmost loyalty to them.

Wolves are the most strategic and the most loyal creatures when it comes to defending their territory. For their uncanny resemblance with humans in their attitude, it is not uncommon to dream about wolves.

To dream about a wolf is seen as an omen of wisdom and maturity. They may also refer to emotional imbalance and stress.  Wolf are threatening when provoked, therefore, may also represent some underlying threat or danger ahead.

Wolves have been an essential part of ancient mythology, and almost every culture has its own unique interpretation of dreams about wolves.

What Does Seeing Wolves Represents In A Dream?

Dreaming of wolves carry both positive as well as negative connotations. In a dream, they may represent our primal instincts, personal fears, and inability to have complete control over a situation. They may refer to evil energies, sly enemies, and our insatiable desires.

Desire To Break Free From Constraints

Wolfs are wild animals, running free across the expanse of land. Unlike dogs, they can’t be easily petted by humans and are hard to control.

To see a wolf in a dream symbolizes the desire in you to break free from the social contractions that have you chained.

You cannot express yourself freely because you fear the taboos and the prohibitions that come with expressing that desire.

Just like a wolf, you are not an easy person to be tamed and always desire to live different and free from others. The dream is symbolizing your primal instinct, which is aching to break free.

Symbolic Of Solitude

Wolves prefer to live in packs, but at the same time, they can be found living in isolation. Dreaming of wolves indicates that you are a lone wolf who desires to live life in solitude.

You prefer approaching a situation in your own way, unlike blindly following the conventional methods. You do not prefer social interaction instead prefers your own company.

This attitude of selfreliance proves beneficial for you as you don’t have to rely on others while making tough decisions and can steer the things your way when the situation demands.

Symbolic Of Fear And Loss

Wolves are one of the loyal creatures to exist, holding their prized possessions dear to them. To dream about wolves indicates that you have a caring personality who cherishes the relations and property which you own.

You fear to lose them, be it a material possession or a person close to you. You want things to continue the way they are without letting time or fate intervene.

When experiencing that possession taken away from you, you tend to lash out, and it gets challenging to get a hold of yourself and try to think a rational way to cope with the damage.

Symbolic Of Some Danger Or Threat

Wolves possess one of the sharpest instincts among animals with the ability to sense danger from miles away.

To see a wolf in a dream suggests that you have strong intuitions that are trying to warn you of the threat that is heading your way.

You may not have been consciously aware of the danger, but your subconscious mind has picked up the lingering threat that is potentially harmful to you.

Your mind is warning you that you need be careful in your acts in the coming few days and make sure to listen to your gut feeling and your instincts when making a decision to keep yourself away from the potential harm.

Symbolic Of A Disease

In some contexts, dreaming about wolves symbolizes sickness or disease. The dream indicates that you are exposed to a potential risk of falling ill because of your unhealthy routine.

You have over-indulged yourself in eating unhealthy food, or you are not eating enough to provide proper nourishment to your body.

Your subconscious is reminding you to start eating healthy to avoid falling sick or getting an unwanted disease.

Desire To Belong To A Group

Wolves form a community and hunt in packs. To dream of wolves symbolizes your desire to belong to a particular group or community.

You have people around you who matches you in their interests and likes, but you are a socially awkward person who finds it difficult to mingle with new people quickly.

You desire to interact with these people, and yet it is difficult for you to approach them. For this reason, you are often mistaken as a cold and isolated person when, in fact, you desire to be contacted and talked to.

Symbolic Of Need The Need To Change Your Behavior

Dreaming of wolves might be reflective of your personality. If you have seen wolves in their primal form, it symbolizes that you have an overly aggressive nature and you quickly get agitated over the smallest of the things.

The dream signifies that you are in need to change your aggressive attitude towards others and try to analyze things with a relaxed mind to avoid getting yourself in any unwanted trouble.

Common Situation In Which You Dream About Wolves

Dreaming Of Being Attacked By A Wolf

Dreaming of being attacked by a wolf represents that you will be unexpectedly be thrown in a chaotic situation where you will find yourself losing control of your emotions.

You might try to tackle the situation in an aggressive manner which might worsen the situation. The dream is a warning indicator that you need to keep a calm attitude and avoid being swept away by your emotions.

You need to analyze things with a clear mind to solve the problem instead of worsening a situation.

Dreaming Of Wolves Howling In Circle

To dream of wolves howling in a circle is an ominous symbol. It represents the future conflicts and troubles which you and your family will be exposed to.

The howling of the wolves symbolizes that you might worsen the situation with your careless attitude, which may cause unwanted conflicts between you and your family.

This dream is trying to warn you to be careful of your attitude towards your family to keep the damage to the minimum in the future.

Dreaming Of Killing A Wolf

Wolves may sometime represent evil forces and sly enemies in your dream. To see yourself kill the wolf suggests that you will successfully be able to defeat your enemies.

The killing of a wolf in a dream also represents the betrayal of a person close to you. The dream is a warning against the possible backstabbing by a close friend.

You need to keep your eyes open and distinguish your friends from your enemies to avoid getting hurt in the future.

Dreaming Of Petting A Wolf

To see yourself petting a wolf in a dream is a positive omen. It suggests that the people around you are secretly protecting you from unknown dangers.

Someone close to you is continuously providing you with support and care without expecting anything in return.

Petting a tamed wolf in a dream may also represent that you might soon realize the source of your protection which will make you understand the true worth of that person.

Dreaming Of Being A Wolf

It is not uncommon to of yourself being a wolf. If you have seen yourself as a wolf in a dream, it represents your desire to free yourself from the continuous stress and emotional burden in your life.

You want to break free from the restriction which has been keeping you down from turning your dreams into reality.

You might be feeling depressed because of the negative things always surrounding you as a result of which you want to be isolated for a while.

Dreaming Of Being A Black Wolf

To dream of being a black wolf symbolize the shadow part of yourself. You are in denial of some of the traits of your personality.

Either your desire to be perfect or you want to appear perfect to others to appease them as a result of which you refuse to acknowledge any negative traits of yours.

You are forcefully suppressing or denying something which is rooted deep inside of you. A black wolf in a dream may also refer to your harmful intentions towards a person or a group.

Dreaming Of An Aggressive Wolf

To see an aggressive wolf in a dream represents that you fear a person in your life. The fear of that person in your mind is unreasonable and irrational, and yet you can’t seem to get yourself out of it.

The dream is indicating you that your ridiculous and illogical feelings for that person might cause you trouble and people may try to take advantage of this vulnerability of yours.

You need to realize yourself that your fear of that person holds no logical base, and you need to break out of the irrational emotions to remove the constant stress in your life.

Dreaming Of Capturing A Wolf

Seeing yourself capturing a wolf and successfully caging, it is a positive omen. It symbolizes success, financial growth, and prosperity in business and family relations.

It also represents that hardships are over, and a good time is ahead. Keep hoping for a better future.


To conclude, dreams about wolves refers to your inner emotional state and the unstable emotions that overwhelm you occasionally.

They symbolize the suppressed desires and unexpressed emotions which leave you stressed and frustrated sometimes.

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