11 Dreams About Work – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about work are very common because work is the largest part of our waking life and it is also a great part of our identity. We spend a good part of the day at the workplace and think about work-related issues a lot.

It is therefore only natural for us to dream about work. But sometimes that work dream could be triggered by something that is currently happening in your life.  Certain issues could be the reason why you have that dream about work.

Why You Have Dreams About work

There are various reasons why you have work dreams and they are as follows.

  1. Financial worries

You could be having these dreams about work because you are facing financial worries. You could be wondering what the next couple of years will bring.

If your income will improve or if it will sustain you and your growing family. You could also be worried whether the investments you currently have will pay off in the end or not.

  1. A stressful job

Work dreams could also be happening because your work is stressful. Your boss could be driving you nuts. Or your clients could be too demanding.

You could be thinking about how you are going to change things at work and make them less stressful or spend most of your day only thinking about work issues.

  1. You work too hard

You could be working too hard that you have a nonexistence social life. Your life is work only and nothing else which isn’t how it is supposed to be.  Everything about you is centered on your work.

You moved houses to be closer to work, you bought clothes for work, hang out at places near work just in case you need to drop into the office for some last minute work,  you spend all the weekends working and even carry your work home.

Your dream about work, in this case, could be a way of your subconscious telling you that you that a little play will be healthy for you.

You might need a vacation or get into a serious relationship to give you something to focus on other than work.

  1. Afraid of messing up

You could be afraid of messing up and are going to great lengths to ensure that you don’t. It is not just messing up at work but in your personal life too.

The dream could be a warning for you to relax a little. The very things that you are afraid of might happen. There is no such thing as being too careful, it will reach a point where you will eventually make a mistake.

Relax a little and enjoy life and your work rather than being focused on being a perfectionist. Be yourself and you will find out that you are happier that way.

  1. Contentment and happiness

Your work dream might not be happening because of anything negative. It could just be because you are making strides in your career and that your job is bringing you great satisfaction.

The dream could be happening because greater achievements professionally will be happening in the near future.

Common Dreams About Work

There are common dreams about work and their interpretations and they are as follows.

  1. Dream about being late for work

In this dream, you are either late and can’t get to work or late in meeting a deadline. The dream could be an indication that you have a strong feeling about missing out on a great opportunity. There could also be something that you really want in your career but don’t have it.

It could be that promotion, a salary increase, your own company, or even the corner office. If this thing is important to you, then go ahead and use the right channels to get it.

  1. Dream about having sex with a coworker

In your dream,  you might be having sex with a colleague or even your boss. In real life, you might not even be attracted to the coworker.

This makes you feel very confused about the dream and sometimes even feel strange especially if you don’t like the coworker at all.

The dream is an indication that you will need to do things you aren’t comfortable with for the sake of accomplishing a project at work or achieving something in your life.

The uncomfortable things could be closely working with people you don’t like or depending on them for a skill they possess or rendering your own skill to them to ensure the grand idea becomes a reality. Maybe it is time to put your differences with the person aside and focusing on the ultimate goal.

  1. Dream about being unprepared at work.

In this dream, you have this big presentation and you haven’t prepared for it at all. You could also be an actor who has forgotten their lines or a singer who can’t remember the words to a song in public.

The dream is just an indication of you being nervous about a major event that you are participating in. You are probably worried about how your performance will be judged. You might need a shot of confidence.

  1. Dream about being naked at work.

In the dream, you are naked in the office and panicking about it but no one else seems to notice. It could also be that everyone is noticing and you are horrified.

This dream could be an indication of you feeling vulnerable at work and being too concerned about the opinion on others about you.

  1. Dream about not finding the bathroom at work

In the dream, you are probably wondering the hallways at your workplace looking for a bathroom which you can’t find and are too pressed.

The dream could be an indication that you need you might be having needs in your professional life that aren’t being met. Or that you are having problems expressing them.

  1. Dream about a huge party at your workplace

When you dream about having a great time at a party at your office, then this could be a sign that you are contented with your job and are finding great satisfaction in it.


Workplace dreams are the only dreams that are really actually about the workplace. When you experience them, think carefully about your work and what it means in your life.

What is happening in your work life? Remember as much detail about your dream as you can about your work dream for accurate interpretation.

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