#14 Eyelashes – Dream meaning & Interpretation

Eyelashes are what make eyes beautiful.  They can be long, short, natural, fake, dense or thin, long or short. Some are even colored according to the color of the hair and some are fake while others are real.

Women wear fake eyelashes because they want to look different in that special beautiful way. For those blessed with long eyelashes, they apply eyeliner to enhance their look and give them that beautiful look.

Why You Dream Of Eyelashes

Dreaming of eyelashes is a common experience for most dreamers.  Most of them dream about them for various reasons.

  1. A Desire To Change Appearance

When a woman dreams about eyelashes, it could be because there are a few things that they would love to change about themselves.

They might be thinking of making the changes surgically or naturally through exercising.  It could be a skin complexion, weight, a part of their body that they need to be reduced or enlarged or simply a change of wardrobe.

  1. A Future Unexpected Love

Dreams about eyelashes could also be happening because you might experience an unexpected love in the future. This love might come from someone who is already in your life or one who is still a stranger.

  1. An Upcoming Betrayal

Eyelashes in your dream depending on the state of the eyelashes could also mean betrayal by someone you love. It could be a romantic partner, a trusted friend or a family member.

The wheels of betrayal might have already been set to motion and the series of events leading to this ultimate incident of betrayal might have already begun.

A closer look might enable you to see and do whatever you can to avoid getting hurt.

  1. Great Profits Soon

Eyelashes could also be a sign of great profits in your business venture. You might be currently making all the right business decisions which will lead to this great profit.

Keep at it and you might be one of the most successful business owners of your time.

  1. Loss Or Bankruptcy

Loss or bankruptcy could be another reason why you are having eyelashes dreams especially if the eyelashes in your dream are short and thin.

It could be that you are making bad investment decisions or you are unaware of the upcoming circumstances that might force you into bankruptcy if you are not careful.

  1. A Great Offer Or Lucrative Business Opportunity

Eyelashes dream could also be a good indication of a great offer or business opportunity that is going to come your way.

You can make the most of it and reap great benefits for yourself and your business. Just be on the lookout for this great opportunity when it finally comes your way.

  1. A Secret

You might be bearing a huge secret or that those closest to you might be keeping a huge secret from you.  This secret might impact your life negatively when it comes out.

You might be aware or suspecting about this huge secret and maybe there might be events that will happen which will eventually force this secret out.

Common Dreams About Eyelashes

There are common dreams about eyelashes and they are as follows:

  1. Dream Of False Eyelashes

A dream about false eyelashes could mean that you have this desire to look different in life.   You might be considering making certain adjustments to meet this need.

It could be that you are considering reduction or enhancement surgery, a change of skin complexion or a wardrobe overhaul to create a new and different signature look.

If you want to change your appearances for good reasons then go for it.  Just don’t allow your desire to achieve this change to be from a negative influence such as peer pressure.

  1. Dream Of Eyelashes Falling Out

When you experience this dream, it could be a sign of a great betrayal that you will experience from a loved one.  This betrayal will be unexpected and groundless a fact that will make it hurt even more.

Just avoid becoming too trusting and giving people even those you seemingly trust the ammunition to harm you.    Keep crucial parts of your life to yourself.

  1. Dream of Thick, Shiny and Well-groomed eyelashes

Experiencing this dream could mean that you are going to make all the right decisions and have plenty of resources at your disposal.

Just make great use of these resources to experience the best success season with long-term positive effects. Take advantage of the great opportunities and resources to experience great success beyond your wildest dreams.

  1. Dream Of Stick-together eyelashes

Having this dream where your eyelashes stick together and prevent you from opening your eyes could be a warning that you will need to get close to your loved one and study their character to establish a stronger relationship with them.

It might be a necessary need because a stronger relationship with this beloved person could work in your favor.

  1. Dream About Applying Makeup On your Eyelashes

When you have this dream about applying makeup on your eyelashes,  it could be a sign that small and seemingly insignificant problems might arise in your life and they will be triggered by your actions.

You can avoid these problems by sticking to your flawless ways because the changes you want to make might not be necessary and might lead to great mistakes.

  1. Dream of someone else with long eyelashes.

A dream of seeing someone else with long eyelashes could be an indication that you will reach an agreement with someone you have a conflict with. You will eventually reach a mutual understanding and all shall be well again.

  1. Dream Of Having Long Eyelashes  with Mascara

When you have these long eyelashes with mascara in your dream, it could mean that you are going to recommend yourself to your superiors and that they are going to trust you more.

This might result to your colleagues and subordinates feeling jealous or that you don’t deserve the favor from above. This might result in disrespect and great discontent amongst them.

It is therefore up to you to extend an olive branch to them and build a good relationship with them to avoid any negativity that is suppressing your efforts of achieving success in your career.


Dreams about eyelashes are fascinating. They might seem unusual but they are common dreams.

As we have seen,  the dreams can be both negative and positive depending on the state of the eyelashes. Remember your eyelashes dream in detail next time for a more accurate interpretation.

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