#48 Lion – Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about Lion can portray strength, courage, protection, aggression, power, and superiority. It can talk about love, profession, relations, and all other aspects of life. Lions are animals that depict superiority in nature and by their evolution, many cultures see it as fascinating.

Naturally, lions are regarded as the “king of the jungle” because by their nature they depict and portray superiority among other animals in the universe. Therefore, if a Lion shows up in your dream you should be watchful of the message being passed across.

Why You Dream About Lions

In myths and beliefs, Lions are regarded as the most vicious and courageous animal there is. However, there are certain reasons why a lion will appear to you in your dream. Here, some of the reasons will be discussed so that you will be able to understand what it could represent.


The presence of a Lion in your dream can be a sign of taking a bold step even at all odds. Lions are animals that do not give up even at the worst moment of their life, so you seeing one in your dream can be a sign that you are taking a bold step.

Also, it can be a sign that you are about to engage in a very competitive event but you are very courageous about it.

Lions in your dream can also mean that being courageous is not the absence of fear but overcoming the challenges that lie ahead is the most important thing.

You should always know that Lions are not just called the “king of the jungle”, they are because they never give up.


Lions can symbolize strength, no doubt, these animals are known for their capability in addition to their strength, speed, and courage.

A lion has the capacity to kill a hundred Buffalos at once, not because of its size, but the combination of its strength and courage. Dreaming about lions can be a light on your path to becoming victorious in what you are doing.

Dreaming of Lions can mean that you are about to reach a particular position in your life where you will be regarded as an authority.

However, it can also come up in your dream when you crave for strength or you have it in your possession.


Seeing a lion in your dream can be a sign of being aggressive to oneself or another. Not having emotional stability, having unstable relationships and having bad moments in life can be the source of such aggression.

When you have such a dream in which a lion is aggressive, it is important that you take time to put everything in place and order.

This type of dream can be a sign of anger, hurt or dejection. You might be under the influence of these emotions and might find it very hard to put it in check.

However, you should take your time to get to the source of such feelings so that you won’t hurt much.


Dreaming about Lions can be a sign of great courage. It means that everything you set your mind to do, you will be able to do it as long as you are ready to take the chance. It also shows your great strength of leadership and capability.


Seeing a Lion in your dream can mean that you are under the protection of something or someone that is more powerful than yourself.

Having this type of dream brings a feeling of security which can help you to prevent any type of danger that may be in your way. It can also be in the form of a fatherly figure which does not want to see you hurt or wounded in any way.

This can also mean that you are being guarded by something powerful, so you should not be fearful because all will be well. Lions are great security for people they love because no harm will come near such an individual.


When you see a Lion in your dream, this can be a sign that you are passionate about something and you are ready to do anything to attain that goal that is ahead.

If a lion shows up in your dream, it can be a sign that you are able, willing and capable of handling your emotions and you will be able to handle anything that may come your way.


Dreams about lions can be a sign of the influence that you could have in the world. It can mean you are someone that everybody respects and your presence is always felt wherever you are.

Having this type of dream means that you are someone with the ability to bring a change to an unfavorable situation.

Common Dreams About Lion

Dreams are tricky, encouraging and they can serve as a messenger for the subconscious mind. There are a series of dreams that you can have in relation to Lions but the meanings and messages passed usually varies from one another.

Below are the common dreams about Lion that you can have:

Dream About Being a Lion

When you dream about appearing as a Lion, this can mean that you have the ability to put too much strength, power, and energy into your personal, social and overall life. This can mean that you have the feeling of taking charge of everything that is around you.

This dream can also mean that you have the ability to overcome certain problems and that you will be victorious in your challenges in life.

You can also be a lion showing your zeal to overcome your challenges and be in charge/control of those around you.

Dream About Being Attacked By A Lion

This type of dream can mean that you are under the possession of a powerful force that wants to take control of your life.

These forces are very disastrous and they have the capability to make your life even worse, therefore, you have to summon the courage to face the truth and bring an end to these forces.

You can also dream about lion eating you up in a dream, this can be a sign that you will be unlucky in some certain things, so you should try to prevent engaging in unnecessary risks that can drain your financially or emotionally.

Dream About Being Hunted by Lion

This type of dream can portray you being exploited and getting used by people higher than you in a hierarchy. This can be your boss or any other person who is more powerful than you are.

When you have this type of dream, you should be careful so that you do not be a victim of such an individual or person.

Dream About Captive Lions

Dreaming about a lion in a cage or an environment that does not allow it to behave as it ought to like your home, zoo or any other confinement.

This type of dream can mean that you have not been able to use your power or strength to your ability and you have to let go of some things so that you can express the strength.

You have to be watchful when you have this type of dream, if the lion seems alive and active, that means that you have total control over the expression of such power, however, if the lion is dead you have to be more concerned about bringing the authoritative capability of your life into a reality.

Dream About Different Type Of Lions

There may be the appearance of different types of lions in your dream so you have to understand what each type stands for. The different types of lion you could see in your dream include:

White Lion: this type of dream defines majesty, it can also mean the sudden awareness of the power one possesses.

Black Lion: this type of dream indicates a negative possessive power. It shows the dark side of the extreme power of a lion. This can be interpreted to mean that you or someone else is using his or her power for something harmful to humanity.

Red Lion: this type of lion indicates that you are doing everything possible to be known. You are willing to be the best you can be in all possible ways.

Green Lion: this is the beginning of a new dawn in your life. You are about to make it big in your career or profession. It can also be seen as a new development in your love life.

Golden Lion: this represents royalty and with this, you can expect a very great blessing in your life. Your life is about to become extraordinary and you have to prepare ahead for the best to come.

Lion Cub: this type of dream means that you are about to make a new, wonderful friend. This friend will bring you joy and happiness more than ever before.

Friendly Lion: this type of dream signifies that you are friends with powerful people and you are having a great time around them.

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