#15 Mirror Dream Meaning & Interpretation

A mirror is a glass object that is made up of metal amalgam and usually reflects images that are clear. Mirrors serve the purpose of fashion, photography, magnification and decoration. In dreams about mirrors, the image represents how you perceive yourself and others. This article is going to give you the different meanings and interpretation of dreams about mirrors.

Meaning of dreams about mirrors

Generally, dreaming about mirrors is always considered to be a powerful omen. Dreaming about mirrors has the following meaning:

Change is coming

Dreaming about mirrors implies that you are soon going to undergo some changes both personally and professionally. For example, personally, you might change your social circle to mean you will have new friends or get back with old friends. Professionally, you may get or lose a job. You might also get promoted to a high paying position in your profession.

Self – awareness

To dream about mirrors means that you are beginning to realize something about yourself that you had no knowledge about. You are going through a reflective mood where you assess yourself honestly and accepting who you really have. Self-awareness is very important because it can help you get out of a world that is dormant. It helps you realize what you are capable of therefore making your world active.


Dreaming about mirrors also represents humility. It means that you do not consider yourself to be much important than others. You appreciate efforts done by everybody around you. Being humble is a virtue that everybody should strive to have.

A representation of your negative thoughts

Dreaming about mirrors means that you have negative thoughts. It could be that you are worried about something and in return have negative feelings about it. You might be worried about how you appear to others in terms of beauty. If you think that you are not beautiful enough to others, it will make you have negative thoughts. You might think that others do not see you to be beautiful. Negative thoughts can ruin you. Therefore, consider being positive in your thoughts because the mind is the root of everything that happens in your life.


Dreaming about mirrors could represent worry. Perhaps you are worried about how your future is going to be, or maybe you are generally worried about something in your life. For example, you might be worried about the forthcoming exams if you are a student. Worry does not solve any problem and therefore it is upon you to let things flow in their own way. Also, no one does not know anything about the future, so you should not worry yourself. Just be optimistic.

Your buried emotions

This dreams also represents the emotions that you have suppressed. They might be either negative or positive emotions. You might have failed to express your emotions in the past. These emotions did not just disappear. They are still within you and that is why you are having this dream. Allow yourself to feel moments not minding what others will say. You feel like crying about something, cry it out. Bottling up emotions is not healthy for when they are full, you will have a bad outburst.

Different dreams about mirrors

Dreaming about mirrors occurs in different scenarios as the ones discussed below

Dream of cleaning mirror

Seeing yourself clean the mirror in a dream means that you are beginning to change some aspect about your personality. Perhaps people have been telling you to change about something and you have seen it best for you to finally make the change. But you should also be very careful about what other people tell you to change because others do it with ill motives. Be open minded and if the change they want in you is genuine, then do it for it will strengthen your personality.

Dream of breaking a mirror

The interpretation of this dreams depends on whether you broke the mirror intentionally or by accident. If you broke the mirror by accident, it means that you are going to have bad luck in the plans that you have. Maybe you are planning to start a business. This business project is likely to fail.

If you broke the mirror intentionally, it means that you are willing to do away with your bad habits. Your habits may have caused harm to you and others and you have reconsidered changing them for you to be at peace with yourself and others. Change does not come abruptly even if it takes time, be patient because it is something you have decided upon intrinsically therefore it will happen.

Dream of a dirty mirror

When you dream about seeing a dirty mirror, it means that there are some bad habits that are making you lag behind. These bad habits are preventing you from reaching your potential. The bad habits are determining how you view yourself as a person. They have made you not recognize your true self and because of this, you start looking down at yourself. When you recognize that you have some vices that might pull you down, you should take it upon yourself to see a change. Acknowledge the bad habits and strive to make a change.

Dream of an already broken mirror

To dream about seeing a mirror that has already been broken signifies the distorted image you have about yourself. It means that you have untrue feelings about yourself. Perhaps you feel better or worse than you really are. You are giving yourself credit by partial consideration. You should strive to be honest with yourself as this will even help you recognize who you really are. Learn to accept the good and bad side of your personality. Self-acceptance will help you better your personality.

Dream of seeing another reflection instead of yourself

When you see a reflection of someone else instead of yours when you look in the mirror, it means that you have recently changed the way you behave. You may have done something to suggest that you have changed what you believe in or who you are. For example, people do not know you to be a party animal but recently, you have attended more than five parties. This shows that you have a change in your behaviour. In as much as change is good, strive to make positive changes, not negative ones.

Dream of a falling mirror

Dreaming about a falling mirror means that you have come to realize your bad habits and you really do not like them. You want to make change and be a better person. This is a bold step you are taking. Do not retreat until you see the change you want. Being self-aware greatly helps in making you become the person you desire. Do this and you will realize a big change.

Dream of no reflection in the mirror

When you look in the mirror, you obviously expect to see a reflection of yourself. When you do not see it in your dream, it means that you have lost your self-identity. It also means that you are in a situation where you need to conform to others in order for you to fit in. No matter what happens, always keep your self-identity. Do not worry about fitting in because you are unique.

Dream of a room full of mirrors

To dream about a room that is full of mirrors means that you should take time to reflect on your actions in your day to day life. Your actions might be in line or not in line with what the society requires of you. If your actions are somehow demeaning to the society, you should consider changing this. If your actions are accepted by the society, you need to keep doing what you do because it is the right way to go.

Dream 0f seeing a strange image in the mirror

Dreaming about seeing a strange image that is scaring in the mirror means that you have hidden emotions. You do not really know who you are because you do not allow yourself to feel the moments of life. Emotions must be dealt with whether they are negative of positive. Do not allow yourself to be buried in emotions just because you fear that you might be judged. Burying these emotions will create in you a burden so heavy, especially if they are negative emotions. You also have to be very careful with how you express your emotions. In situations where you feel anger, make sure that you find a response before a reaction. This will help you deal with the anger in a healthy manner.

When interpreting dreams about mirrors, you have to be keen on the types of reflection seen in the mirror, the condition of the mirror and the occasion in which you saw the mirror. All of the above mentioned factors greatly contribute to the interpretation of dreams about mirrors.

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