12 Sad Dreams – Meaning & Interpretation

Out of every emotion that humans go through, being sad is one of the things that every individual wants to avoid. But as the saying goes, that ‘life is not a bed of roses,’ being happy, angry, sad, depressed is a part of the journey which every person needs to go through. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to encounter sad dreams.

Sad dreams are usually reflective of your psychological state, mirroring the grief and pain which you are experiencing in your real life. They may represent loss, anguish, betrayal, misfortune, hurt, etc., in a dream.

Multiple scenarios may occur where you encounter a sad dream. Therefore, it is essential to note the context and intensity of sadness that you experience to interpret a sad dream.

What Do Sad Dreams Represent?

Sad dreams stand up for all the negative emotions that you have been suppressing in your subconscious to a heartbreak you experienced to the betrayal received from your loved ones.

Loss, despair, helplessness, insecurity are the foremost triggers for your unconscious to conjure a sad dream.

Symbolic Of Grieving Over Losing Someone Dear

The grief and sadness that comes with the loss of someone dear to us are immeasurable and infinite. Realizing that you can no longer feel or see that person in your life is enough to send you over the edge.

Encountering repeated sad dreams is a visible indicator that you have recently experienced the death of someone closer to you.

You have apparently moved on to keep up with this fast paced world but, on the inside, you are still grieving over the loss of that person.

You are unable to comprehend the space that has suddenly occupied your life and is never going to be filled. You feel sad, alone, and depressed, and this sadness is reflected in the form of sad dreams.

Symbolic Of Being Insecure

Feeling sad in a dream represents that you are feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. You have undergone repeated failures recently, and you have seen people losing their faith in you.

You find yourself worthless, unable to successfully complete any task given which has boosted your level of insecurity.

You are stuck in a state of mind where you want to hide away yourself from others instead of working on your shortcomings and weaknesses.

You are grieving inside your head instead of expressing your emotions. All of these factors, combined with your emotional state, resulting in sad dreams where you find yourself hidden in a corner.

You need to get out of your current state of mind and start looking for solutions to your problems instead of letting circumstances win over you.

Symbolic Of Being Home Sick

It is natural to want to be surrounded by your loved ones, giving you the attention, and providing you with care. If you have been consistently experiencing sad dreams, it represents that you are feeling homesick.

Either you are away from your hometown or have permanently moved to a new place, but your heart still yearns for the place where you have grown up.

Sad dreams may reflect your regret of leaving your home or the desire to reunite with your family.

Symbolic Of An Unwanted Change

Dreams are often symbolic of upcoming events in your life. Having recurrent sad dreams is a warning indicator that you are going to experience an unwanted change in your life.

This change can be a new job, trouble in a relationship or being catching an unexpected illness, etc. You will experience severe turbulence in your life as a result of these unwanted situations entering your life.

You might lose your stable source of income, a prolonged relationship may come to an end, or financial trouble may arise.

You need to take these sad dreams into consideration and take precautionary measures to avoid the maximum damage.

Symbolic Of Lack Of Control Over Circumstances

Sad dreams may also be the result of your frustrations and fears that arise because of your lack of control over some circumstances in your life.

You are experiencing repeated troubles in your life, and everything is piling over one and other without being resolved.

You feel trapped and suffocated under this immense pressure that you have been put under, and there is no obvious way out for you.

You find yourself helpless and frustrated for not being able to solve the unwanted troubles, and this miserable condition of your is reflected in the form of sad dreams.

Symbolic Of Hiding Your Emotions From Others

One of the foremost triggers of sad dreams is an inability to express your genuine emotions to others.

You prioritize others over your happiness because of which you find yourself suppressing your honest feelings and always welcoming others with a smile.

You tend to hide your true self to maintain your public image. This continuous suppression of emotions without having a venting outlet is affecting you psychologically, where the only way for your unconscious to express your sadness is through dreams.

You need to take these dreams as a reminder that your emotional health should be your top priority instead of letting others walk all over you.

Start expressing yourself without the fear of offending someone, let down your barriers, and let the emotions flow to help yourself take off the emotional burden from your chest.

Common Situation In Which You Encounter A Sad Dream

Dreaming Of Yourself Being Sad

If the person who was sad in your dreams was you, then such a dream represents that you are feeling disappointed and underconfident.

You are envious of other people’s success instead of working out a solution for your own problems. You are focusing more on your weaknesses instead of the strengths that are making you pessimistic and weak.

Seeing yourself sad in a dream is working as a reminder that you need to start working on your vulnerable parts and find your own strengths instead of blindly following others to break the barrier that is stopping you from unlocking the door of success.

Dreaming Of Being Sad Over Losing Someone

If in a dream, you were sad because you saw your loved one die, then this dream carries a positive connotation.

Such dream suggests that the person you saw yourself lost in your dream will encounter great success and fortune.

He or she will receive excellent opportunities from where they least expected. You will not only see that person exponentially grow but will equally celebrate and share their success.

Waking Up Crying After A Sad Dream

If the intensity and emotions were too overwhelming that you woke up crying after a sad dream, it is a positive omen.

It symbolizes that you will soon hear positive news from your surroundings. All your troubles and worries will come to an end, and you will emerge not only as a survivor but a fighter too.

This symbolizes that happiness, fortune, and prosperity are heading your way. New ways and opportunities are going to open up for you.

All you need to do is welcome them with open arms and use them for your advantage to the fullest.

Seeing Someone From Your Acquaintances Being Sad In A Dream

Dreaming of someone being sad around you indicates that the person is not happy around you in your real life.

You either consciously or subconsciously might be the cause of that person sadness or are not paying enough attention to discover the problems that the person might be experiencing.

This dream indicates that you need to be more involved in their life and work to figure out the issue that is causing trouble in their life and resolve that problem.

Confront the person and talk through things to identify where the problem lies and take solid steps to ensure the eradication of any issues that might be creating turbulence in your relationship. Remember that communication is the best tool to solve any problem.

Dreaming Of Your Family Being Sad

To see your family being sad in a dream signifies that you have distanced yourself from your family because of which you are unaware of their problems and worries.

To see your parents worried in a dreams represents that you don’t spend enough time with them as a result of they feel abandoned and alone. Seeing your child sad symbolizes that worry for their future and the choices, they are making in life.

You need to pay more attention to your family and try to be aware of their emotional state to be there for them when they need your love and care.

Dreaming Of Being Sad From Missing Someone

To see yourself sad in a dream because you miss a certain someone symbolizes that you are lacking any excitement in your life.

You an adventurous person who craves thrill and adrenaline but your life has recently become overly monotonous.

The dream is indicating that you are craving for that ecstasy that comes along with a thrilling situation which is reflected by your unconscious in the form of sad dreams.


To conclude, sad dreams heavily reflect the distorted emotional and psychological state of an individual. They symbolize all the fears, worries, and concerns that you try to hide from others. But, this continuous repression of emotions finds an outlet to express themselves in the form of sad dreams.

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