Seeing Marriage in Dream is Good Or Bad?

A marriage is something very important around the world. When you dream about it, it often means there is something very important that will happen in your life in the future. The meaning might either be good or bad but this usually depends on how the dream plays out.

Often times the dream interpretation will also depend on a person’s religion, family customs, culture, circumstances in their current life and the emotional state of the dreamer.

Why You Have the Marriage Dream

You could be having the marriage dream for various reasons and they are as follows:

  1. A Great Opportunity Might Be Upcoming

When you dream of a marriage in your dream or a wedding, this could be an indication of a great opportunity that will come your way.

It could be a job or business opportunity or an opportunity to do something great. Therefore prep yourself for a great event that will be happening in your life soon.

  1. Dissatisfaction With Current Marriage

When you dream of a marriage ceremony happening and you are married yourself, it could be an indication of your dissatisfaction with your current marriage life. Maybe your spouse isn’t living up to their role as your marriage partner and it is affecting you a lot.

You could also be putting in a lot of effort in your marriage and feel like your spouse isn’t trying hard enough.  The dream could also reflect on your feeling of emptiness and the desire to get something fulfilling elsewhere.

  1. A Better Love Life Coming Soon

A marriage dream especially if you are unmarried and single could be a sign of a better love life coming up and with a person that you truly love.  It could also be an indication of your fears of ending up alone.

  1. Doubts About Your Would-be Spouse

If your marriage dream is negative, it could be an indication of your own doubts about getting married to your fiancé.

It could be some suspicious activity that they are involved in or just your general feelings of insecurity and be thinking that they could be cheating on you.

  1. Your Family’s Rejection Of Your Intended Partner

Your family might have rejected your choice of marriage partner and this might be worrying you.

It would, therefore, trigger various marriage dreams of you already married to this person or having a wedding with no guests or something bizarre about the marriage ceremony.

Your subconscious, in this case, is reflecting your fears about the future of your current relationship with your partner.

  1. You Are A Wedding Planner

If you are a professional wedding planner, you probably deal with marriage ceremonies frequently. It is therefore natural for you to dream about the biggest wedding you are yet to plan.  Such dreams could be an indication of your optimistic attitude about your wedding planning business.

  1. You Wish To Be Married In A Ceremony

You could also be having wedding or marriage dreams frequently because you desire for that to happen in your life even though you are currently single or in a young relationship.  You could also be worried a lot about when this will happen because the clock is ticking.

  1. People Close To You Are Getting Married

Your best friend or family member could be getting married and you might be actively involved in the wedding preparations.

It is therefore natural that you would dream of a marriage ceremony because you might be thinking a lot about the upcoming event.

Factors To Consider

When you dream about a marriage, there are various factors that you should consider in order to determine what the interpretation should be like.  Such factors are as follows:-

  1. Your Emotions

In your marriage dream, consider what you were feeling. Were you happy, sad, angry, embarrassed madly in love or very jovial?

Think about what you were feeling in the dream as you think about the scenario. Your emotions are key when it comes to interpretation of the dream.

  1. The Colors

What colors did you see in your marriage dream? Was the marriage ceremony an all-white color event, all-red, purple, green, black and white or multi-colored? Visualize the setting in your dream, colors are important.

If it is an all-black wedding event, for example, consider that bizarre and not a good omen. Different colors have various meanings and they are also important in dream interpretation.

  1. People Present

Who was present at that marriage ceremony or in your marital home that you are dreaming about?  Were they your parents, friends, or was your sworn enemy there. How were they like? Were they happy or were they displeased? Such details are important as well.

  1. Other Details

Remember as much detail as you can about the dream. You can write it down as soon as you wake up so you don’t forget it.

Remember details such as the weather, was it a bright sunny morning, or a clear sky evening with stars, or a stormy windy day or night.

Was it pouring heavily? Were there animals around like a horse and carriage or a dog?  Think of the little details that you saw in your dream.

Common Marriage Dream Scenarios

There are common marriage dream scenarios that many dreamers claim to have experienced and they are as follows:-

  1. Attending A Marriage Ceremony Dream

This dream is often times a warning dream. It could be a sign of something wrong in the family. It could represent some unfortunate incident that will happen in the family happening in future.

It would be important to solve any family problems at this time in order to avoid major family mishaps in the future.

  1. Getting Married To The Wrong Person Dream

This dream is an indication of a good opportunity that might come your way but you could be feeling that you are not ready for it or that it is not suitable for you.

If it is a great business or job opportunity, take it and worry about the details later. You can slowly school yourself and learn little by little until you become the best person for that opportunity.

  1. Dream About Getting Married and You Are Married Already

When you have this dream and you are a married person, this dream could be a great indication of your dissatisfaction with your current marriage.

It shows your inner emptiness and your great desire to have a better and fulfilling marriage or find someone else better suited for you as a marriage partner.

  1. Dreaming Of Your Parents Attending Your Marriage

When you dream of seeing your parents at your wedding, then this means that you will receive great support in your marriage from your family and partner’s family.

It could also be an indication of the great support you will receive in a great venture that you want to begin.

  1. Dream About Your Lover’s Marriage To Someone Else

This could be an indication of your great insecurity and fear about your intended spouse. Your subconscious might just be voicing what you are afraid of. It could also be an indication that you will get married to the lover in question.

  1. Dream About Wedding Accessories

When you dream about wedding accessories such as jewelry, wedding decorations, wine, wedding gown, wedding cake and other accessories this could be a symbol of the good times ahead.

  1. Dream About Being a Marriage Officiator

When you dream of being a wedding officiator this is a dream indicating that all your desires will become a reality.

You will make great choices and be instrumental in carrying them out to make your life and those of the ones you love happy.

  1. Dream About A Marriage Without Guests

When you see this dream, it could just your fear about whether your parents are going to accept your choice of partner.

You might have good reasons to fear because your intended spouse might not be from the same social class or religion similar to yours.

Your parents might be taking such matters seriously and might reject your partner for those reasons hence your fears.

Why Seeing Marriage in Dream Is Good

Seeing a marriage in a dream is good when the marriage in the dream looks happy and all the people in attendance are happy.

If you also dream that you are very happy in your marital home with your spouse then this could be a great sign of coming happiness, great opportunities and great support from your loved ones.

Why seeing A Marriage in Your Dream Is Bad.

When such a dream is bad is when you dream about negative things in your marriage dream. You could be feeling fearful, humiliated and sad in your dream.

If the wedding is an all-black affair done at night and with coven witches and sorcerers in attendance, then that could be a great sign of the forces of evil united against you or those you love.

Marriage dreams such as the ones where your wedding has empty seats with no guests or where it is raining hailstones and you are cowering in your wedding dress to protect yourself from the downpour isn’t good.

It all comes down to what kind of marriage dream you experience the details in the dream and what you feel. So seeing a marriage in your dream could either be good or bad.

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