#15 Snake Dream During Pregnancy – Dreaming of snakes while pregnant

Eating for two can certainly be exhausting and a dream-filled snooze at the end of the day is most welcome. This deep sleep can cause vivid distinct dreams that the dreamer normally attempts to interpret, considering their physical situation.

Hormones and anxiety add up to the causes as to why women have intense dreams, such as snakes. While dreaming of snakes while being pregnant can be both cryptic and alarming, it is important to be very careful and flexible with its meaning and interpretation.

Reasons why you dream of snakes while being pregnant

Snake dreams in pregnancy are less intimidating than you think. To go further with the interpretation of the dream, it is vital to ask yourself certain questions.

What particular emotions were associated with the dream? Are they positive or negative feelings? Were they threatening, reassuring, or neutral? Which events in your waking life can you connect the dream to? How are they related to your pregnancy?

Considering these questions should bring you to understand more the dreams you were having.

  1. Your intuition is being tested.

The appearance of a snake in your dream is an indication of a possible conflict with your own self.

You are preoccupied with the need to conform to social norms, cultural beliefs, or even family traditions but at the same time, you know that you are more instinctive.

Your spirit and inner drive know better and you just have to be moved by your own passion and rhythm. This dream could also symbolize the habits and routine that are brought attention to your pregnancy.

  1. It warns you about a possible event in your life that would bring tension and call for caution.

The snake in your dream might actually represent your very own instinct, or your inner guidance system. It speaks of self-dependency. This dream should be guaranteeing you that no one has got your back better than you do.

Despite the doubts and anxieties that you are having, the underlying tension can be totally avoidable. This is so when you start being more cautious in everything that you do or decide to do.

  1. It is an invitation of reconnection with your own guidance and support system.

Try to recall what energy had been emitted during the moment of the dream. If positive, the snake connotes self-rediscovery. You have the opportunity to know yourself more, not to mention, better.

The next few days might bring you to situations where you will have the chance to realize new ideas about yourself. This could refer to new skills, talents, goals, or purpose that you have never thought of before.

  1. You are in the middle of a crisis of your own beliefs and ideas.

The whole interpretation of dreaming of snakes while pregnant mostly lies on the emotions present during the dream – whether the presence of the snake brings about feelings of being threatened or associated with a positive emotion.

If it brings a negative vibe, then the snake embodies the patterns, beliefs, as well as the value system that limit you in every way you feel. These could be your own beliefs or notions set by the society, culture, or environment.

  1. You are in for a fruitful and happy life.

As much scary and spine-tingling playing along with a snake in real life is, it actually means the other if we talk about dreams. A joyous and bountiful life is foreseen.

This symbolism isn’t actually one you will expect considering how snakes are associated with temptation and discontentment.

Common scenarios of snakes in dreams of pregnant women

  1. Presence of a green snake

If you see a green-colored snake, it speaks of a healthy development. The fetus in your womb will certainly be far from undergoing health problems.

  1. Presence of a red snake

Seeing a red snake in your dream is another joy-filled news. It foretells a budding romantic relationship for the pregnant woman’s friends or relatives. This could mean engagement or marriage in the upcoming days. This dream brings about a positive energy.

  1. Presence of a black snake

Snakes are believed to be a phallic symbol or sexuality which means it’s a gender spoiler! A black snake symbolizes a baby boy.

The same goes if the snake is a huge one. Moreover, if the snake is seen dwelling in a well, it is a sign that this baby boy will be extraordinarily blessed.

  1. Presence of a white snake

There hasn’t actually been a specific connection between white and feminism as white had always been a neutral color. Nevertheless, having a white snake in a dream for pregnant women means the other gender – a baby girl.

  1. The snake bites in the dream.

To see a snake biting in your dream is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Having this kind of dream represents a joyful and fruitful life. This is but one of the rare instance when getting bitten by a snake doesn’t bring about a bad omen.

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The serpent had a unique and important role in the bible. It tricked Adam and Eve to having a bite from the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and thus, the original sin that made them mortal.

The Hebrews and the Christian community saw dreams about snakes as a representation of deception, fraudulence, and even the devil.

In the Chinese zodiac on the other hand, snakes were seen as wise yet sneaky creatures that are a master of manipulation.

They however do not carry a negative connotation as much as they were tied to in the Christian or Islam communities. They are just seen as a symbolism for discernment, strength, or power to overcome challenges.


Dreaming of snakes while being pregnant, despite the recently mentioned relations of these creatures to various sectors, should not add to any stress that you are having.

As mentioned, this is just one of those rare occasions where the serpent doesn’t necessarily deliver bad news or negative connotation.

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