#26 Window Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Windows are an essential part of a house, without this opening the house becomes very suffocating to reside in. Dreams about window can be a representation of opportunities that may come your way, hope, possibilities of encountering something new, etc.

These type of dream can be a sign that you are going to be open to good things and something new. Dreams about window can symbolize our emotions and the way we decide to handle matters and situations around us.

In this article, we will discuss more the various reasons why you could have dreams about window and the meaning of some common dreams about a window.

What Are The Reasons Behind Dreams About Window

Dreaming about windows can be a result of seeing these structures on a daily basis and it could be a reoccurrence through the subconscious.

However, dreams about a window could be a result of our view about the world, emotions clouding our judgment and perception, outlook on some aspects of our life, being a symbol of hope, understanding, and possibilities, ability to see ahead, lost opportunities, renewed confidence, expectation of the future based on fear and anxiety, etc.

Below is an explanation of some of the various reasons for dreaming about the window.

View About The World

Windows are great structures that serve as a source of sight from the inner part of a house to the outside. Seeing a window in your dream is just a sign of how you see the world and the way you choose to relate to it.

Each human being is unique in his or her own way and our view about the things we observe or see varies from one person to the other.

If at work or any other place you are associated with you seem different and out of place, this can be a sign that you need to get out of the place because the way you see everything around you differs from those around you.

Be determinate about your life because the way you see the world is the beginning of your own success.

Ability To See Ahead

When you look through the window, it is very easy to see things from a far distance rather than having some sort of expectation about things that could lie ahead.

When you see a window in your dream, this can be a sign that you are bestowed with the ability to see through things that could happen in the future without having a glimpse of it before.

This place you ahead of others because you will have the chance to look ahead, know what lies ahead, and work towards becoming more efficient and capable than ever before.

If you have trouble in sight, it is a sign that you should be well prepared so that you are not caught unaware.

Outlook Of Some Aspect Of Our Life

Seeing a window gives you the chance to see things through clearly. Dreams about window could be a result of our own life and existence.

This could be a result of our willingness to look into certain aspects of our life because it is of great importance to our survival as a whole.

This is a sign that certain parts of our life cannot be overlooked and you have to be certain about the things you want to do. This type of dream could also relate to the way you will be able to handle situations relating to your own life.

It could also relate to the way you see your future, seeing a window can be a result of a great opportunity or something new that you think is going to come your way real soon.

Symbol Of Hope, Understanding, and Possibilities

Dreaming about a window can be a result of the various possibilities that could come your way regarding life, having a bright knowledge about the future, and hoping that things will get better.

Having this type of dream usually relate to the belief and hope you have in situations, hope for a better future, and understanding of the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of you.

Dreams about window always come in place when you have these things in your life that has the ability to create a better and prominent future for you.

Lost Opportunities

Windows can also be a representation of something negative. There are some certain dreams about windows that connote something bad such as a dirty window, broken window, etc. so you have to understand your dream.

Seeing a broken window can be a sign of opportunities that have been obstructed and the opportunities that lie ahead in the future has been lost forever.

Therefore, you should learn to create something new for yourself, take challenges, and work towards getting a good and appealing result.

What Are The Common Dreams You Could Have About Window

There are so many dreams you could have about a window, some of these dreams will be explained below.

If you have had any kind of dream related to windows and you are yet to understand it, then this is the perfect place for you to be as you will learn more about them.

Below are some of the dreams related to window and their various interpretations.

Dream about a candle on a window

When you have this kind of dream, this is usually a sign that you are going to solve a problem in your life very soon.

It could also mean that some social problems and personal issues you have with people around you will be gotten rid of in no time.

It can also be a sign that joy and happiness will not seize in your life as you will be able to focus more on other aspects of your life that matters to you from now onward.

Dream about a jail window

This type of dream is a sign of hopelessness that exists in your life at this particular moment.

This type of dream is a complicated one and if you are unable to find our the reason for such feeling you have towards yourself you may be unable to progress in life.

Therefore, it is important that you look into your life more carefully and check what could be the cause of the problem you are in so that you can progress in your endeavors.

Dream about rain on the window

Seeing rain on your window can be a sign that you will be very successful at what you do in the nearest future.

It is a sign that a period will come very soon where all that you do will be successful and you will break new grounds during this period.

This period is blessed in such a way that everything that seems like a problem will be solved during this period.

You should think of something new that you want to do during this period because if you begin you will definitely succeed at it.

Dream about a broken glass

When you have this type of dream, it is usually a representation of stress and anxiety. This can be a result of helping someone else with some sort of trouble and this is having a major effect on you as a person. You should also take time to rest and take good care of yourself.

Dream about shattering a window

This type of dream is a sign of your insecurities and they are usually a result of the way you feel about others.

This can be your mind taking up unnecessary thought so before you do something foolish, it is important that you try to understand that person.

Dream about a closed window

This can be a sign of loneliness and despair that you feel towards yourself. You might have done something that is now eating you up probably you ended a relationship with someone who was sincere and you are now dwelling on the past. It is important that you move on with your life because looking back won’t help you at all.

Dream about looking through a window

This dream is a representation of your expectations. It could be a sign that you await a change that is going to make your situation better.

If you are able to see this change in your life there is a great possibility that your life will be better than it currently is.

Dream about a roof window

This type of dream about a window that faces up is a sign of luck and happiness that are going to come your way. It is also a sign that you will be successful at the things that you do.


Dreams about window can have both positive and negative meanings depending on the way they look and their various characteristics.

You should pay more attention to the details in your dream so that you can decipher what your dream really connotes and represents.

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