#8 Witnessing Violence In Dreams, Dream Interpretation Violence

Witnessing violence in dreams is definitely not pleasant because there is nothing appealing about violence. Often times the people who dream about violence are hardly violent people and would never hurt anyone. However, the dreams usually leave them shaking, sweating and questioning why it happened.

They could dream of taking part in the violence, experiencing it or being the spectator. Usually like with all dreams, the dreamer’s life circumstance is where the answer lies.

First, a few reasons why someone would witness violence in dreams are as follows:

You Experienced Violence In Your Waking Life

If you have recently had an experience that was violent and traumatized you, then do not be surprised if the violence makes its way into your dream.

You could have been a victim of robbery with violence, experienced a violent earthquake and survived or someone could have acted in a violent manner towards you.

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The experience could have left you in a highly emotional state and for it to happen in your dream is a clear indication that you haven’t yet gotten over it. You could seek professional help on the matter or let it out by opening up to a trusted friend.

You Absorb Too Much Violent Content

You might be watching a lot of violent movies, reading violent books, playing violent games online or going to violent game shows.

With your mind full of violent things, the subconscious will warn you in the form dreams with a violent nature.  Consider toning down the violence in the content that you expose yourself to if you want the dreams to stop.

An Internal Conflict

You might be experiencing an inner turmoil of feelings because you are undecided or torn between two difficult decisions. They might be affecting your life and making you feel very conflicted internally.

The decision could be hard to make causing you a lot of sleepless nights, and a lot of time thinking about the situation. Either way that you decide, the results could cause unrest.

You could talk to someone with experience to help you make a good decision, it could be your best friend, religious leader or a parental figure. Talking to someone would definitely help because a problem solved is half redressed.

Warning Of Possible Danger

When you witness violence in your dreams, this could be a warning of possible danger. The danger could affect you or those that you love.

It could be a real violent happening that will come about or it might just be a dangerous situation that will be ignited by those close to you.

It would be advisable to watch events affecting you closely both at home and at the workplace. This will help you make better decisions and avoid any unpleasant scenarios when you can.

An Unconscious Notice Of Danger

You could have dreamed that you witnessed violent muggings at a certain stretch of road. The dream could be an indication of an unconscious notice of how dangerous that stretch of road is.

You could also dream that you witnessed out-of-control revelers in a certain bar that you frequent and how violent they became. That could also be an unconscious notice of how dangerous those patrons in the bar could be.

When you have such a dream, steer clear of places or persons that have the potential to be dangerous because you will not be safe when they go on a violent spree

Pent-up Guilt

You could be experiencing this dream of witnessing violence because of some sort of pent-up guilt that you have.

You might have done something that resulted in great consequences and then watched as the consequences took effect without doing anything to stop the situation. The guilt could be eating you up hence the recurring dreams of witnessing violence.

Haunted By A Past Experience

When you have this dream, this could be an indication of a past act of violence that you witnessed and it traumatized you.

You might not have forgotten the experience and from time to time you might feel some sort of fear that you will witness it again.

The thought of that violent experience could be making you worried and of late maybe your thoughts have been filled with nothing else but that day of violence.

This could be the reason why you keep reliving that day you witnessed the violence through your dreams. Seek therapy or find ways to move on from that traumatizing scenario.

You Are The Mastermind Behind A Violent Act

 You could have been part of the planning of violent acts against some people or a community.  The things you planned might have come to pass and you caused very serious damage.

Do not be surprised if your actions come haunting you in your dreams and you witness as if sitting in the front row seat, all those acts of violence you planned.

If you feel remorseful you can always make up for the pain you have caused others by planning the acts of violence.

Common Dreams Scenarios

There are common dream scenarios when it comes to dreams of witnessing violence. Some of them and their interpretations are as follows:

Dream About Witnessing Someone Being Attacked.

When you have such a dream this could be an indication of an inner conflict that you are currently experiencing. You could be having a difficult time accepting reality or making a decision.

The feeling is not very different from that of being attacked and your subconscious lets you know that you are really under attack by letting you witness someone being attacked in your dreams.

Dream About Witnessing Someone Killing Themselves.

This kind of dream represents some kind of transformation. It could be a reflection of some kind of discomfort associated with personal change. Death in a dream is often a symbol of the end of something and the beginning of another.

So brace yourself, the fact that it is violent might be an indication that it might not be so comfortable and you might not like it at first, but chances are it could a good kind of change.

Dream About Witnessing A Violent Mob

If you are seeing a riot in your dreams, this could be an indication that you could be losing your true self in your real world. You could be having too many friends whose influence is threatening to bring you down.

You could be on a very bad path and are most likely not aware of the danger that you are in. You could also end up getting into trouble that will have long-term consequences. Consider letting go of friends who are a negative influence in your life.

Dream About Seeing A Violent Car Accident

When you experience this dream, this could be a warning about a possible danger. It could be your cue to be alert for any hidden aggression that could be coming your way. The unpleasant situation might also affect those around you, so it is important to be very careful.

Dream About Witnessing A Violent Rape

When you experience this dream, you might be feeling hopeless and helpless because you cannot help the one who is being violently raped.

The dream could be an indication of you being exploited by someone you know. It could be a reflection of a conscious effort to separate yourself from some kind of trauma that you experienced in the past.

The violent hostility you experienced in the past could also be reliving itself in your dreams since it is imprinted in your memory.

Dream About Witnessing Two People Fighting Physically

When you dream that you are seeing two people fighting, this could be an indication of some kind of conflict you have with someone in your waking life.

It could be a warning of a looming disagreement or a sign of the current disagreement you have with someone which could be getting worse and might even lead to an actual fight.

Dream About An Animal Attacking Another

When you dream about an animal attacking another, this could be an indication of negative energy around you. There could be someone close to you who wants to see your downfall. Read more: 13 Dreams About Ghost: Good or Bad, Meaning and Interpretation


You will have to deal with any potential attack as soon as you can. This could relate to any problems that you could be experiencing at work, at home or in your social circles.

If you are facing such problems, take time and review your life, make peace where you can and take precaution where you can.

Dream About Witnessing A Violent Earthquake

When you dream about an earthquake, this is a very powerful symbol and could represent emotions of anxiety stirring within you. Remember as much as you can about your dream and what you felt.

The earthquake could be a symbol of a major shakeup in your life that threatens your current stability. Your feeling of insecurity might not be in vain and doing something about them could be a good option. Read more: 7 Dreams about Earthquakes

Violence in dreams is a common scenario for many dreamers, to interpret your dream better; it would be advisable if you remembered as much as you can about it.

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