#10 Biblical Meaning of Alligators in Dreams & Interpretation

Coined as “Living Fossils”, alligators have long existed since the extinction of dinosaurs which are believed to be their ancestors. Being descendants of these reptiles, alligators are known for their tough and vicious character.

What we do not know about them is that they are the most attentive parents, tending to their offspring for as long as three years.

Possessing both these characteristics, it’s a wonder what the biblical meaning of alligators in dreams are.

Why do you dream about alligators?

  1. You feel like you are in a state where your safety is compromised.

You feel that danger surrounds you. You are struggling in a certain situation in your life – relationship, finances, health, or career.

You could be feeling like you’re in a verge of falling out with your partner. Money that you have been expecting could not arrive at all.

You may not be feeling under the weather and you may not be in your best state of health. You can also lose your job. Generally, crisis is at hand and it could be in any aspect.

  1. It is a mere reflection of theft or corruption.

Alligators (or crocodiles) have always been a representation of those corrupt government officials who stole money from people.

It follows that these creatures also symbolize theft. Someone might be stealing from you or giving you less than what you deserve and taking it all for himself.

  1. You may have threatened someone for something that happened against your way.

Reptiles are generally known to be natural predators and alligators are classified as one of the most vicious. They are territorial and would definitely act spitefully towards trespassers.

You may have been mean and even threatened people who didn’t conform to what you wanted or expected.

  1. There is an existence of deceit, fraud, or dishonesty in your current situation.

Apart from the possibility of theft, to dream of alligators also connote dishonesty and deception. Someone might be lying to you for their own benefit.

Dreams about alligators could be a reminder to always watch your back and never trust anyone too much.

  1. You may not have been listening to yourself lately.

Remember that alligators are water creatures and water symbolizes emotions. These animals live mostly in the water, choosing to stay hidden.

Despite the hiding, they still remain as vigilant of their environment as possible. To dream of alligators could prompt you self-reflection.

Pay attention to your inner voice and listen to your gut-feeling. Do not act immediately but never ignore your intuition. Give your instinct the attention it may deserve.

 Common scenarios of alligators in dreams

  1. Dreaming of seeing an alligator

The appearance of an alligator in your dream means that you have an enemy that poses as your friend. Not everyone in your life is what you think they are.

Even if they represent themselves to be on your side, they might be working against you.  Alligators are also cunning creatures. It is no surprise that they represent a sly figure that does you no good.

Alligator in the jungle

The jungle is not the normal habitat of an alligator. Dreams like this symbolize a new beginning in your waking life. This is a positive interpretation for someone who is single or looking for a job.

You are bound to meet someone that could make a difference in your life. A job opportunity might also come your way anytime soon.

Alligators in the water 

To dream of seeing an alligator in the water could mean of repressed emotions. You may not be acknowledging the potential that you possess.

You are not aware of the courage and strength that you have inside you. Pay attention to your inner voice. This also speaks of how your moral principles contradict the plans that you have in mind.

Alligators on a land

The sight of crocodiles roaming on land signify fear of the unknown. You feel more comfortable in familiar places and in situations that have become your routine. You are scared of venturing a new path and taking the first step.

Consider this a reminder to broaden your horizon. If the crocodile you see is aggressive, this means that you should stop overthinking and try to ease your mind. Believe that things happen for a purpose.

  1. Dreaming of swimming with an alligator

A swim with an alligator is a symbol of worldly needs, be it physical, emotional, or material. More often than not, this is dreamed by people who have been alone in their lives for quite a while now.

This dream could be a reminder not to lose self-esteem. There is no need to search for happiness from anyone or anything because true happiness lies from within.

  1. Dreams of an alligator attacking someone

A dream of an alligator attack is a representation of treachery. It might be best to expect the worst. Disappointment lies ahead because you have trusted the wrong people.

These are people who have pretended as your friend but then betrayed you in the long run. If you have dreamt of this, you would soon be finding out who that traitor is.

  1. Dreaming about running away from an alligator

Who wouldn’t be scared enough to run away from an alligator? To dream of this means that you feel like you have been trapped in a certain situation in your life.

You are left frustrated because you have given everything for nothing. This could also mean that you are bound to face enemies, in search for the truth.

  1. Dreaming about killing an alligator

A dream of killing an alligator brings a positive connotation. When you dream about this, keep in mind that the true enemy is yourself.

It’s true that people who surround you could bring about negativity but nothing is more negative than the negativity that comes from within. All you need to do is learn how to conquer your fears by banishing all the negative thoughts.


Despite the many undesirable biblical meaning of alligators in dreams, there will always be a positive note from it. This positivity is enough to cover all the negativity that majority of the interpretations convey.

Dreams are there to help us solve the dilemmas in our waking life. Don’t let any negative interpretation discourage you from seeing the light in every situation.

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