16 Dreams About Alligators : Meaning & Interpretation

To dream of an alligator is symbolic of some problems that you are trying to resolve or have resolved in real life. It is a symbol of change with new possibilities and new opportunities entering your life. It mostly represents balance and the desire to attain emotional equilibrium.

Alligators are one of the most feared reptiles perfectly capable of inducing fear and horror among humans. None of us would want to confront an alligator, who can tear us apart with their strong Jaws, but how can we escape if they appear in our dream with nowhere to run?

The meanings and interpretations of dreams about alligators vary across different cultures and religions, but here are some of the common meanings and interpretations associated with dreams about alligators.

What Are The Meanings Associated With Alligators In A Dream?

The interpretation and meanings regarding dreams about alligators vary greatly from ancient mythology to spiritual beliefs.

According to some, such dreams are taken as a positive omen indicating change, balance, and stability where other interpretations include negative connotations associated with Alligators for representing evil, deceit, and trouble in real life.

Symbol Of Duality

Being cold-blooded reptiles living both on land and water, they are the symbol of the duality of life that is laced with both good and evil, pain and happiness, positive and negative energies and so on.

Existing on both earth and in water, they are symbolic of providing balance and maintaining the stability of both mind and body.

Where the earthy element helps keeps an individual grounded, the fluidity of water helps regulate once thoughts and emotions.

Representative Of Needed Change

Sometimes, when we dream of alligators it often represents a certain change of behaviour and attitude in our personalities.

The thick and scaly skin of alligators provides us with a silent message that we need to harden ourselves to tackle with a certain problem that is coming our way.

It may also reflect that by being soft and vulnerable will not get you out of the troubles of your life, instead you need to toughen up a bit, to be able to solve your problems on your own.

Symbol Of Lost Balance

Being both aquatic and earthly reptile, they represent a balanced life however sometimes dreaming of alligator suggest that certain elements are surrounding your life which you consider a threat. These elements might be responsible for destabilizing the acquired stability in your life.

Alligators with their belly raised from the surface of the earth, in dreams represent that you are losing your connection with earth; thus you need to remove those factors from your life.

Warning Of Some Approaching Threat

Being one of the most vicious predators, they may symbolize an impending threat to your existence.

Seeing yourself in a situation where alligators are not passive instead are appearing as some sort of threat to you might be a warning signal, that something horrible is going to happen in your life.

It can be a physical attack on you, or someone is emotionally going to hurt you in real life. Be careful!

Symbol Of Evilness

Cold-Blooded animals in ancient mythologies have always been associated with Lucifer for their stealthy and predatory nature.

Alligators, being one, is interpreted as a symbol of deception. If you dream of Alligators often, it is understood by some dream interpreters, as a symbol of evilness.

Numerous evil forces are surrounding you in real life, and you may experience deception and betrayal at the hands of someone closer to you.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Alligators

Dreaming Of Seeing An Alligator In Jungle

If you saw an alligator on land, especially in an isolated forest, represent that new changes are heading your way.

This change can be in the form of a new Job, a new relationship or a newly acquired desire. It marks the new beginnings, and you will hear good news from where you least expected.

Dreaming Of Seeing An Alligator Trapped in A Zoo Cage

If you have dreamt of an alligator trapped in a zoo cage, this might be interpreted as a reflection of yourself but positively.

Seeing an alligator caged in a zoo represents a particular quality or a trait that distinguishes you from others.

It also reflects your desire to make yourself distinct among your peers and your willingness to do anything to achieve that goal.

Dreaming Of Dressing Up As An Alligator

If you have dreamt of yourself wearing an alligator costume, it represents your desire to gain power.

You might be surpassed either physically or mentally and willing to break free from the restraints that have been keeping you down.

It might also represent that you are facing some problem in real life that you lack the power to solve it. Dreaming of yourself as an alligator is a reflection of the desire to hold authority.

Dreaming Of Taming An Alligator

If you have found yourself taming an alligator in your dream, it reflects your willingness to let go of the past grudges and reconcile with people who have done you wrong or mistreated you at some point in your life. You have decided to be the better one and willing to take the first step to settle the differences.

Dreaming Of Being Chased By An Alligator

Alternatively, If you have dreamt of running away from an alligator in your dreams, it reflects your unwillingness to keep yourself surrounded by potentially harmful people, that could cause damage to your reputation.

It shows that you are more active in your life with a strong personality, ready to make tough decisions when needed.

Dreaming Of Walking On An Alligator

If you have dreamt of walking on an alligator, the dream carries negative connotations indicating that you are going to encounter some hurdles and specific blockages while journeying to success.

These blockages can be intentional or unintentional, and you will need to make a lot of comprehensive strategies and proper planning to tackle the situation correctly.

Dreaming Of Running Away From An Alligator

While being chased by alligators mean you are unwilling to be surrounded by toxic people in your life, dreaming of running away from an alligator shift 180 degrees in meaning indicating that you are hesitant to confront the problems in your life.

You are rather passive with your subconscious refusing to acknowledge the pain and destructive elements that are there in your life.

It is a warning signal that you need to accept the happenings in your life and learn to take control to resolve the issues prevalent.

Dreaming Of An Alligator Catching Its Prey

Dreaming of an Alligator catching its prey carry positive connotations mostly, reflecting your life in general. It might represent that you are living a content, balanced and a happy life with maximum control over your fate.

It shows that you have embraced your life with all its flaws and are willing to try new things and explore new possibilities.

Alternatively, it might have some negative symbolism attached to it. The prey can also be interpreted as yourself, caught in some unusual situations as a result of your miserable life choices and decisions.

Dreaming Of An Alligator Attacking Someone

If you have dreamt of the vicious predator in action, but someone else as its prey, with you defending him/her shows that you care about a specific individual who is experiencing some problems in life.

It reflects you are willing to do anything to save that particular individual from harm in whatever way you can.

This dream often results if you worry about someone in real life, either if they are behaving abnormally or if you are aware of that person’s problems.

Dreaming Of An Alligator In Water

Dreaming of an alligator in water, with no threatening vibes arising from it, is taken as a positive omen in general. It shows that you are situated in an environment which you are familiar with and feel comfortable in.

Having a stable environment around you allows you to utilize your abilities to the fullest. Thus you are more thriving and content in your life.

The association of Alligator in water also symbolizes that you have succeeded in attaining emotional balance in your life.

Dreaming Of An Aggressive Alligator

If you have seen an alligator that is aggressive, even if it is not attacking you, reflects your suppressed emotions and feelings.

You might be facing certain situations in your life where you find yourself helpless and unable to take action.

The inability to act or decide might lead you towards emotional frustration and suppression of your inner feelings leading you to dream about such situations. Killing an alligator in your dreams shows your surpassed anger in a particular case.


Alligators are representatives of your life, your inner feelings and thoughts. Dreams about Alligators mostly it carries positive connotation depicting the stability in life, but sometimes the meaning might take a negative turn providing a warning signal of approaching threats.

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