#79 Biblical Meaning of Babies in Dreams & Interpretation

Babies are often compared to angels for their pure heart and untainted mind. They are symbols for innocence, purity, and love. Babies are the most adorable and cheerful beings to exist on this planet, and it is humanly impossible not to adore their innocent smiles. Dreams about babies have also been one of the most common dreams where they symbolize a new beginning and changes in life

Bible has also mentioned children in several instances, with every mention, carrying a symbolic significance. For example, the description of Jesus’s birth is interpreted as a symbol of hope and Joy. For most of the time, the mentioning of children in the Bible is to stress on the idea of time passing by with little to less time to repent.

Biblical interpretation of dreams about babies carry positive connotation for most of the time where they appear as a gift from God, who are to be appreciated and cherished. The interpretation for such dreams may vary depending upon the context in which such dreams are dreamt.

Biblical Meanings Associated With Babies In A Dream

To dream of babies symbolizes the fresh beginning and a new phase of an individual’s life. They sometimes are critical reminders of a time that is passing by fast or sometimes they appear as an indicator of a change. Sometimes, they are also symbolic of the purity and innocence of the dreamer as well.

Symbolic Of A Responsibility Given By God

As mentioned in Bible, Psalm 127, verse 3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; those who receive them will be rewarded richly,” babies are a gift from God who is to be cherished and nurtured. In light of this statement, the appearance of a baby in a dream suggests that you are given a responsibility in life which might appear as a burden or a hindrance, but it is a test by God to test your patience and sincerity. This dream is a reminder that you must not forget to put in your efforts in the task assigned. There is always a reward in the effort.

Symbolic Of Hope And Rejuvenation

Bible has mentioned, in detail, the event of Jesus’s birth. There is a detailed explanation from the conception of Jesus Christ to his birth and the events that followed later on, in his life. The mentioning of Jesus as a newborn in the Bible represents a ray of hope and joy for mankind. Christ entered this world as mankind’s savior, therefore, his birth is seen as something Joyful and rejuvenating. In the same sense, Biblical interpretation of babies in dreams also suggests that sad times of your life will end soon, with happiness finding its way in your life.

Symbolic Of New Phase Of Your Life

Birth of a baby is marked as the beginning of a new life. The child enters this universe, experiences different events and gather knowledge about this world, depending upon how he perceives the world. Childhood marks the phase where always new things are happening with new perception being formed about this world. In the same way, to dream of a child marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. This may be changing of a Job, entering a new relationship or given an opportunity that can prove to be life-changing for you.

Symbolic Of Letting Go Of The Past And Starting Fresh

Sometimes the situation in which we dream of babies is not very positive, where the babies might appear dead and lifeless. It is not seen as a negative omen, unlike the feelings associated with such dreams; instead, it represents your transition into a mature phase of your life. It suggests that you have decided to move on from your past burden and leave everything behind to start fresh. Such dreams represent that you have a more mature and wiser outlook to life compared to your old self. You are ready to embrace change and experience new things.

Symbolic Of Incorrupt and Pure Soul

As mentioned earlier, dreams, where you hold a baby or see a baby appear, are a reflection of dreamer’s own personality as well. Babies are symbols of morality and the uncorrupted human soul. They are untainted by the corrupt forces of this world, their innocence remains intact. To dream of babies signifies that you, yourself are a pure soul who is still maturing and experiencing the world through an untainted lens. Your thinking and your perception are always pure, making your nature more innocent and childlike.

Symbolic Of Unstable Relationship

Psychologists and dream interpreters have observed that women are most likely to dream about babies. For most of the cases, such women who are bound in an unhealthy relationship or are worried that their relationship is moving towards instability is one the most common trigger for such women to dream about playing with babies. Such dreams are generated by the subconscious providing a safe place for such women to find peace.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of A Baby

Dreaming Of A New Born Baby

To dream of a newborn baby is a positive omen suggesting that you have a stable relationship with your family. Your home environment is harmonious and healthy with caring and loving people surrounding you. This dream serves as a reminder that you need to be as giving in your family relationship as others and try to maintain a tolerant attitude towards others to keep the environment of your home calm and friendly.

Dreaming Of Losing A New Born Baby

If you have dreamt of your newborn baby, who has passed away after birth reflects your fears and insecurities. It suggests that you don’t feel confident enough to take new responsibilities. You are an ambitious person, but you soon give up instead of pursuing your passions with full dedication. You are in need to build your selfconfidence and stand firm by your decision once you have made them instead of listening to other people’s advice.

Dreaming Of Seeing A Baby Cry

If you have dreamt of a baby crying in dreams, it directly refers to your personality who is craving care and attention from people around. You are feeling the need to give attention to, from the people around you mainly because you have been feeling neglected and isolated. This reflects your childishness nature as well who demands kindness and courtesy of people. Such dreams may also indicate that you are feeling regretful for not trying hard enough to achieve a particular goal that you had set for yourself in life.

Dreaming Of A Baby Drowning

To dream of a baby drowning can be taken in a positive or a negative connotation depending upon the context of the dream. In a positive connotation, this dream is an indicator of new changes and new beginnings that are heading the way that will provide you with more opportunities to show your potential to the fullest. In a negative meaning, this dream suggests that you are emotionally unstable. You are lacking control over your emotions that might result in your acting out unnecessarily. You need to take some time out of your life to relax and clear your mind.

Dreaming Of A Dead Baby

To see a dead baby in your dream refers to an upcoming conflict that will arise in your life. You will experience a particular problem for which you will try to look for solutions. Dreaming of a dead baby is not a negative sign, in this sense, suggesting that you will soon be able to find the resolution of the problem that you have been trying to resolve. Dead babies in dreams may also reflect the fear of losing your loved ones, as well.

Dreaming Of Forgetting A Baby

If you have dreamt of a situation where you have forgotten your baby, in a nearby park or in a bus station, etc, suggests that you are feeling sad and alone in your life. This dream is a reflection of incidents happening in your real life where you have been betrayed or left alone by your partner or a close friend that has made you sad.

Dreaming Of Gazing At Baby

To gaze at a baby in your dreams carry an extremely positive connotation. It refers to the fact that you will live a content and happy life. The goals and aims that you have set for yourself in life will be achieved by you, but to live your dream life, you will have to give some sacrifices and make some tough decisions. You shouldn’t be dishearted by the hurdles that you will come across because in the end everything will fall into place, and you will end up living a successful life.

To conclude the article, if you have recurrently been dreaming of babies, it has a direct association with your personal life and your personality. It refers to a new phase, new beginnings and positive changes that will make your life more content and happy.

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