22 Dreams About Babies : Meaning & Interpretation

Baby Dream Meaning – Like all dreams, baby dreams have some kind of meaning.  Often times they represent that immature part of yourself or your life that is still in its development period.

A baby dream could also be an indication of a part of you that is feeling neglected and requires nurturing love and acceptance.

Before we examine the reasons why you have certain baby dreams and their meanings let us first look at various metaphors and figures of speech related to babies.

Knowing these figures of speech might help you when it comes to interpreting some of these dreams.

  1. A Cry Baby:  This is a figure of speech used to refer to a person who whines and complains a lot about the little things.
  2. Taking Candy from a baby: This is a common phrase used to refer to something when it is easy to do.
  3. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater: It is a common saying used to warn people who do things in haste to the point of throwing away something valuable as they get rid of something that they no longer need. The saying then goes, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”
  4. Left holding the baby: It is a phrase used to refer to the circumstance where someone is stuck with shouldering someone else’s responsibility.
  5. A Baby Boomer: A common phrase of someone who is born between the years 1945 and 1965.
  6. Baby Blues: These are words used to describe those feelings of anxiety or depression that mothers usually experience after childbirth.

By understanding the above common figures of speech related to the word baby, you might be in a better position to interpret your baby dreams or understand these phrases when you later encounter them in your research.

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Reasons Why We Have Baby Dreams

You might be having a lot of baby dreams and this could be attributed to various factors which are as follows:

  1. You Are Pregnant

Most pregnant mothers will dream of their babies. They can dream of giving birth, breastfeeding, a crying baby or just holding a baby in their arms.

It is natural for a pregnant mother to think of the baby they are carrying a lot. Since the mother’s mind is preoccupied with thoughts of the baby, they are highly likely to have baby dreams.

Also, pregnancy naturally releases hormones that will affect sleep and dreaming. Pregnant parents will often experience these high levels of anxiety about the coming birth and the responsibility of parenthood especially if they are first time mothers.

When the parents have the baby dreams of a stressful situation it is actually a way for the subconscious to handle the deeply held fears about the childbirth scenario in future.

  1. You Want A Baby

You might desperately want a baby and are currently trying to get pregnant. Most people who desperately want a baby will be obsessed will all things baby.

They will read baby books, watch baby videos, spend time with a baby(s) of their friends or family members and even have a room in their home transformed into a nursery complete with all baby things.

It will therefore not be surprising if such a person experiences baby dreams. They might dream of being pregnant or holding a baby in their arms.

In such a case it is advisable to seek professional and medical help to enable you to cope with that desperate need for a baby and enable you to eventually get pregnant.

  1. You Feel Neglected or Have Neglected Something

 You might feel neglected by someone close to you and are therefore craving their attention. In most cases, such a person will dream of a baby crying in their dreams.

You might also be experiencing baby dreams because you have neglected an important aspect of your life. You could also be neglecting family members or your relationships which require nurturing.

  1. You Are Running A Project

You might have begun a business or a certain project which is still in its early stages. The baby in the dream could be the project which is still in its early growth period.

The nature of dream will indicate whether the project is making milestones or not. Since you have dedicated a lot of time and effort to this project, do not be surprised if you are having a baby dream.

  1. You Are Happy and Peaceful

You might also be having a baby dream because you are currently happy, contented and filled with peace of mind. In such cases, you will dream of a peacefully sleeping baby or a laughing and playful baby within a lovely environment.

  1. You Haven’t Matured In Some Aspect Of your Life

Sometimes you could experience a baby dream as an indication of your lack of maturity in a certain aspect of your life.

You might not have matured emotionally, relationship-wise or spiritual wise and this is why the baby dream comes.

It could be an indication of your slow progress in maturity in some aspects of your life. The dream in such cases could be you being the baby.

  1. You Spend Time With Babies

You could be working in a daycare, or the baby wing at the hospital, you could be a pediatrician or a mother of many babies.

Since you see these babies for most hours during the day and interact with them during most of these hours, then dreaming about them shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  1. You Don’t Like Babies

Sometimes you might dream of the very things that you don’t like. They might represent an unpleasant status of your life.

You might not generally like babies or are simply afraid of getting pregnant.  If you don’t like babies for one reason or another, your baby dream could come as a symbol of something that you don’t like about your life.

  1. Something Important Is Happening To You

You might also experience the baby dream because some great change is happening in your life or something equally important is happening with you. You might have recently achieved an academic, financial or spiritual goal in your life.

  1. Your Creative Ideas Are Flowing But you haven’t made them a reality

Sometimes you can have a baby dream because you are at the tip of your creative pinnacle.  It could be writing, painting, singing, business and so on. In such a case you will likely be dreaming that you are pregnant.

It could be time to put those ideas on paper, make them a reality and let the world marvel at them. If the dream is recurring, then there is more urgency and you should have made your ideas a reality yesterday.

  1. You Are Concerned About The Safety Of Your Baby

When you are concerned and greatly worried about the safety of your child, you might have unpleasant baby dreams like a dead baby, an injured baby and so on.

This is normal to be concerned about the baby, but when it gets too much, seeking help would be appropriate especially if you are a first-time parent.

Common Baby Dreams

The meaning of your baby dreams will always depend on your life’s condition at the period that you are having the dreams. There are common baby dreams that most people experience along with their meanings and they are as follows:

  1. Dream About Giving Birth To A Baby

If you are not expectant, a dream about giving birth to a baby could be a symbol of new beginnings. The new beginning could be your new job, your relationship, your new family or a new project with new ideas.

Dreaming about giving birth to a baby could be an indication of fertility and abundance. In most cases the meaning of a dream about having a baby is positive.

If you are a man and you dream of having a baby, then it could be an indication of something new that will cause a major and positive change in your life.

  1. Dream About A Baby Smiling At You

This is definitely a good dream and shows a good sign. Such a dream is a symbol of joy and happiness that you are experiencing in your current life. It means all is well and that you shouldn’t worry even though tough times will be ahead.

  1. Dream About A Baby Crying

If you experience this dream, it could be a symbol of the many problems that you are facing in your waking life.  You might have worries and lots of difficult times on your path that it is making it difficult for you to find peace. A certain part of your life might also need protection and nurturing by you.

If in your dream the baby crying is a boy, this could also be an indication of your dominant and determined nature.

If on the other hand, the baby crying in your dream is a girl, then it could be an indication of the existing sensitivity within you.

  1. Dream About A Baby Of Different Race

You might dream that you have a baby of a different race. This could be a symbol of acceptance of someone’s physical differences.  It also means that you will have a better relationship with this person who is different from you.

  1. Dream About A Very Small Baby

When you dream that you have had a baby that is extremely small, this could mean that you are hiding your own emotions from others.

You might be holding back from sharing your feelings with other people and are hesitant about talking about your worries and problems.

You want to be independent and are avoiding or discouraging anyone who wants to help you in life. It would better if you reconsidered and started seeking help wherever you can find it.

  1. Dream About A Demon Baby

If you are dreaming about having a demon baby, this could be a symbol of your fears about something new that you have recently started. You could be worried if the new undertaking you are involved in will be successful or not.

  1. Dream About Nursing A Baby

If you are dreaming about nursing a baby, you will obviously think about pregnancy. However, this dream has nothing to do with pregnancy, but it usually means that someone who you deeply trust will betray you.

If you have such a dream, it would be wise not to trust anyone because someone might betray that trust.

  1. Dream Of A Starving Baby 

If you dream about a starving baby, this could be an indication of your overreliance on other people in your waking life.

You might be relying too much on other people in your life that you don’t do anything on your own. You always want others to help you out in everything that you decide to do.

This dream could be the wakeup call for you to take control over your own life and begin the journey of being independent.

  1. Dream About Having A Dying Baby

If you dream that you are giving birth to a dying baby, then you will definitely feel unsettled. However, this dream shouldn’t worry you a lot because it has nothing to do with you giving birth to a dying child literally.

The dream could be a sign of something that might happen in future. It could mean that you have worked hard on something but failed. You weren’t able to achieve your goals and you are definitely feeling disappointed.

This dream could also mean an ending to something that was part of you or a certain phase of your life. When you experience such a dream you shouldn’t be sad or worried because it means that after the ending of this phase of your life, a new and more exciting phase will begin. So the future is still bright.

  1. Dream About Having Twin Babies

When you dream about having twin babies, this is definitely a good sign. It could mean that great wealth and good fortune will soon be part of your life. It also means that you are doing all the right things and that they will eventually pay off.

  1. Dream About Breastfeeding Someone Else’s Baby

When you have such a dream it usually means that you have taken on a big responsibility. It could be a serious role in your business or a big project you are undertaking, or that you have taken on a great responsibility at your workplace.

  1. Dream About A Baby’s Death

This dream could be a sign that a childish part of you is gone forever and that you are now matured and have gone past your insecurities, fears, and blunders.

When you experience such a dream, do not be worried, instead, embrace your new situation and take on that mantle of maturity with a lot of enthusiasm.

  1. Dream About Baby Animals

When you dream about baby animals in your dream, this could be a sign that you are recognizing an animal instinct or behavior within you that is getting stronger every day.

Consider your connection to the animal in terms of behavior. If the behavior is positive, then work on making it even better and allow it to work positively in your life.

However if it is negative, consider working on changing it for the better and if it then becomes difficult, you can always seek help. Read more: 13 Dreams About Having Twins 

  1. Dream About A Clean and Bright Baby

 Having this dream is a good sign and if you are single and looking to have a great relationship with someone special then this is definitely the best okay you could ever get.

This dream symbolizes that you could meet that an important person who will soon cross your path and you will have a great and fulfilling relationship.

  1. Dream About A Baby With Third Eye

Having this dream could be a sign that you will or are currently experiencing bad emotions.  The dream has nothing to do with your baby in your waking life.

But it could be a sign that you are careless about the bad things that you are doing and you might, therefore, be caught soon.

It could also be a warning for you to be more cautious because there is always someone watching your every move. The dream could be related to your workplace or your home and family life or even your social life.

  1. Dream About A Premature Baby

You might dream about giving birth to a premature baby. In this case, the dream could be referring to a job or a situation that has come up which you were not ready for.

You could also have taken on a project that you were completely unprepared for. You might also be rushing through something in order to complete it before time.

Whatever situation or project that you are handling, just ensure that you dedicate your time and effort to it for you to achieve the impressive results that you are looking for.

If such a situation or project isn’t yet a part of your life, then consider this dream a warning and be prepared accordingly to avoid being caught off guard.

  1. Dream About Helping Someone To Give Birth

 If you have this dream where you are helping someone give birth, this means that in future you might be honored or feted for some kind of achievement.

This dream is a great symbol of honor and abundance and this means that you are going to be respected and admired a lot by people.

  1. Dream About Witnessing The Birth of A Baby

If you happen to dream that you are witnessing the birth of a baby, that is a good sign.  It could mean that you will soon experience great success financially and in life.

This dream is also a symbol of honesty and abundance which must be what is the driving force in your life currently.

  1. Dream About Forgetting A Baby

This dream is usually experienced by people who have children and dream that they have forgotten they have children.

When such a dream happens, this could be an indication of how the dreamer is going to great lengths to hide their vulnerability from the people around them.

Most of them would rather pretend that they aren’t experiencing any problems and will not show weakness or fear in the presence of others.

When this dream keeps recurring, it is the subconscious way of venting and telling the dreamer to take it easy and share with others about personal problems in order to find a solution.

There is also another interpretation of this dream which could also be an indication of you not indulging in your old hobbies and interests. You might have neglected a certain aspect of yourself that requires nurturing and development.

When you experience such a dream and know that you are such a person, it would be better if you did some soul-searching and find out what you really need.

  1. Dream About Changing A Baby’s Diaper

When you dream about changing a baby’s diaper, this could be an indication of the need to make certain changes in your life. These changes will be important since they will contribute positively towards making your life better.

The same way a baby needs a diaper change to feel fresh and relax is the same way you will have to do away with some bad habits, stay away from bad friends and influences then adopt all the good habits to make you a better person.

  1. Dream About Holding A Baby

When you dream that you were holding a baby in that gentle loving manner, that dream might be a reflection of your recent days where you felt truly loved and nurtured.

On those days you were well protected and all the attention was focused on you from all the people you care about. Read more: 13 Dreams About Holding A Baby – Meaning & Interpretation

  1. Dream About Being Pregnant

Since women normally create a new life from their bodies when they are pregnant, a dream about pregnancy is closely related to creativity. You could be having great ideas about a certain creativity project.

It could be a great idea for your new book if you are a writer for example, or a new design if you are in the fashion or home décor industry.

You might not have thought of the idea yet but look at this dream as a good sign that those great ideas will come up in the future.

Represented by the fetus, pregnancy dreams will always be related to something that is still on the inside.

It could be love waiting to blossom, painting ideas waiting to be painted and showcased in galleries worldwide and just about anything that hasn’t yet become something that the world can see.

If you are having such a dream know that it could be a prompt for you to work on letting those great ideas that the world needs to flow.

 Questions to Ask Yourself

After having a baby dream, for you to interpret your dream more accurately as you research on various meanings, there are questions about your life that you need to ask yourself. Some of the questions are as follows:

  1. Have I Been Acting Like A Baby?

Examine all aspects of your life and if there is any aspect that implies that you are acting like a baby. How have you handled the conflict in your life?  Did you cause a scene?

What about the breakup of your relationship, the job loss, the insecurity that you feel, the lack of support from your friends and family members on certain issues.

How you have acted in the aftermath of the situations in your life should tell you whether you have been acting like a baby or like the grown up that you are by taking responsibility.

The baby dream might be a warning that you need to shun your childish ways style up, grow up and act like it.

  1. What Aspect Of My Life Do I need To Nurture and Love?

You could also look closely at your life, your beliefs, interests, talents, and hobbies.  You might be a great musician who could be world famous if you took time to nurture your singing, writing or painting talent.

You could also be a great fixer of all things manual which would earn you some good money in home repairs. You might also have great maternal instincts and would make a great mother if only you loved yourself enough to try and have that baby and give it all that love in your heart.

By taking a keen look at your life and being honest in your review you will know the aspects of your life that you need to nurture.

  1. Am I Too Naïve about Things?

This is another question about yourself that you need to answer honestly. It could be that friends are taking advantage of your inexperience about various things.

You could also be making poor decisions because of your naiveté only later to get hurt. Take a look at those scenarios where you felt deeply hurt emotionally.

Was it because you were too naïve to see the truth and that caused you to lose money, a friend, your reputation and so on?

Learn how to take time and study the situation first before making a major decision. You could be slow in making a decision, but never again will someone say that you are naïve.

  1. Do I Need To Grow up, Take More Responsibility For Myself and My Actions?

After having that baby dream, it is also important to examine all the scenarios in your life and ask yourself whether you need to take more responsibility for the things you have done. Was a certain pregnancy your fault?  Were you the cause of a quarrel? Or have you shirked your

Responsibility in one way or another in various aspects of your life?  If you have, it might be time to make things right and take responsibility for all your past actions.

  1. How Do I Feel About babies?

Ask yourself this question because your answer to it might be telling a lot and is probably the reason you are having the dream.

If you love babies so much and would love to have one and have been trying for one for ages without success that would explain certain aspects of your baby dream.

On the other hand, if you are contented living alone and wouldn’t like any sort of attachment or emotional bond that can be achieved through having a baby that would also explain the interpretation of your baby dream better.

If you are totally afraid of having a baby because of all the responsibility that comes with having one; in fact, you go to great lengths to ensure that you never get pregnant; your dream could also be accurately interpreted based on this fact.

What You Can Do When You Have Baby Dreams

There are various things that you can do when you experience baby dreams. You don’t have to ignore them because usually there is a hidden message there that your subconscious is communicating with you.

There are various things that you can do and they are as follows:

  1. Find Solutions

After finding the answers to the questions that you have asked yourself above, come up with honest and effective solutions. If you need to go for therapy, do so and allow the sessions to work for you.

However, if the issues in your life can be solved by simply taking a stand and deciding to do what is right no matter how painful then you will save yourself a lot of problems and have better dreams as a result. It is always up to you to make your life better because no one will make it better for you.

  1. Remember As Much As You Can

Remembering as much as you can about your dream will help a lot when it comes to interpreting.  You might experience several baby dream scenarios in one dream and remembering the details as much as possible will help in an accurate interpretation.

For example, if you remember small details like the gender of the baby, the color of their eyes and the expression on their face, you will be in a better position to interpret your own baby dream.

  1. Understand Meaning and Symbolism

A little research on the meaning and symbolism of various baby dreams will help you understand your particular dream better.

Know the common baby dream scenarios and what they symbolize, because high chances are that you had a similar dream.

Your baby dream might be related to your current pregnancy in your waking life or a current situation that you are facing.

However, a baby is the symbol of purity, new beginnings, and innocence, however, you will still need to take a keener look at what the baby was doing and its surroundings in the dream for you to understand the dream better.

In the end, understanding meaning and symbolism will save you a lot of confusion because now you will know that a crying baby or a dying one in your dream, for example, couldn’t be such a bad sign in your dream as much as it is unsettling.

Things To Note: There are a few things to note about baby dreams and they are as follows:

  1. Your Waking Life Determines Your Baby Dream

How you live, the activities you do and how you handle anything that comes your way will determine what your baby dream will be like.

The baby dream would not occur if certain aspects of your life weren’t there to trigger it. Purpose to live uprightly and honestly in everything that you do.

When you don’t hurt others or make them feel insecure because you feel insecure yourself and instead have a positive impact on everyone you meet, you will likely have better baby dreams full of promising symbolism.

  1. It Is Never About Your Baby

Often times when you are pregnant or have just recently had a child, your baby dream is often times not about your real baby or any baby you know at all but about yourself.

If you are a new or expecting parent, baby dreams especially if they are negative can be very worrying.  However, always remember that they are triggered by your fears, your mistakes, your great qualities and your achievements.

  1. You Don’t Have To Have Children

Sometimes baby dreams happen mostly to people who are not even parents yet and this is perfectly normal. Through their dreams, they can sometimes feel that parental love, the pain of losing a baby and the joy of nurturing one.

When a baby dream keeps recurring especially if you have no kids, depending on what the dream is, attend to the message that your subconscious is communicating with you.

Maybe deep down you want your very own baby but you are too carried away with your current life to notice.

  1. Different Meanings In Every Dream

A baby dream could be the same with two different people but have totally different meanings.  In one dream it may be a symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings while in another dream it might be a symbol of immaturity, vulnerability, and discontent.

This is why dreams interpretations are never 100% accurate but from the information provided, the dreamer can begin to understand what the dream was all about.

  1. Pleasant Or Disturbing

Despite babies being adorable, the dream will not always be pleasant. You will sometimes wake up happy and at other times wake up unsettled and even terrified. Like all dreams, baby dreams will have lovely versions and unsettling versions.

  1. Never Ignore A Baby Dream

When you experience a baby dream, it is wise not to ignore the dream. Try to remember as much as you can about the dream and find out its meaning.

Sometimes we might not know what we should do during our waking life, but in the dream world where there are no masks, the reality can also be seen it.

Take note of your baby dream especially if it keeps recurring. A recurring dream means great urgency to attend to the issue being at hand.

  1. You Can Practice Visualization

If you want to have pleasant baby dreams, consider visualization because it has been known to work. Think happy thoughts about babies right before you fall asleep and you are likely to have lovely dreams.

You could, for example, visualize yourself playing with the baby at a lovely looking lawn on a bright sunny day and the baby always laughing and smiling.


Dreaming about a baby could be a sign of your pure, natural and innocent nature or your great desire to be nurtured and loved or even your lack of maturity. On the other hand, a baby dream could also suggest great development, new opportunities, good fortunes, and great rewards for your efforts.

If you happen to be pregnant and are dreaming about a baby, then it could also suggest your desire to give birth to a healthy baby. If you are not expectant, then a recurring baby dream could be suggesting your desire to have a baby in your subconscious.  It could also suggest that you could get pregnant in future.

A baby in a dream will often be a symbol of a good plan, hope, and new things. If the dream makes you happy, it could be representing the coming of happiness and a lot of joy in your life. If it makes you sad or worried, it could be representing the loss of important things or warnings that should be heeded.

Before you overreact about a dream, just remember that it is just a dream and not reality that has occurred and can’t be undone. There is always something you can do to make that dream come true or never come true depending on its meaning.  Do all the positive things that you have to do to ensure that your dreams stay positive and that you wake up every morning with a smile on your face.

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