13 Dreams About Holding A Baby – Meaning & Interpretation

Who doesn’t like holding a baby in their arms? The small, fragile beings, sacred and pure, ignorant of any immoralities.

Every one of us at least once in our life, have held a baby in our warms with our inside fluttering for being able to touch an angel sent to earth.

In real life, they always seem to induce positive and euphoric feelings inside us but what if we have the same experience but this time in our dreams? What will we feel like? What does it represent? Is it a good omen, as it is in reality?

If you want to find answers to these questions, stick around, and we shall explore together what it means to hold a baby in our dreams.

What Do Babies Represent In A Dream?

Every person is a child at heart. Dreaming of babies most of the time refers to your carefree side that is buried in your subconscious, that take forms in the form of babies that you carry around in your dreams.

It is commonly observed that pregnant women or women who tend to think a lot of getting pregnant are more likely to dream of holding a child, their subconscious nurturing their motherly instinct to keep and take care of a baby.

The dreams of holding a child in your arms are a bearer of innocence and immaturity, but not in a negative sense.

Most of the time, the omens regarding dreaming of carrying a child are favorable, but sometimes they may symbolize emotional distress or some threat coming after you.

Symbol Of Deprivation And Attention

Seeing babies often may be a reflection of the care and love that you lack in real life and want more affection and attention from people around you.

Usually, such dreams appear in the form a baby crying in your arms, which is a reflection of your inner child that is demanding attention and love from people around you. The cries may be the regret of not being able to achieve your dream or have not tried enough.

Symbol Of Innocence and Purity Of Soul

Babies are a symbol of innocence and purity of one’s soul. They are the ultimate reflection of morality, not tainted with the evils of the world.

If you dream of holding babies often, it means that you are deeply connected to your childish side. You are an innocent soul who is still maturing and getting acquainted with the twisted life.

Symbol Of Change

If you have dreamt of holding a dead child in your hand, it represents transition and change that is soon to come in your life.

The death of the baby is symbolic of that fact that you have decided to let go of your childish and innocent nature and are developing yourself in accordance to the ways of the world.

You are ready to learn darker aspects of life and no longer want to live inside the protective shell that you have lived in for years. You have accepted that change and maturity that is to develop in your personality.

Symbol Of An Unfulfilled Desire

For most of the couple who want to have a baby or are trying to have a baby, dreaming of holding babies is very common. They are the forms of our conscious desires pictured by our subconsciousness as we sleep.

Not only they are symbolic of the aching desire on the part of married couples to start a family of their own, for ordinary individuals, dreaming a baby refers to a specific want or desire that has left unfulfilled in the real world.

Representative Of A New Birth

It has been studied that women who are in the very initial stages of pregnancy or who tend to think a lot about getting the pregnant dream of babies more frequently as compared to ordinary people.

It has also been observed that those women, who are afraid of getting pregnant after having unprotected sex appear to dream more of having a baby or holding a baby in their dreams.

For one the dream is the bearer of good news whereas for some it induces fear and anxiety in their bodies.

Representative Of Pain And Lost Happiness

Dreams are often the reflection of our thoughts, emotions and the things that we feel while we are conscious. They are given a new form by our subconscious, but their meaning always stays the same.

Pregnant women who suffer from the traumatizing experience of miscarriage appear to dream more often of holding a baby in their hands.

The dreams look as a reminder of the lost life that they had carried in their wombs and the pain of separation from a part of their soul.

In such cases, dreaming of babies isn’t a positive inducer of feelings instead initiates anxiety, anxiety, depression in women.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Holding A Baby

Dreaming Of Holding A Sleeping Baby

If you have imagined of holding a sleeping baby in your hands, it is an indicator of a peaceful and fulfilled life where there are no worries. It reflects the content of mind and passive behavior of one’s self in actual experience.

The dream might be the bearer of some good news, or fulfillment of a God’s promise according to Biblical interpretation of the dream.

Dreaming Of Holding A Crying Baby

As mentioned above, crying babies in a dream refer to the deprived part of yourself that craves attention. This want of being cared for can be from society in general or from a particular individual.

It may relate to the fear of not being able to fully live up to your potential or being a failure in your own eyes.

You might be apprehensive of the having children in the future fearing the fact that you will not be able to love them fully or give them the proper attention that they deserve.

Dreaming Of Holding A Smiling Baby

Holding a happy baby in your arms is a good omen indicating that you have balanced and healthy relationships with your friends and family.

You are living your life to the fullest being strongly connected with your inner child. You are not hot-headed, and your friendly nature helps to ease some problems for you.

Dreaming Of Dropping A Baby From Your Hands

The most horrific feeling one can imagine is that of accidentally dropping a baby from your hold. If you have experienced such a situation in your dream, then it indicates your acceptance to let go of certain things in your life.

It can be letting go of your old self, your connection with a particular friend or a family member or a material thing that you held dear to yourself.

Alternatively, it may refer to the problems that arise as a result of your careless nature. You need to be more careful and vigilant in your daily life.

Dreaming Of Holding A Dying Baby

To dream of a dying baby refers to your own self that is maturing and growing with time. It means you are becoming more distant from your childish nature.

You are growing older as a result of which more experiences are being added to your life book. You are learning a lot and shaping your personality accordingly. You have become more serious and adult-like in general.

Dreaming Of Holding A Pre-Mature Baby

If you have recently dreamt of holding a premature baby in your hands, it represents the fact that you have taken upon a responsibility or have taken a big decision for which you are not ready for. The pre-matureness refers to the lack of abilities and sense that is required for a particular job.

You are in pressing need to revise and reanalyze some of the decision that you have recently made in your life and evaluate if you are fully ready to take over that particular task.

Dreaming Of Holding A Faceless Baby

According to many religious interpretations, if you frequently dream of holding a faceless baby in your arms, it may point to the fact that you are being surrounded with evil forces or something evil is trying to harm you.

While on the other hands, psychologist and dream interpreters have interpreted such dream as a mere reflection of the fear that you may have while taking over a big project or starting a new phase in your life.


To sum up the article, dreams where you find yourself holding a baby always have direct association to what sort of person you are in real life or what changes you need to bring with time to be a more sensible and a mature individual.

Holding a baby in your dreams is an initiator of getting you ready for adult life with more significant responsibilities.

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