#34 Biblical Meaning of Bears in Dreams & Interpretation

Isn’t it both ironic and amazing how the frightening, territorial, powerful bear is also the representation of childhood? Think about how teddy bears symbolize a child’s sweetness and innocence.

Indeed, there is always greatness and goodness in everything. Dreams about bears are rare. They might scare you but really, most biblical meanings of bears in dreams are positive.

Reasons why you dream about bears

  1. You have recently acted “untamed”.

Bears are a representation of a warrior’s strength and power. Perhaps you had been ill-mannered or had behaved poorly recently.

Dreams about bears usually happen to those who feel that they might have acted out and/or spoken out of turn.

  1. You may be having a habit that has gone out of control.

Scientifically speaking, bears are wild animals that thrive in the wild. Dreams about bears may symbolize the habits that you possess, which might have gone way out of hand.

These may refer to your ways, practices, and lifestyle that are growing to be more and more uncontrollable. Again, take a break and reflect on who and how you are right now.

  1. There may exist a conflict in your life.

May it be a conflict of ways, of words, of attitude, or of oneself… sometimes, dreaming about bears simply connote disharmony.

Dreams are a feedback to memories and previous experiences. Dreaming may just be your subconscious reaching out and conversing with you.

  1. You may be receiving you fair share of luck.

Depending on how exactly you have seen a bear in your dreams, this could mean luck. A favourable event may be coming your way.

This could be the best time for you to invest on a new business, play games of luck, or venture on a new path that you’ve been thinking about. Success may just be an arm’s reach.

  1. There is fear/strength in you.

Like any other dream, the interpretation would depend on how you felt towards the dream. If you see a bear in your dream, how did you react? Were you frightened half to death? Or had you felt respect towards that bear?

Depending on your response to the situation, it could only mean that you either respect or fear something in your life right now. However, amidst this fear you strive to be strong.

Common scenarios of dreams about bears

  1. You see a bear.

* White polar bear – White has always been a color of purity, goodness, peace and power. Dreaming of a polar bear identifies the part in your life that defies challenges and difficulties. It can also symbolize a person that you trust. It may also indicate a stern belief in positivity.

* Brown bear – These bears generally symbolize a vicious passion or an aggressive enemy who will stop at nothing to have results favorable to him/her.

* Black bear – This suggests that you are the kind of person who is a good friend, but a bad enemy. You aren’t ill-tempered and you don’t lose patience that quickly unless triggered. If in your dream you are facing one, this means friendliness. No one wants to get to the bad side of the bear after all.

*Grizzly bear and Panda bear – Grizzlies represent one’s ability to face his/her deepest fears and inner adversaries, while Pandas symbolize peace and one’s gift to remain calm even in the middle of a predicament.

  1. You are killing a bear.

To dream of killing a bear is a sign of victory. It means you have defeated or will be defeating your enemies.

You might have a misunderstanding with your boss at work and this dream signifies that you will be able to turn things into your advantage.

You will manage to come out from the mess with your name untainted. It also suggests that you possess the strength to overcome whatever tribulations ahead.

*Seeing a bear trap – If you see a bear trap in your dream, it could mean that you are in a circumstance where you find it hard to go out from. It might not be that easy for you to flee from a bad situation.

*Shooting or hunting a bear – Contrary to seeing a bear trap, this dream signifies that you will be able to achieve your goals with no trouble.

  1. You are feeding and keeping a bear as a pet.

You might want to have a self-check and regain self-discipline, for you might have lost control over things including your emotions. Do not let petty circumstances anger you quickly. Keep your feelings at bay.

  1. You are chasing a bear.

Dreaming of chasing a bear might bring about negative connotations. This dream could mean that it might be a little too late for you to reach your goals and fulfill your plans.

Without the right mindset, you could be close to desperation as you might have not expected what you are about to face. Do not let your feeling of helplessness lead you to frustration.

  1. A bear is running away from you.

This dream symbolizes you, running away from the difficulties you are in in your waking life. It could be a gentle reminder for you to be courageous and to face the trials that you have. Look or even create a solution, and not just take flight from them.

  1. Dreaming of a roaring bear.

A roaring bear represents a figure that will be of great help to you. You might be caught in a situation where you will be needing help badly, to a point that you’d even be approaching someone you thought you’d never ask a favor from. Surprisingly, you will be getting all the help that you need.

  1. Dreaming about a Teddy bear.

As mentioned above on how teddy bears are a representation of childhood, dreaming of one means that memories from your childhood will re-emerge.

You might be up for succumbing to your nostalgia and reminiscing the past. A teddy bear also symbolizes fun, innocence, and a long and lasting friendship.

So, expect a fun and exciting reunion with your childhood friends and those people who were a part of your childhood.

Depending on the details of your dream, a lot of interpretations can be drawn from it. Biblical meaning of bears in dreams can just be your guide to facing your day to day challenges.

What’s important is that you always look on the bright side and remember that no matter how bad the situation is, there is always a way out of it.

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