21 Dreams About Bears : Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams About Bears Animal dreams are viewed differently in various cultures around the world and they are often interest and full of rich symbolism.

The bear has symbolized a powerful guardian,  a caring authority and a great symbol of simplicity and the duality of life in various cultures around the world.

It has also been a symbol of love and inspiration which is why the most popular and favorite toy in the world is a teddy bear.

Human beings have for eons loved, nurtured, worshiped and feared animals. The bear is one of those powerful totemic animals and known as the powerful ruler of deep forests and caves and mountains for centuries.

Therefore the fact that dreams about bears are considered to be very meaningful in most cultures around the world comes as no surprise.

The interpretation of your dreams about bears could depend on what the bear was doing or how it appeared in the dream.

This will depend on whether the dream is positive or negative. Waa the bear aggressive, peaceful, busy, protective, attacking, sleeping, talking or just standing?

Whatever the bear is doing in your dream is very important just as your reaction and the emotions you could be experiencing in the dream are.

Why you have bear dreams.

Dreams about bears could be quite foretelling about your waking life. So why would you dream of these impressive animals? There are various reasons why you would be having this dream about bears.

  1. Stability In Life

For some time the direction of your life might have been uncertain. You might have been in a state of confusion in your life but somehow of late you could have found your footing and achieved some form of stability.

You might have reached that point in your life where nothing is able to make you lose your focus or lead you out of your track and to uncomfortable places where your inner peace is disturbed.

  1. The Need For A Firm Stand.

You could also be having bear dreams because you have reached that point in your life where you need to reassert your beliefs.

You might also need to work harder than ever before on achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.

You will need to make a few uncomfortable changes in your life in order to make your intentions clear even if it means that there will be a show of your personal strength.

  1. Need For Inner Peace And Self-Confidence.

The bear is known to be a solitary animal and you might be finding it difficult to get this alone time for yourself.

There might be a need for you to slow down, get rid of all burdensome aspects of your life such as demanding and unhealthy relationships, stressful jobs or a chaotic environment.

The presence of a bear in your dream could be a sign for you to find your way out of the current depressing trail that you are on and seek another one of tranquility. Seek your very own personal peace, and confidence will follow.

  1. Great Rivalry

You might be experiencing great rivalry from a very strong opponent. This opponent might be threatening to destroy the very things you have worked so hard to achieve or destroy your life as you know it.

The best thing, in this case, is not to waste time being jealous or plotting sabotage, consider bettering yourself in other ways that your rival will never dream of.

Become the best version of yourself and get creative in whatever you are doing in order to put your rival(s) at a disadvantage.

  1. You Are Angry At Something

A bear in your dream especially an aggressive one could be an indication of how easily angered you are and how at the moment you are very angry about something.

Do things that shouldn’t make you angry? If you end up overreacting and doing regrettable things because of your anger over small things, consider seeking professional help to control this very dangerous behavior.

  1. You Are Independent

Bears are generally solitary animals unless it is a female with cubs. You could be dreaming about bears because you are a naturally independent person.

You hardly reach out to others because you pretty much have everything figured out. However, you might be needing help but because you are so used to taking care of yourself you are not reaching out for help that you need.

  1. Not An Easy Path Ahead

A bear dream could also be happening because you might be doing the right thing in working hard to pursue your dreams. However, there is also the fact that the road ahead is not an easy one.

You are going to face great obstacles but the truth is you have all it takes to overcome them and achieve your goals in the end. However, be prepared to face the hardest tests of your life.

  1. Meeting An Interesting Person

Bear dreams could also happen because you have or will be meeting a very interesting person whom you might even be romantically involved. This person will be kind, lovable and will make you laugh.

Chances are, the person might also find you attractive with an interesting personality. Therefore don’t give up on meeting good people yet if you haven’t already.

  1. A Powerful Enemy In Your Life

A bear in your dream could also be a sign of a very powerful enemy in your life. This powerful enemy has his sights on you and might make your life very difficult.

However, you should not be afraid but focus on your greatest strengths when dealing with this powerful enemy. You might also want to avoid the path where you encounter him and look for better options instead.

If you must cross paths with this powerful enemy, then look for areas where you are advantaged and use them against him. Another option would be to consider making peace with your powerful enemy.

  1. Great Protection

The bear dream could also be an indication that you are under great protection in your life which puts you at a great advantage over most of your peers.

It could be that you come from an influential family, have powerful friends or work for a very influential company.

Make use of this great protection to achieve great things in your life and become a better person. At no point should you ever think of using your powerful protection to commit a crime or carry out unjust activities.

Common Dreams About Bears

There are common dreams about bears and their interpretations and they are as follows.-

  1. Dream About Hunting A Bear

Hunting a bear in your dream is considered to be a very positive dream. It is an indication of your need to follow your instincts and make your dreams a reality.

The hunt represents the going after success by doing all the right things which mainly involve skill and working hard.

It is a good dream which should encourage you to work hard since your chances of success are high despite the whole process not looking easy.

  1. Dream About Encountering A Bear

The interpretation of this dream will depend on how the bear looks. Is It aggressive and attacking you, or is it calm and sleeping.

If the bear is attacking you, then it means that you are probably angry at something or someone. However, if the bear is peaceful in your dream, it means you have everything under control.

  1. Dream About Killing A Bear

This dream is positive and simply means that you will overcome all barriers and setbacks on your path to achieve your goal.

However, the road will not be easy and it will require a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In the end, you will be successful.

  1. Dream About A Bear In A Circus

A dream about a bear in a circus doing a show is a great indication that you will soon meet someone in your waking life who is kind, lovable and with a great sense of humor.

This person could be a new friend, colleague, partner or even a neighbor. Your life will definitely be better with this person in it.

  1. Dream About A Mother Bear And Cub

When you see a mother bear and her cub in your dream, it is a sign of the great protection you are currently enjoying in your waking life.

It could be that you have powerful guidance and support from a powerful friend; you come from an influential family or have some sort of status in society which offers you protection.

If this is true in your waking life, make sure you use your protection to achieve positive things and make a difference in society or in the lives of others. If you don’t have this sort of protection yet, then you might soon have it.

  1. Dream About A Dead Bear

A dead bear in your dream is a sign that indicates a weakness in you or how you have failed to take care of yourself.

Remember that bears are a symbol of inner strength and the dream could also be an indication of how your life and destiny are in your own hands.

This dream could also be an indication that the authority figure in your life is no more and their support and guidance are no longer available. It is therefore up to you to take control over your own life and make it better.

  1. Dream About A Bear Chasing You.

When you have this dream where you are running away with a bear on your heels chasing you, then this could be an indication that you are experiencing serious problems in your life but are trying to avoid them.

Turning a blind eye on your problems is not right because they will not go away on their own. It could be time to face those problems now instead of pretending they don’t exist even though you are bearing their consequences currently.

  1. Dream About A Resting Bear

When you see a dream where the bear is taking a rest, this is an indication that you are currently experiencing a period of meditation and great thinking.

It could be that you have important life decisions that you have to make. You might also be thinking about the next phase or step of your life, the changes that you have to make and the impact on your life.

In short, you are in the period of reflection and it is important to make this period count by making the best decisions for your life.

  1. Dream About Fighting With A Bear

This dream is an indication that you might experience some form of injustice in the coming times. The unfortunate thing is that your enemy will be stronger with more advantages than you.

This is why you will have to be careful and make every decision to be best for you in order to avoid such scenarios. With a stronger enemy, you will need various backup plans to avoid being at a disadvantage.

  1. Dream About A Dancing Bear

When you have this dream about a dancing bear, this is an indication that you will soon receive great financial help from someone in your waking life. It could be someone you know or from an unexpected source.

Through this financial support, your life will change for the better. Take advantage of this coming financial support to make decisions that will positively impact your life for a long time. In short, make the best financial decisions.


Dreams about bears are quite telling with the bear being such a  powerful totem animal in many cultures. Ensure that you remember details of your bear dream because often times the dream is closely related to your waking life and might offer some useful insights.

Whether positive or negative, knowing the truth about your waking life is always an advantage.  You can make better decisions, be a better person and enjoy a better life after knowing about your life and acting positively on that knowledge.

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