#28 Biblical Meaning of Eagle in Dreams & Interpretation

The Eagle is the Native American’s symbol for great strength, leadership, and vision. This seemed to have become an inarguable fact as the world’s greatest empires that followed had also made the eagle their “banners”. They chose the indomitable bird to represent their domain.

Alternatively, the early Christians had seen the eagle as a symbolism for hope and redemption. These may be two different representations that make the biblical meaning of eagle in dreams as interesting as it could be.

Why do you dream about eagles?

  1. You are about to be in a fight, but you are protected.

In the Book of Psalms, God is referred to as the one who satisfies us with the good so that youth is renewed like the eagle’s. In this passage, the eagle represents youthfulness, which in turn connotes vitality and strength.

Dreaming of an eagle could mean that you will be facing a fight, and this may be one that has something to do with your rights.

You will be cut short of what should be rightfully yours and you will fight for it. No worries though, for the eagle is moreover the sign of protection.

  1. You are in the stage of reaching your goals.

If you reflect on where you currently are in your life, would you feel satisfied? You may be facing difficult times right now but dreaming of an eagle signifies freedom and happiness.

You are in the process of realizing your dreams and you are about to be free from all the binds that tie you down. Furthermore, an eagle is an excellent hunter.

They’ve got their eyes on their target. Similarly, in your waking life, think of yourself as the eagle that hungers for its prey. Remember that focus is the key.

  1. It reminds you to be more sensitive to other’s feelings.

The eagle can be a very dominant animal. It is a creature of nobility and superiority. To see an eagle in your dream sometimes suggests you to be more perceptive of the emotions of those who surround you.

The eagle’s unrestricted movement symbolizes courage and fierceness. You might just want to tone down a little and listen to other people’s voices.

  1. It is best to rethink about investing your money.

If you dreamed about eagles and you happened to be in the middle of a decision-making where money is involved, you might want to think again.

Depending on how you see the eagle in your dream, it could give you a hint on what path you should choose. If the bird exhibits an offensive behaviour, it could mean a warning of the risk of the investment you’ve been considering.

On the other hand, a positive behaviour connotes that patience is needed before you strike on the target. It means that despite the seemingly calm circumstance, it is still best to wait for the right time before making the deal.

  1. You feel at peace and contented with your life.

Peace and contentment are two things that we all want in our waking lives. To see an eagle in you dream, especially if the bird is flying, means happiness and pure bliss.

You are blessed and everything that you have planned, when done with determination, will be fulfilled. This calls for a new path to venture. This is also the perfect time to restore balance in your life.

Common scenarios of eagles in dreams

  1. To dream of an eagle flying above you

Such dream usually brings a positive interpretation. Success is foretold in the near future. If you have felt thrown off by life lately, this is a sign that you are soon to recreate the balance that you had lost.

  1. To dream about being an eagle

This is a dream that suggests of an inner personality that you have yet to unleash. The dream signifies a revelation of your powerfully developed spirituality.

  1. To dream about catching an eagle

To dream of catching an eagle signifies your need to take notice of other’s emotions and needs. The eagle, being an animal of superiority, tends to exhibit courage more than it is necessary.

This dream reminds you to respect the other’s will and decision. You might have been manipulative and bossy to an extent that you forget that other’s opinions matter as well.

  1. To dream of a dead eagle

If in the dream, you were the one who killed the eagle, it is a sign of your decisiveness. You are full of ambitions and would do all that it takes to fulfill them. Your resoluteness and persistence will be your key to reaching you goals.

If someone else killed the eagle in your dream, it most likely brings a negative meaning. Life-changing undertakings are bound to happen. Be prepared for possible unpleasant events that would be a turning point.

  1. To dream of an eagle attacking you

An attack of an eagle in your dream represents your emotions. You may have been affected deeply by someone’s words or actions. You have probably been hurt and you cannot find it in your heart to move on from it. It is best to have a heart-to-heart talk with this person to settle whatever issues that you have.

  1. To see an eagle in your dream

* Black eagle – This is a bad omen that could mean of powerful people who may be conspiring against you. You could probably get demoted, transferred to a department lower in hierarchy, or worst… laid off.

* Golden eagle – An eagle of this color symbolizes opportunities that are too great to let go. This is a good sign that you will be working in meaningful projects that would be beneficiary to majority of the people.

* White eagle – A white eagle is a vivid representation of one’s willpower. It is, at the same time, a gentle note that all must be done with fairness and justice. Read more: 12 Dreams About Eagles : Meaning & Interpretation


Biblical meaning of eagle in dreams could bring about a number of various emotions. You may have felt invincible, focused, strong, dominant, free, happy, or anxious. However way we interpret, we most frequently visualize an eagle as a bird that soars high.

Let us then be reminded of this symbol for courage – to never be afraid to stretch our perimeter. Stop settling with status quo. Instead, reach higher than you ever thought you could.

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