12 Dreams About Eagles : Meaning & Interpretation

An eagle is a prey bird that is known for its sharp sight and its power to fly high. They do not associate with other birds and find it enjoyable flying at their own altitude. Dreams about eagles symbolize courage and a desire to stretch your limits. You may be having recurring dreams about eagles. Outlined below are the reasons.

Why dream about eagles.

We have a number of reasons why you are dreaming about eagles as outlined below;

  1. You should make use of your opportunities

An eagle is a bird of prey and therefore it always has the zeal to make use of the opportunities that are available when looking for its food. It loses no opportunity. That is the same zeal you should be having. Make use of all available opportunities that knock at your door.

  1. You will get into a fight but you will get protection

A dream about an eagle could have the implication that you are soon going to get into a fight. This fight might be about you being denied what you deem to be yours and in turn you will stand up for yourself and claim it powerfully. This should not bring fear because there is an element of protection which is the eagle.

  1. You are soon meeting your goals.

You might be in a situation where you are not really satisfied with yourself. You might be struggling be it financially, emotionally or even spiritually.

You are in the process of seeing your dreams come into reality because an eagle symbolizes freedom, joy and fulfillment. You are about to let go of everything that pulls you back.

Eagles go for what they want and do not lose focus when they are out looking for a prey. Therefore, see yourself as an eagle and do not stop making your dreams come into reality.

  1. You are fulfilled with your life.

We all want to be at peace and satisfied with the kind of life we live. When you see an eagle in your dream and especially if it is flying, means you are really happy and your heart is at peace.

  1. You should care about how others feel.

An eagle is a bird that does not associate itself with other birds and it is dominant. It is a superior animal. Seeing an eagle in your dream is simply reminding you to be mindful of how other people feel. Be accommodating and at least try and have a clear perception about their emotions.

  1. You should have a second thought about investing.

You could be in the middle of making a decision about an investment. Seeing an eagle in your dream at this particular moment signifies two things.

The eagle exhibiting an offensive behavior means that you are about to risk. When the eagle exhibits a pleasing behavior that means you should take your time before finally hitting your target. Be patient.

Common dreams about eagles.

Dream about killing an eagle.

Dreaming about killing an eagle could imply that you are a person that has a strong personality and that your determination in life is magical. To other birds, an eagle is superior and therefore it has its own territory.

So, if you kill an eagle in a dream it shows that you are up to face every challenge and conquer all foes that desire to see you down.

You have to know that with zeal, you will mightily defeat your opponents and eventually be the winner. Nothing will stop you along the way.

Dream about a dead eagle.

If you saw a dead eagle in your dream this could imply feelings of defeat, disappointment and failure.

If you are a famous person, this could mean that your fame and power will be mercilessly taken from you. You have probably lost control and power from your standings that you considered higher.

Dream about an eagle attacking you.

An eagle attacking you in a dream is a warning that you might be getting yourself into something risky. It might be about an investment you are planning to make, a relationship request you are about to say yes to or even an offer you are about to accept.

You could also be trying to take control of another individual who will strike back. It generally means that your courage is going to be challenged.

Dream about a restrained eagle.

Seeing a caged or chained eagle in your dream means that you have been locked up in certain situations. You have desperate situations and you feel like you have been restricted.

There are things in your life that prevent you from achieving your desires. These might be burdens that are connected to your finances or relationships that make you stick to a certain location.

Dream about an eagle’s nest.

If you saw an eagle’s nest in your dream then it is a very good sign and more especially if there were eggs inside. It implies that new opportunities are coming your way and everything you have ever wanted is coming.

There are useful connections you are going to get that will deliver your success. Seeing an eagle’s nest also means that you are on the road to success and especially if you felt satisfied in your dream.

Dream about shooting an eagle.

Shooting an eagle using a gun or any other weapon represents a bad sign. This kind of dream is a warning of tough and challenging events that are coming your way in the near future.

There is coming a period of great loss. If you are involved in business you are going to make losses .It might also mean people close to you are going to die.

If you are married or dating this dream implies that your relationship is coming to an end. This one is a bad omen.

Dream about someone else killing an eagle.

This is also a bad omen dream. This could mean that your life is going to undergo a lot of changes that are not good. Problems are coming.

They are usually unexpected problems and therefore you are going to make unexpected decisions. The challenges might be revolving around your finances, relationships, education and even your good health.

Dream about catching an eagle

Your dream about catching an eagle means that you should start being considerate to others and pay attention to their personal needs.

You should start listening to the opinions of other people .Allow others make their own decisions instead of manipulating them to follow what you decide.

Dream about an eagle making circles above you

A dream about an eagle making circles above you implies that there is coming a time when you will need to stand up and claim what belongs to you.

You will encounter conflicts in the process. Worry not because in all of the fights you are going to be a victor at last.

Dream about you as an eagle.

Your dream about being an eagle simply means that you are a person that has made long strides in life which has eventually led to your development. It means you have become courageous, strong and you have developed spiritually.

Dream about having an eagle in your house.

Seeing an eagle in your house is a good sign. It shows that your life is improving and everything in your life is following the path that you have always desired. It is a sign of good things.

If you have been barren be sure a baby will soon be born. Your relationship is also going to flourish, your business is going to bring profits, you are going to get a job and your academic research project that has been rejected a number of times is going to be approved.

Dream about watching an eagle fly.

Watching an eagle fly in your dream is a good sign. This dream means that you are going to be successful in the near future.

You are going to reorganize yourself and accomplish all your responsibilities that you have always ran away from. All of these will be done in a super way that will make others regard you highly.


From the points above you realize that dreams about eagles can be interpreted either positively or negatively. Regardless of this, never doubt your ability to soar higher like the eagle. Be reminded to be of courage and always focus.

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