#18 Biblical Meaning of Orange Fruit in a Dream & Interpretation

Oranges have been known as a fruit of high relevance among humans from the ancient periods. Oranges are believed to be a fruit with high recognition in the Eastern part of the world and the Meditteranean.

Biblically, dreams related to oranges are used in comparison with the sun and the beauty that it possesses because of its light and alluring appearance.

The orange fruit is usually regarded as the “god’s apple” in many cultures and traditions all over the world and the importance of these fruits cannot be taken lightly.

It is also believed to have a great linkage with the early Christians as certain people have a belief that the tree present in the garden of Eden wasn’t apple but the orange fruit.

Although there is no assurance of this, other parts of the orange fruits such as its flower, appearance, and tree are also of great importance in relation to the Christian religion. The orange fruit is usually associated with the sun and its power, fertility, beauty, eternity and lots more.

In this article, we will explain the various reasons why you had dreams related to oranges and we will also give interpretation to some common dreams about oranges. Read further to know more about what this sweet fruit depicts in your dream.

Why Could You Dream About Orange Fruits

Oranges have existed since the beginning of an understanding of what fruits meant and their purpose as food for nutrition and proper well-being. These fruits have been attributed to Greek mythology and culture and it is believed to be a great sign of honor and respect.

There are so many reasons why dreams about orange fruits could occur, this type of dream could be a symbol of fertility, beauty, eternity, innocence and purity, divinity, immortality, longevity, and richness.

Dreams about oranges can be attributed to the ancient times and there are certain biblical records regarding the orange fruits and it is important that we pay attention to what each of these dreams represents.

It is believed that mother Earth offered orange fruit to Zeus and Era during their wedding which is a sign of prosperity and abundance. Some of the reasons why you could dream about oranges will be discussed below so it is advisable to pay close attention to each of them so that you can have the needed or required understanding.

Symbol of Fertility

Having a look at the orange tree as a whole, it is a plant that does not fail to produce well during its season and period. This plant is believed to be abundant in fruits and it can produce as much as it could when its time comes.

So when you dream about oranges, this could be a sign that something great and meaningful is about to happen in your life and you need to be prepared for its abundance in your life.

If you are married and you have such a dream, this could be a sign that you are going to be blessed with children very soon so you do not have to worry yourself as regards things pertaining to productivity.

This could also be related to your work, it can mean that you are going to get involved in new business and it is going to make real sense in no time. Work harder and never fail to be the best you can at all time.

Sign of Longevity

The orange tree is a great plant as it can produce for as long as possible, it is believed to have the ability to live for as long as it could.

The fruit tree is believed to have a long survival period and it can produce fruits for as long as it still has its roots in the soil.

When you have a dream in which you see the orange tree, this could be a sign that you will grow old and you will have a blissful and blessed life. This could be a sign that you will have many challenges in your life, troubles might come your way but you will overcome them because you will grow old and spend more time in the land of the living.

The orange tree can flower for as long as they exist and it also produces fruits as well. As regards your sexual and social life, this could mean that you are going to spend more time with the people around you and you will feel great having them around. This could also be a sign that you will be appreciated for what you do and what you have will be forever.

The symbolism of Innocence and Purity

The orange fruit usually has nice and beautiful flowers that are quite adorable. The beautiful white flowers of orange are usually used in marriages in ancient times to indicate the innocence and purity of the woman that is being married.

When you have a dream about the flower of an orange tree, this could be a sign that someone very close to you has been accused of something he or she never did and this could be a sign of the person’s innocence.

This could also symbolize your heart and what you believe in,  it could also mean that you are someone who is pure at heart and you do not participate or get involved in things that are very bad and unpleasant.

You should pay attention to this dream as this could help to save the life of someone very innocent. You should be more careful about the things that you do so that you do not do things carelessly and in a bad manner.


The presence of a dream at your sight is a very great one and this could be a sign of something beautiful that you are going to experience soon enough.

This fruit is very catchy that is why it is believed to be one of the fruits that have been used for soothing the soul for quite a long period of time.

The presence of this dream can relate to one’s personality and appearance and it can indicate the sweetness and beauty that exists in the heart of man.

You should be proud of who you are and you should know that there are people that want to be like you because you are like a source of inspiration to some people around you.

Common Dreams About The Orange Fruit

There are so many dreams you could have relating to the orange fruit. From dreams related to peeling oranges, plucking one, eating the fruit, to seeing it,  there are meaning and interpretation to them so you have to be precise about your dreams.

Here, we will discuss more the common dreams related to orange fruits and we will give the interpretations thereafter. The following paragraphs contain the information as regards the common dreams and their respective interpretations.

Dream about eating oranges

This could be a sign that you or someone very close to you is going to have health-related issues. Therefore, it is important that you go for a medical checkup as soon as possible to avoid troubles related to your health.

Dream about a very big orange

When you have this type of dream, this could be a sign that you are going to meet someone that will be a major part of your life in the nearest future, that is, your souls mate. This could also be a sign of a beautiful and pleasant moment that will be ahead of you.

Dream about an orange peel

When you have a dream about orange peels, this could be the sign of being underestimated or this could also mean that death is approaching your way and you need to be more concerned about it.

This could be the death of someone very close to you so you have to take good care of people very close to you so that nothing will happen to them.

Dream about peeling an orange

This dream usually indicates that you have made certain mistakes in the past and you are looking for the perfect way to stop them. This could be a sign that you need to think more before making important and paramount decisions.

Dream about smelling an orange

This type of dream can be a sign that you will have some positive experiences in the nearest future.

This could also mean that you will experience certain difficulties but you will be able to overcome them in no time so you have no need to worry.

Dream about picking an orange

When you have this type of dream, this is a sign that you will get an awesome job that will pay you well and you will be very happy at such work and you will have great times as an addition.

Dream about buying an orange

This is a sign that someone very close to you will disappoint you very soon. You will get hurt by people that you trust so much and you will begin to question the reason why they did such a thing to you.


Oranges have great meanings and they can be related to events that have happened in ages and things that occurred in the bible.

Oranges can represent so many things including purity, sweetness, love, prosperity, abundance, longevity, and lot more so you need to pay attention to everything in the dream to decipher their meanings. Dreams about oranges can have both positive and negative meanings depending on the event in the dream.

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