#13 Biblical Meaning of Shoes In Dreams & Interpretation

Often time’s dreams are an indication of the things happening in our daily lives. However, there are cases where these dreams become a message from God.  This is why the interpretation of dreams has in some cases been done through Biblical symbolism.  Ever dreamed about shoes?  In the bible whenever shoes are mentioned they often times symbolize direction or life path. So why do you keep dreaming of shoes?

Why You Have Shoes In Your Dreams.

There are various reasons why you could be having shoes in your dreams and they are as follows.

Faith And Readiness To Serve God

You could be having the dream about shoes becomes of your growing faith and your readiness to be of service to God. It could be you now want to preach or just serve God in a certain capacity within your church community or outside it.

Strayed From The Right Path

A dream about shoes could also be because you have strayed away from the right path.  It could that you are not keen on your faith as you are supposed to be and are embracing other ways or doctrines which are not in line with your faith.

The Need To Cleanse Yourself.

In the bible, there are several scenarios where shoes are considered dirty and the people in the bible were asked to remove their shoes when on Holy ground. Priests remained barefoot when performing their priestly duties, believers entered sanctuaries barefooted and there was an instance where Moses was asked to take off his shoes when he came to the holy ground where there was a burning bush. Your dream could also be happening because you might need to cleanse yourself in some way. You might have sinned or could possess objects that need cleansing before being used in faith-based matters or other matters that require cleansing.

A transfer of power

The shoes in your dream could also be a sign of a transfer of power that would occur. You might be transferring power to another, receiving power from another or you might simply be a witness to a great transfer of power between two parties.

Great Humility

Humility is on your part could also be the biblical reason why you could be having dreams about shoes. This is the case, especially if in your dream, you are carrying the shoes of someone.

Common Dreams About Shoes

There are various dreams about shoes and their biblical meanings and interpretations are as follows.-

A General Dream About Shoes

When you dream about shoes in your dream minus any details, such a dream could be an indication of your spiritual journey that will be key in developing your spirituality. The dream could also be a symbol of the progress you are making in your life towards achieving your goals and desires. It could also be an indication of you coming to an understanding of something that has been unclear for a while.

A Dream About Shoes That Don’t Fit.

This dream could be an indication that you might not be true to yourself and your beliefs. Your actions could be different compared to your convictions. The dream could also be a symbol of the lack of joy and disappointment within your marriage or your current romantic relationship.

Dream About Getting Different-Sized Shoes

This dream where you received a pair of different-sized shoes is usually not a positive dream. It could be an indication of some form of interference from someone in your marriage or relationship.  If in the dream you wore these different sized shoes, then it could also be a sign of the problems and obstacles that you would be facing soon pertaining to your romantic life.

Dream About Losing Shoe(s)

When you experience this dream, it is definitely not a positive one and could be indicating your being under the influence of some evil spiritual forces that want to ruin your relationship or marriage.  You could be experiencing some kind of manipulation in your relationship.

If you lost both shoes in your relationship, then this could mean that you are going to face great difficulties in your love life or marriage. The dream could be a warning of you to do something to save your relationship or marriage from crumbling.  In some instances, you might be experiencing this dream as a symbol of disgrace and poverty that might soon happen in your life unless you do something about it.

Dream About Someone Wearing Your Shoes.

When you happen to see someone wearing your shoes in your dream, it could be an indication that you will need to confront the relationship or marriage issues that you are going to face as soon as they appear.

Dream About Wearing someone’s else shoes.

This dream is usually not positive and an indication of confrontations and arguments that you will experience with someone. These confrontations might lead to something big and negative happening such as regrettable decisions reached in anger or something close with long-term repercussions.

Dream About Changing Your Shoes

When you are changing your shoes in your dream, it could be a sign of some major life changes that will be happening soon such as getting married or beginning a new position or a new phase of life.  The dream could also be an indication of your change of attitude towards something or someone in your life.

Dream About Seeing A Single Shoe

When you experience this dream, it is a sign that you might have lost the meaning and direction of your life somewhere along the way. Perhaps if you retraced your steps and checked where you lost your way and then embark on the right path things would be better.

Dreams about shoes should never be underestimated. They could be telling a lot about your life now or in the future.  The bible has referred to shoes both symbolically and in actual stories surrounding shoes. There is no doubt that it is a very important symbol. Remember as much as you can about your dreams about shoes for an accurate biblical interpretation if that is what you seek.

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