Dreaming of a Snake in Your House – Meaning & Interpretation

Dream of a snake in your house – The snake which is feared by many is often a symbol of shrewdness, vigilance, intuition, longevity, vigilance, rebirth, patience, intellect, enigma and splendor among other.

This ground-dwelling creature appears in the dreams of many and has a lot of symbolism, of course, the interpretation will depend on the dreamer’s current waking life status and what the snake in the dream does.

Dreaming of a snake in your house can have various meanings. But first, why would you have such a dream?

Why your dream of a snake in your house

There are various reasons why you would have this dream and they are as follows:

  1. You feel threatened

When you have a recurring dream of a snake in your house, it could mean that you are feeling threatened by someone or something powerful and influential.

You could also be afraid that this person or something might cause harm in your family or upset your stable home and family relationships in some way.

If this is the case, just take measures to protect yourself if your fears are valid or do something to turn the situation to be better and less threatening.

  1. A Major event will occur

Sometimes when you see a snake in your house in your dream, it could be that a major event is going to happen in your life very soon. This event is most likely to change your life for the better.

  1. The desire for physical intimacy

You could also be having this dream because you feel a strong need for physical intimacy. You could be living with your spouse but maybe you aren’t intimate enough.

You wish to have intimacy frequently and feel neglected. A good talk with your partner could help the situation.

  1. New Ideas

You could also be having new ideas about your home, life or career that could actually be good. In this case, the dream could be a snake egg hatching in your home for example or a newly hatched baby snake crawling in your home.

  1. Your Sacrifice for others

The dream could be happening because you might have sacrificed a lot for others and lived a life of scarcity or a life that is not as good as the one you would have lived without the sacrifices.

You might be feeling the pain of your sacrifice now. If the dream keeps recurring, then maybe you should reconsider these sacrifices if they are ongoing.

Are the sacrifices worth it? Ask yourself that and if they are, try to find a way to ensure that you are not completely at a disadvantage.

  1. Vibrant energy within you

You could also be having a vibrant energy within you that you haven’t discovered yet. Or you might have recently discovered this new energy.

This energy could just be what you need to do great exploits in your life. It could be time to explore this energy and know what you could accomplish.

Common Snake in your house dreams

There are common dreams about a snake in your house along with their meanings and they are as follows.

  1. Dream About a snake crawling in your house

This dream could be an indication of some great event that is going to happen in your life. Whatever you do just get ready for this event if it hasn’t happened yet.

It could be a wedding, a promotion, a great visit, a reunion or you could even win the jackpot. A snake in your house is no small thing which is why this event will be a big happening.

  1. Dream about seeing a snake under your pillow

When you have this dream, this could be a sign of your great desire for intimacy. You could have stayed too long without physical intimacy that you feel neglected if you have a partner.

If you don’t have a partner it could be that you need one and you badly need to experience physical intimacy.

  1. Dream about a snake running out of your house.

This dream could be an indication of some kind of heartbreak that will happen. It could be a separation that might happen or some bad ending of a relationship that means a lot to you.

If you feel that a certain important relationship is at the rocks, then consider solutions that might make that relationship work again.

  1. Dream about a snake wrapped around you in your house

This dream could be an indication of your frustration because of the restrictions that you are experiencing in your life.

The restrictions could be in the form of you chaotic homelife, a smothering relationship, a demanding workplace, nosy neighbors and even the difficult economic life. Consider finding ways to ease your frustrations by changing the things you can.

  1. Dream about snake shedding skin in your house

Having this dream is an indication of your successful growth as a person. It could be that every aspect of your life is experiencing a positive change.

Take advantage of this positive change in your life and make good impressions and positive impacts. If success hasn’t happened yet, wait for it, it is coming.

  1. Dream of catching a snake in your house.

This dream is a good indication of some good luck that is going to befall you. You could get lucky in business and make a lot of money.

You could also get lucky in your romantic life and finally get the person of your dreams. Just know that something good is going to happen to you.

  1. Dream of fighting with a serpent in your house

When you have this dream it could be that you are resisting change. This change will eventually happen no matter how much you resist, protest and firmly refuse to accept it.

It will eventually happen and maybe the change isn’t a bad thing. It could actually what you need.

  1. Dream of a hissing snake in your house

When you have this dream, this could be an indication of the sacrifices you have made for others. These sacrifices could be taking their toll on you. Perhaps you should reconsider the sacrifices and come up with a solution to give you some ease.


A dream about a snake in your house is a very interesting dream.  Remember all the details about your dream for accurate interpretation. However, do not be alarmed when you dream of a snake in your house. It doesn’t have to be a bad sign, it can actually be a good dream.

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