13 Dreams About Snakes Attacking Someone Else

Dreams about snakes attacking are often reflection of dreamer’s emotions no matter if that is surprise, anxiety, fear, feeling trapped or constricted. This dream should make you think about your life and your emotions.

Ask yourself where in your life do you feel this way? How do you feel in your dream when you see the snake attacking you? Compare the feelings from real life and your dream and you will find the right meaning.

Besides your emotions there are also other signs that can show you the right way of thinking and understanding the dream and they will be also explained in this article.


Being attacked by a snake in a dream is a sign that you are in the process of becoming more aware of some aspects of your personality no matter if you want it or not.

The snake attack symbolizes the inner tension between what has been hidden or repressed and is challenging you in real life. Read more: #9 Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

Dreams about snake attacking are pointing to dreamer’s resistance to change something in real life or are reflection of some part of a dreamer that is being avoided or neglected.


An aggressive serpent in your dream can symbolize tension or some kind of resistance you are feeling in a real life and it is time to face with the truth.

Not being afraid of a danger

Being attacked by the snake can also mean that you are not afraid of danger and that you will feel happiness after you defeat the obstacles in real life. Read more: Dreams about Orange Snakes

Snake attack in a water

If you are attacked in water it could be a warning that you are maybe suffering from some illness related to the part of your body that the snake is trying to attack.

Dreaming snake attack in pregnancy

If you are pregnant and you are dreaming about the snake attack that can foretell you that you will give birth to a baby boy and if the snake is fat, that will be a sign that your boy will be clever. Read more: 50 Dreams about Snakes

Snake attack meaning for single person

If you are single and see the snake attacking you in a dream and you kill it that will be a sign that you will find your ideal partner soon.

Bad luck and good luck

If a husband dreams his wife being attacked by a snake that can mean that he will be have some bad luck soon.

On the other side, if a wife is dreaming her husband being attacked by a snake, it will mean that she will have good luck in social activities. Read more: 10 Dreams About Red Snakes

If you in your dream a snake attacking your father that will be a good sign also foretelling good luck.

Unhappy events in a family

If a parent dreams that snake is attacking his or her child that can be a sign of some unhappy events or disputes breaking family harmony.

Distant family relations

If you see the snake attacking someone else, that can also mean that you maybe didn’t spend enough time with your family and that can lead to distant family relations. Read more: Dreaming of a Snake in Your House

Enemy attacked by a snake

If you see an enemy from real life being attacked by a snake that can mean that you will benefit from internal conflicts among the enemies or opponents.

Snake attacking a finger

Seeing a snake attacking your finger can be a sign of bad luck. If you are a mom and you see this in your dream, it is possible that you and your child will become sick. Read more: 11 Dreams about Black Snakes

For business people this can be a warning that they should be more careful about long-term targets instead of immediate interest in order to make business successfully.

Being afraid to take a risk

Snake attack in a dream can be reflection of fear to take a risk in an uncertain environment in waking life. In this context, the snake is a symbol of being afraid to take a risk and get hurt.

This kind of snake dream means inner blockade against making a move in a sensitive situation where you feel that each action you make can be a trigger for an attack towards you. Read more: 50 Dreams About Snakes

This should make you think about situations from your real life where you have to take action and act wisely in order to make the right decision. Is there some relationship where you are “walking on egg shells”? Think about it.

Threatening situation

Seeing a snake in your dream attacking you can be reflection of some unsafe or threatening situation in your real life. This dream can mean a strong discomfort, worry or fear that you feel about some challenging situation.

That is a signal that you aren’t fully acknowledging these feelings or situation and that you have to pay more attention to it.

Unresolved part of yourself

As you know, snakes are famous as untamed animals and they can symbolize untamed, wild part of your personality that is often judged by you or people from your environment as socially or morally unacceptable. Read more: 14 Dreams About Snakes Biting You

When it comes to sexuality, this dream can be related to deep instinctual drives. It can be related to your hidden desire to aggressively express your primal energy or creativity.


Dreams about snake attacking have very deep meaning and require special attention if you want to understand them in a right way. These dreams can be reflection of different feelings from real life, no matter what they are.

In order to understand these dreams well try to compare the feeling from waking life with those from you dream. Read more: Dreams about a big Snake

The snake attack can be also related to family relations and situations, bad ones and good ones, depending on who has been attacked in your dream.

This kind of snake dream can also mean a need to take care of the things from real life that are triggering resistance.

It is a call to face and explore what is in your real life perceived as a threat and think about the way to deal with that before it is too late.

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