#9 Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere – Dreaming About Snakes Everywhere

Dreaming of snakes everywhere can be very frightening if you are usually afraid of snakes. But most times the meaning can be interpreted based on your feelings and reactions in the dream. Often times the dream of crawling snakes everywhere could be a symbol of a great abundance of energy.

It could also be a symbol of new possibilities in life or that you are feeling overwhelmed and a seeking that larger perspective in order to enjoy your life.

Why You Could Be Experiencing This Dream

Outlined below are reasons why you could be experiencing this dream.

  1. There could be Abundance In Your Life

You could be possessing this energy that you haven’t fully expressed or tapped into.It could also be a symbol of an abundance of great instinctual drives like the survival or sexual energy.

Look at your waking life, do you have certain abundance in your life that you haven’t fully acknowledged or expressed.

On the other hand, the dream could actually be a revelation of whatever that lacks in your life and how advantageous it would be if this thing were present. Look carefully at your waking life. What is lacking that could be beneficial to your life?

  1. Your Personal Space Is Getting Invaded

You could have had this situation that you have ignored for long because it was difficult to handle. Your peace of mind could be so far thanks to the overwhelming concerns that you are experiencing.

It could also be the reason why you feel your personal space is being occupied as a result of boundaries that aren’t respected.

Take time and define your own boundaries in a more forceful manner. This will prevent you from getting hurt by people who invade your space.

  1. A Healing Process Is Taking Place

Snakes are usually a symbol of healing and could be an indication that a healing process is taking place. Your interpretation will depend on where you see the snakes in your dream.

From that information, you can connect the dots by looking at your life and noting where healing is required.

  1. Issues Related to Sexuality.

You could also be undergoing issues related to sexuality in your life. You could be sexually deprived or your sexual activity could be in an overdrive and this could be troubling you. You could also be unable to perform sexually and this too is a major issue in your life.

  1. You could be Naturally Afraid Of snakes

You could also be having this dream as an indication of your real fear towards snakes. Your subconscious could just be communicating what your heart and mind are feeling in your current waking life.

Questions To Ask Yourself

As you are interpreting your snake dream you can ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What feelings did you have when you had the snake dream?
  2. What aspect of your life requires healing?
  3. Are you facing a situation in your life that is difficult to handle. ?
  4. What is the situation in your waking life like?

Common Snake Dream Scenarios – Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

There are common snake dream scenarios and their interpretations and they are as follows:

  1. Snakes Surrounding You

When you experience this dream, then it is an indication of the enemies surrounding you and all things that make it difficult for you to make progress in life.

If in your dream you manage to kill all the snakes surrounding you then rest easy because all your enemies, troubles and worries will soon be over and you will emerge victoriously.

  1. Walking Over Snakes Everywhere

When you have this dream, it could be an indication that you will experience this ever-present fear of sickness, deception, and betrayal.

However, if you manage to face your fears, then you will have little fear of any challenges that may come about.

  1. Snakes Chasing You

This dream could be an indication of the terrifying situations in your real life that are haunting you.

Some emotions might be surfacing when you are trying hard to keep them hidden.  You could also be running away from something that you are afraid to face.

When you experience snakes biting you in your dream, this could be an indication that you haven’t been paying close attention to some matters.

The fact that you find these matters unpleasant and you are trying to avoid them, they will never go away on their own. At some point, you will have to face them and handle them or the consequences will be long-term.

  1. Talking Snakes Talking To You

When you dream of a snake(s) talking to you, this could be a symbol of your spirituality. You could be trying to understand various forms of spirituality around you. You have that strong need to discover something more about yourself and the world around you.

  1. Snakes Attacking You

This dream could be an indication that your opportunity to do many things is now or never. Even as these opportunities to do great things present themselves, you will still need to learn how to handle them right and do a great job.

Snakes in dreams appear differently, they could be single or varying types,  different colored and different situations in the dreams.

Dreaming of snakes could be frightening but in reality, some of the dreams could be positive, with positive interpretations.  It is not always a tale of war but it could also be a symbol of great hope for the future or new beginnings.

Look closely into your snake dreams, not how you are feeling, the colors around you and the snakes or other things around you.

When you remember as much detail as you can and write it down, it becomes easy to interpret your snake dreams.


Lastly, remember that dreams are often times not just dreams that should be forgotten. Instead, they are the metaphors that explain the things happening in our real lives.

The only snakes you should be afraid of are the real ones in waking life and not the dream ones. Use dreams to understand and build something great in your life.

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