7 Dreams About Yellow Snakes : Good or Bad ?

Meaning of snake dreams also depend on the color of the snake. The snake color can tell you a lot and help you interpret your dream in a right way. Dreams about yellow snakes are mostly reflection of your intuition and intellect.

The yellow snake dream meaning also depends on the condition and situation you see in your dream. As the other snake dreams it always has some hidden message related to real life.

In the most of the cases yellow snake dreams happen to people who have worries and anxiousness in real life. These dreams can have positive and negative meaning and in this article we will help you to interpret the signs from your dream in a right way.


Dreams about yellow snakes can have many hidden meanings, both the positive and negative depending on the situation and snake actions that happen in your dream.

The meaning of this kind of dream is related to the unconscious, the transition times and phallic symbol.

Yellow snake in you dream can be a sign of passivity or betrayal in your life or some complex feeling. It can be related to your fears and worries that you unconsciously feel in a real life.

Shades of yellow

If you see in your dream a snake with yellow and dark colors intertwined, that can mean both the conscious and unconscious part of you and their dynamic interactions.

If the snake is more gold, it can be related to spiritual matters. Yellow-green snake can symbolize feelings of anger, jealousy and betrayal.

Bright yellow is a sign of positive feelings life joy and other expressions of optimism. Dark, muddy yellow snake has a strong meaning of betrayal and deceit. That means your intuition is constrained.

Intellect and intuition

Dream about yellow snake can be reflection of your intellect and the way you are using it to sort through some tricky situations in real life.

This dream can be also related to your intuition, opening to new insight and awareness, your inner light or guidance. It can be also a wakeup call to step forward and use the intellect to tackle with some issue in real life.

Passivity and betrayal

As we mentioned at the beginning, the yellow snake can also be a symbol of betrayal and cowardice. It can have a hidden message that someone from real life is betraying you or that maybe you are betraying your own ideals by your actions. Read more: 11 Dreams about Black Snakes

This dream can also be a call to grow your self-confidence and ability to deal with a situation and analyze and make decisions based on a clear vision.

Big yellow snake

Believe it or not, the meaning of your dream can also depend on the snake size. If you see in your dream a big, yellow snake chasing you, that can mean you have a struggling decision in your heart.

That can mean that in the deep of your heart you don’t like changing situation or alteration. Somewhere in your unconsciousness you wouldn’t like some real life situation to be changed. In reality you resist to make some change. Read more: #10 Big Snake Dream Meaning

This can also mean that you are feeling intimate of discriminate in your real life and that is why you are constantly under pressure.

If you are fighting the big yellow snake that can mean you have a big power and struggle to create an intimate relationship in your work circles.

Blue and yellow snake

If you are fighting the blue and yellow snake in your dream that can mean you are struggling with some decision in your waking life.

It is related to some gloomy feeling inside your heart. The blue color symbolizes enmity, depression, distress and calamity. Read more: 14 Dreams About Snakes Biting You

It can also mean some your hidden desire. The bitten snake can mean you are careless and that you need to pay attention to things that you avoid to face with in your real life. That can be a call to step up and face with problems.

If you get the venom from blue and yellow snake that can mean difficulties in your life and that you are facing with some obstacles you can’t handle. This dream can also be a reflection of the negativity that appears around you.

Red and yellow snake

Red and yellow snake dream is pretty common.  That is often a water snake. It can be a sign that you are receiving help, but also can be related to some decision that you need to make in reality. If you owe this kind of snake it can mean you are gaining power and authority.

It can mean that somewhere in your mind you have the intention to gain the power and take control over something but it isn’t possible in reality.

White and yellow snake

If you see this snake in your dream attacking you on the way home, it can be related to some enemy in a real life. The white color means that the enemy is weak. Read more: 10 Dreams About Red Snakes

It can also mean that you want to challenge yourself towards the world. It is possible you will be in some challenging situation.

In that case you will need to know how to deal with it because you will certainly have some obstacles in your adventure.


The dreams about yellow snakes are very often and as all the other snake dreams they depend on the situation and actions that snake takes in your dream.

Compared to the other snake dreams, this kind of dreams also depends on the snake size and can be positive and negative. It also depends on the shades of yellow color. Is it darker of brighter?

This kind of snake dream is linked with your intellect and intuition. It can mean you are struggling with your heart to make the right decision.

This dream can also be a warning that you have to step up and face with problems in your real life or you are careless and don’t pay attention to some important things and situation.

As this dream can have many different meanings both the positive and negative, you should try to remember your dream or write it down and calmly try to interpret the details.

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