14 Dreams About Snakes Biting You – What Does It Mean When You Dream of Snake Biting

Dreaming a snake is very unpleasant and it is one of the most striking dreams for many people. That feeling comes from the fear in real life of being bitten and to die from snake’s poison.

Dreams of snake biting are very common snake dreams. In most of the cases the dreamer wakes up scared wondering what that dream could mean.

That kind of dreams is usually some warning or wakeup call in real life and pay attention to your surroundings. In this article we will explain you what kind of warning it can be.

Meaning of the snake bite dream

Snake bite dream depending on body part that is bitten

The hidden message of your snake dream where snake bites you will also depend on the place of your body where you have been bitten.

You should analyze the meaning you give to that part of your body and how it can be related to something that needs change in your real life.

The snake bite to the right hand

The snake bite to the right hand can mean that you are conflicted about making the right choice in your life. It can also be a sign that you are preoccupied with acting in fairness or trying to reach a healthy transparency in an intimate or business relationship. This kind of dream can be also related to appointments or debts.

The snake bites you on left hand

If the snake bites you on left hand it means weakness because the symbol of left hand is weakness.

That can mean you feel vulnerable or weak on some things in your life and you are afraid to make wrong choice. Read more: Dreams about Yellow Snake

For example, maybe you are protecting your little sister or brother in real life and you are concerned about how to protect her or him.

It can also mean you are worried about your inner child. Growing up can be traumatic in these insecure times. Children are unfortunately exposed to many bad things.

You are bitten in the back

In case you are bitten in the back that can mean that you should pay attention to ill words or suspicious action of people surrounding you in real life.

That can also be a sign that you have to resolve issues from the past or concerns that are torturing you for a long time. Read more : Dreaming of snakes while pregnant

The snake bites you on left foot

If the snake bites you on left foot that mean you shouldn’t panic at problematic situations that you would face in your life. This dream has the purpose to warn you that you will mess up things if you get scared.

On the other hand, if you have never say die attitude you will be able to handle all different troubles in your life. Read more: 3 Dreams about Orange Snakes: Meaning & Interpretation

The snake from your dream has bitten you on the right leg

This dream has specific interpretation and it is very common. It means you have enemies in your life you should pay attention to. They are trying to for doing harm on you.

The snake bite on ankle

The snake bite on ankle is usually bad indication. It can mean some kind of warning about possible treat around you.

Pay attention to things you were ignoring

Dreams of snake biting can be a painful reminder that you should pay attention to some situation or relationship that is difficult to deal with in your real life.

This kind of snake dream can be a symbol of your guidance system or unconscious trying to get your attention through a wakeup call.

This dream can help you to be more aware of the aspect of yourself that you have been neglecting.

This dream will cause your strong reaction like pain, surprise or fear and in the most of the cases you will wake up so this can be a sign to wake yourself up in real life from a situation where you have been compromising too much.

This can be also a reminder that you have to resolve or come to terms with a behavior that paralyzes your ability to make a decision and move forward.

Being bitten by the snake is a signal to think about what is “poisonous” in your real life and to cure that. Read more: 50 Dreams About Snakes, What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes ?

Your wild side

The snake bite dream can be also reflection of your desires from real life. This dream will bring your attention through the symbol of this animal and point to the part of your personality that you consider as “wild” and even “out of control”

Transformation in your life

The snake bite can make you start numbering yourself and avoid what has to be done to get to the next step in your life.

It can also mean a shift occurring in your awareness or your transformation. That is a sign that you are becoming more aware about something in your life that was hidden or avoided before.

That transformation can be painful at first but also beneficial in the long run. That will be a part of your wake up process.  Read more: 10 Dreams About Red Snakes

Struggle with temptation

The dream about snake bite can be also reflection of temptation in your life. This snake has the same symbol like the serpent in the Garden of Eden from Christian Bible where this animal can be related to temptation, desire or situation you feel conflicted about in real life because it doesn’t fit in your ethical values or beliefs. Read more: Big Snake Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Problems in real life

Dreams of snake biting can also mean problems will be in your way. They can mean you succumb to evil influences or your enemies are planning to hurt you one way or another.

You injure or criticize a friend

In case you are watching someone being bitten by the snake in your dream that can mean you will injure or criticize a friend, pretend or otherwise. In this situation you will be the predator and not the prey.

How to get better understanding of the snake bite dream

In order to reach deeper meaning of your snake bite dream you should ask yourself these questions:

Which part of your body the snake attacked? Find the corresponding meanings.

How afraid are you after feeling the snake bite you in your dream?

Are you able to imagine the snake biting you? If that is a case, you will probably feel even worst in your dream. Never forget that it can have positive meaning as a wakeup call.

How are you accepting changes in your life?

Does a fear of making a decision makes you paralyzed to move forward in your life and stand for yourself?

Is there something amiss with your real life? Maybe you are not aware of it, but your gut will tell you something different.


The dream about snake bite has many different meanings. The most common is the wakeup call, warning toward the things that paralyze your abilities to make the right choice.

It can also mean resistance to temptations in the real life that are challenging our values and beliefs. The drams of snake biting can also reflect your personal transformation. Read more: Dreams about Black Snake

The meaning of the snake bite dream also depends on place on your body where the snake has bitten you.

In order to get better understanding of this kind of dream you should ask yourself questions like: how afraid you are after snake bite in your dream, how you are accepting changes in your life or if there is something amiss with your life.

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