10 Dreams About Red Snakes – Meanings and Interpretations

Generally, the snake dreams are the hardest to interpret because the snake symbol can have many different meanings.

Dreams about red snakes can have positive and negative meaning. The meaning will depend on your personal experience with the snake and the way the snake symbol is interpreted in your culture.

Are you treating a red snake as a pet or you hate them? Most of the people in the world are afraid of snakes and that has an influence to their snake dreams.

The snake itself is associated with a fear or a setback that you are facing with in your real life. The red snake can represent your hidden enemy or some dangerous situation, but also a passion and effort to make things better in your life.

According to the ancient dream dictionaries a red snake is related to happiness, but also a passion and danger. It is important to pay attention to details from your dream so you can interpret the dream in a right way.

The red snake can be also related to the inner-self that you can create some hidden situation that can transform negative to positive things.

Meaning of the dreams about red snakes

Dream about white and red snake

If you are dreaming about this two-colored snake, the dream will mean a hidden worry and a fear threatening you. You can interpret this dream as a warning about something you weren’t aware of, or it hasn’t been shown up clearly in your life yet.

The red and white snake can be also a symbol of a hidden enemy. The white part of the snake represents one weak enemy and the red one a really forceful personality of the other enemy.

This dream can also mean that you will struggle to make up the minds like deciding sexual preference or making up the mind between two different choices.

The last meaning of this dream could be related to knowledge. The white and red color represents two different aspects. The white can mean the truth and the red the energies.

As we said at the beginning, it all depends on your personal life experience.

Dream about black and red snake

Snakes can be a symbol of feminine, healing and spirituality. In case you have been bitten by the snake in your dream that can have a positive meaning that you accept the whole parts of the natures and that you are becoming stronger person. Read more: 7 Dreams About Yellow Snakes : Good or Bad ?

On the other hand, your dream will have completely different meaning in case you see the black snake and red snake. That can be a warning for you to pay attention to several aspects of your life. Read more: 11 Dreams about Black Snakes

If you are dreaming about the black and red snake attacking you, and you wrestling and trying to kill them, that can mean that you will have to defend your reputation against the nasty gossips in your real life.

Dream about two-headed red snake

Regardless of how this snake looks scary, it can have a meaning of some happy event like you will get married soon. It can be also a symbol of rebirth, change and sexuality.

It can be a signal for you that you should make decision between two paths, the good one and the bed one.

Dream about red snake as a healing and wholeness

In the religion of Maya a red snake known as “kultanlini” or “kundalini” represents the energy moving up from the base of the spine and out through its own chakra.

This Mayan symbol has to aspects: the “ida” and the “pingala” representing its male and female polarities.

Red snake has an ancient hidden meaning about the activation about the higher states of consciousness that can be reached by balancing of these two polarities so they can be one whole. Read more: 11 Dreams about Black Snakes

There is one more meaning in the culture of Maya coming from the words “luk umen tun ben can” that we can translate as “those absorbed by the snake of the sacred knowledge”.  If the seven chakras are fully activated, one will experience an enlightened state.

The red snake is also a symbol of the basic structural apparatus of your instincts, desires, motivations and your innate movement toward wholeness.

Its skin shedding means shedding the skin of your past and step up into the fires of alchemical transmutations. From this meaning comes the symbol of rebirth.

Dream about red snake as a body intelligence

The energy of the red snake can help you to use the innate intelligence of your body. How it works?
When you ignore your issues your body will receive and retain the unconscious meanings of what is ignored.

This can be reflected through physical symptoms that transform unconscious issues to conscious awareness.

If you are in this situation you should work more to reach conscious relationship with your body and use physical metaphors to heal yourself on all levels.

It is rarely known that body has a specific kind of consciousness and the messages can be clearly delivered through it.

The body is a mirror of your mind, spirit and emotions. On the other hand, the body remembers everything you have experienced and consequently holds the consciousness of the past with it. That also includes past wounds and traumas.

That is why when you are healing your body you should treat it with love and respect. Try not to store its messages and metaphors but to open yourself to have awareness of them.

It is good to always see the positive side of any symptoms or physical process your body is using to communicate. You should ask yourself what your body is asking you to see.

During the alignment process you should use images or energies from your dreams or meditation. Relax and explore the colors, shapes and any sensation.

If you achieve body integration you will start your personal revolution. That will be the opportunity to expand end use your sense to reach your body’s vitality and wisdom.

You shouldn’t think about it. All you have to do is allow your body to feel intuitively to solutions for growth and change.

Dreams about red snake are also connection between physical experiences and higher consciousness. This kind of red snake dreams represents the initiation of awakening through the body and senses.

According to Jose Arguelles in “The Mayan Factor”, “Like the Maya, we shall understand that path that the path to the stars is through the senses.”

The keys to fully awakening our consciousness are hidden in our body. We can reach them through tantric practices that integrate spirituality and sexuality. From there comes the symbol of red snake as unity between mind, body and spirit.

Try to use your body as a tool for transformation. By listening to your body you will learn to use passion and the senses as a means of access and alignment to higher consciousness. In order to make the right choices you should follow your gut-level intuitions and instincts.

You should pay attention if you are having issues with intimacy and sexuality. Never be separated from the dance of passion that is in union with your divine nature.

Try to feel your deeper desire for intimacy and union. Red snake can be a warning to awaken your body wisdom, passion for life and vitality.

In some ancient cultures red snake is related to the sacred tools of the drum and rattle. These tools can break down old ways of living and bring your energy into alignment.

Dream  about red snake chasing you

If you see red snake chasing you in your dream that can mean you have a fear and worry over the situation but in the end it will become positive.

Dream about red snake as a new beginning

As you know, red color is related to blood and it can be also connected with a new start and a passionate new beginning.

Dream about red snake attacking you

If the red snake is attacking you in a dream that can be a sign that many people will ask you for advice. The red snake in this situation is a sign that other people will show passion towards your work, maybe some project that you are managing or setting up.

Dream about red snake shedding its skin

One of the often red snake dreams is the snake shedding its skin. That can be related to the new lifestyle.

Dream about red snake turning into you

If you see yourself or other turning into a red snake in your dream that will mean that the people surrounding you in real life aren’t truthful.


The snake symbol in your dream can have many different meanings, both the positive and negative that is why it is hard to understand in a right way.

The red snake dreams are even more complex and always have deeper meaning than it looks like. The dreams about red snakes will also depend on your life experience and feelings about snakes.

In order to understand them it is good to train your body intelligence and feel your instincts through practices like meditation.

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