6 Dreams of Being Chased by Dogs, Dreams About Dogs Chasing Me

When you dream of being chased by anything, it could be an indication of your anxiety or a great fear of something. You might be harboring feelings of vulnerability and thinking that something or someone is out to get you and cause you harm.

The animal images of the dogs could be representing the people or things that are about to attack you. If you have such dreams, consider sitting calmly and working out whom or what could be threatening you.

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Sometimes you don’t have to look far. It could be that you are also afraid of yourself. You might be trying too hard to suppress that instinctive animal side of your personality that keeps re-emerging through your dreams.

When It Is Recurring

If this dream of being chased by dogs keeps recurring, it could be that your subconscious is trying to inform you about an important message.

The fact that this dream keeps coming adds that extra emphasis on the urgency of this important message.

If you try recalling the events that were going on in your life when the dream first started occurring, that could provide the first clue to its meaning.

What Do the Dogs Represent? 

Dogs represent different things to everyone. For some people a might represent a friend, for others, it could be an enemy, the greatest fear and to others all things fierce.

Another way to decipher the meaning of this dog dream in your life could be reflecting what a dog represents to you personally.

After you know that, you can then begin understanding what the dogs chasing you really means according to your life.

Common Meanings

Some of the common meanings of the dream of being chased by dogs are as follows:

  1. Desire To Flee From Overly Dependent Friends

Dogs are generally regarded as man’s best friend, thanks to their unconditional loyalty and trust.

However, dogs will always be dependent on their master the same way it happens when close people who are friends rely on one another for certain needs.

If you dream that you are being chased by a pack of dogs then that could mean that there are people that you love who are dependent on you and that dependency is becoming overwhelming for you.

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These people could be your business partners, your relatives, your friends, your siblings and so on.

You might actually have this unconscious desire to run away or flee from this heavy burden of responsibility that you carry every single day hence the recurring dream of the dogs chasing you.

  1. Shirking Your Duty

This dream might also occur when you fail to live up to your responsibility. You might have neglected your child, spouse, parent or someone close to you that you should help but have intentionally refused to help.

You might be hell-bent on not lifting a finger to help for one reason or another despite the ability and resources at your disposal.

The dogs chasing you could be your conscience or the disapproval from the society around you trying to reach out to you so you can stop running and help out.

  1. Symbolic Of Betrayal

Being chased by dogs could also mean betrayal of some kind in your life. The dogs chasing you in your dreams could represent people who you fully trust and who have been loyal to you but now turn against you. The betrayal might have already happened or it may happen in the future.

  1. Your Wayward Ways

Could your promiscuity, corruption or selfishness have led you to do something that has caused harm to others?

You might be feeling guilty and afraid that the world will find out about your waywardness and the problems it has caused hence the dog dream.

The dogs in this case represent your conscience acting up and demanding that you come clean or they might also represent the people that are hurting courtesy of your actions. It might also be that the truth about the things you have done is almost catching up with you.

This might be the time to reflect and start changing your wild ways; if confessing will make things right, then walk that road.

  1. You Distrust Yourself

The dog is usually dependent, trusting and loyal; could these traits be describing you? Maybe these aspects of yourself might have resulted to you getting into trouble in your past.

You might be experiencing the fear of commitment because you are too trusting and loyal to a point where people take advantage and betray you.

In some instances, you might have given your all in your career in various organizations and haven’t been appreciated.

This could cause you to become the person who flees from situations that might require a great deal of personal responsibility such as potential relationships or jobs.

The dogs chasing you could be these situations that come your way frequently and you manage to run away from.

  1. Psychological Pressure

Psychological pressures might also cause the dreams of being chased by dogs. This could mean that you are carrying too many emotional burdens in your life.

Enough rest and less worrying will help you a lot. Let others also carry those burdens and cut you some slack.

Encourage those whose burdens you are carrying to carry their own so they can give you a break and you can sleep soundly every night minus the pursuing dogs in your dreams.

Stop Running and May Eye contact With Dog

The best way to begin learning what is actually triggering these dreams is keeping track of what is usually on your mind on the day that you experience the dream. A clear pattern will finally emerge and shed more light on your dream.

If the dream is recurring frequently then maybe it could be time to stop running and make eye contact with the dogs. In real life, this could mean facing your fears and correcting situations that are causing them.

Act as soon as you learn what the message in your dog dream is about. When you act, you will realize that the dream will no longer recur.

In fact, the dream might change for the better and instead of running fearfully; you might actually be playing with the dogs, petting and feeding them this time around.

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