Dreams About Black Dogs and White Dogs, Meanings and Interpretations

Dreaming of dogs oftentimes represents the way you feel about certain aspects of your life that you are emotionally protective of. Of course, the symbolism will depend on the type, size, color of your dog and what it is doing in the dream.

A Positive Dog Dream

A positive dog dream may indicate emotional self-defense. It could show how you are confidently confronting a negative situation in your life.

It could also reflect the friends and other people around you both at home and at work that have good intentions or a being loyal to you or your cause.

Lastly, a positive dog dream might indicate how emotionally balanced and in control, you are about major aspects of your life.

A Negative Dog Dream

A negative dog dream may often times reflect your loss of control in main aspects of your life or over your instincts and urges. You might have lost control over friendships, over your urges or your anger.

This could be a clear show of great emotional turmoil or bad things that are bound to happen if certain situations continue. Read more: Dreams of Being Chased by Dog

Naturally, black will symbolize negativity in terms of unclean, evil or wrong while white will symbolize purity, calmness or simply peace. Therefore, we will discuss white dog and black dog dreams and their meanings further below.

Black Dog Dream

When you dream of a black dog, it is no doubt a symbol of negativity in your life. However, the demeanor of the dog will also play a great role in determining the meaning of the dream.

If the black dog in your dream seems aggressive and fearsome, then that means that something horrible is afoot and might happen to you or your loved one.

However, this doesn’t mean that the said thing will happen immediately or happen at all because dreams haven’t been known to predict the future. Read more: 56 Dreams About Dogs, What Does It Mean When You Dream About Dogs ?

A black dog could also mean that someone you care about is about to do something so dangerous. The black dog could be a reflection of the anxiety and fear over the safety of these important individuals in your life.

You could also be about to do something dangerous and the black dog in your dream is also indicating your anxiety over the issue.

It could be that you are getting into an illegal business, are in an unhealthy relationship or that you are simply heading down the wrong path in life.

What You Can Do

If indeed there is an aspect of danger that involves you, don’t wait for many more black dog dreams to happen and the danger to finally occur for you to be convinced that a real danger was indeed lurking.

You will have to take measures to ensure that you prevent the dangerous situation from happening.

Withdraw from that illegal business deal, call it quits with that unhealthy relationship and simply head on the right path of life.

You could also let your friend or loved one know how you feel about that dangerous aspect of their life.

Never sit back and watch your someone you love and respect go down the wrong path, let them know how you feel about it and that you would want them to be safe even if they don’t listen to you.

When You Are The Black Dog

In your dream, you might see yourself as the black dog. This could be a sign that you might be a danger to others.

Maybe your presence is intimidating others within your group or you are simply a bad influence on the people you are close to and are just realizing that.

When you recognize your negative influence on others around you, that is the first step to making things right as you think of how you are going to be a positive influence.

A Friendly Black Dog

A friendly black dog in your dreams could be an indication of your acceptance with the negative aspects of your life and the world around you.

It means that you have achieved a level of maturity that has allowed you to realize your helplessness and make peace with the situation.

White Dog Dream

With white naturally symbolizing peace and purity, a white dog dream couldn’t be a bad thing.  You might see a friendly white dog approaching you.

This is an indication that the intentions of a close friend are pure and true. It shows that you have the full genuine support of your friends in your endeavors.

In some instances, the white dog could also be a reflection of your inner self and the good things that are bound to come your way.

What You Can Do

When you have this dream, you could start by being more loyal and appreciative of your close friends in order to further build your relationship.

An Angry White Dog

This could be a sign that you might have or are planning to betray the trust and loyalty that your friends and family have given you.

Perhaps veering to the right path for a change and putting strong family ties and friendships above your selfish desires could be a start or a way to avoid the wrath of your loved ones when they find out where your loyalties lie.

 When You are The White Dog

This dream could be an indication of your positive intentions and loyalty to those close to you.  It could be symbolic of your pure and genuine inner self and how everyone close to you appreciates it.

White dog and black dog dreams are a common occurrence and sometimes they might be happening to warn us or indicate something, other times they might just be as a result of thinking a lot about dogs.

If you spend most of your days around dogs because you are a vet,  a dog trainer or simply live with dogs, then you are most likely to dream about them. The white or black dog dream could be one of your dog dreams as well.

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